What happens to Twitter after Elon Musk?

What happens to Twitter after Elon Musk? What changes are coming for this social media platform in 2022. The King Midas of our times is back in the news after having entertained us for a few months with a speculative process of buying one of the most popular social networks today, Twitter.


Finally, after brakes in the negotiation, the South African achieved his goal. And, for the modest sum of 44,000 million dollars, he has risen as the majority shareholder of this social media.


Now, what does this millionaire transaction imply? Many critics have been taken aback. Not so much by the acquisition and the expense since we know that Musk is a business risky and good money for investments is not lacking. But why set your sights on a social network that statistically is not even among the ten most used worldwide. And financially speaking, we face a company that has recorded considerable losses in the last two years.


However, Musk sees excellent potential in this social network, which he sees as having a significant transformation. Despite being a platform whose highest income depends on advertising and has not been able to make it profitable and take advantage of the more than 200 million users.


But what does the future really hold for Twitter once this deal is done? Musk’s statements and the surveys he has launched show a more inclusive and participatory air of those who are part of this social network.


In addition, there is also a glimpse of a marketing strategy that will indeed be the talk of the internet. Because it is about Twitter possibly serving as a spokesperson for its other projects already underway, being able to engage them all.


But we will know that other modifications are coming.


Changes for the social media platform in 2022


  • Prominence to freedom of speech.


What happens to Twitter after Elon Musk? | BluCactus UKIf Twitter has been characterized by something, it has been by silencing voices or deleting accounts in critical situations.


We expect this situation to cease now that Musk got on the Twitter train. He wants to build a space where freedom of speech should reign. Since, as the South African affirms, this is the basis of democracy. Censorship would have no place, as has already been experienced and observed for some years.


Likewise, as part of his policy of giving way to this freedom of expression, he has stated that he hopes that those who do not sympathise with him will continue to live on his newly acquired platform.


  • Bye-bye spam.


Another of the changes to implement is the elimination of bots and false accounts willing to generate comments, news, or unwanted, faulty, and controversial information to create social conflicts.


  • Wink to politics.


A fact that keeps the general public in expectation is the reactivation of the suspended account of former President Trump. Since January 8, 2021, after the attacks on the Capitol. All to prevent the generation of new similar conflicts by holding Trump responsible for them.


Despite not wanting to relate it directly to politics, if the unblocking takes place, many could affirm that there was a certain political overtone in the purchase decision. And again, we mention Musk’s need to generate a space on Twitter for safe expression and without restrictions of any kind once again.


  • Possibility of subscription, What happens to Twitter after Elon Musk.


What happens to Twitter after Elon Musk? | BluCactus UKAn absolute novelty in which they plan to work is the offer of subscriptions. At first glance, it can be tricky. Given the free nature of social networks and their easy access to them.


Coupled with the fact that Twitter has always been a space of interaction without having to pay any type of remuneration.


Therefore, it is a project that must be very well managed to offer an attractive option to the future subscriber who wants to make a payment. Musk does not rule out the incursion of cryptocurrency and NFTs. All to start and get the best possible use.


We know Elon can do it.



  • Unveiling the algorithm, What happens to Twitter after Elon Musk.


What happens to Twitter after Elon Musk? | BluCactus UKIn one of his surveys, he inquired about the preferences for showing how the Twitter algorithm works. This seems like another of the changes that the platform will undergo shortly.


This is to be transparent regarding the technology used to personalize users’ content. However, some consider that this decision should not be taken lightly.


And that happily opening the algorithm codes and showing them to the world could provide a powerful tool to those who know how to use this type of information in their favor or favor of third parties for how manipulable it could become.


On the other hand, there are defenders of clarity in each process. This is perfect for making Twitter an environment of freedom of expression, which affirms that greater clarity in the game’s rules gives users more confidence and reasons to continue interacting.


  • Editable Tweets, What happens to Twitter after Elon Musk.


A much-requested feature for a long time was the ability to edit tweets once they’ve been sent.


Whether to correct spelling errors, wrong links, or any other, Twitter did not allow this option until now that’s going to launch.


Another of the surveys raised by Musk in his primary reception about user preferences was this same one. More than 80 million users responded affirmatively to the fact of inserting this possibility.


Therefore, in a short time, just by clicking on the menu where the three buttons appear, you will be able to see the edit tweet option. And then proceed to make the changes you want. Now, if it is the case that you decide to edit an old tweet, a notice will appear.


It will say “There is a new version of this tweet” next to the original so that everyone can see the new edition.


  • Twitter exits from the stock market, What happens to Twitter after Elon Musk.


This is a result of the recent negotiation with which Elon Musk won most of the shares. Twitter packs its bags to finally leave the Wall Street stock market, in which it has been immersed since its first public offering in 2013.


Now we are talking about Twitter being a private company. So, there is no pressure from shareholders or the need for accountability to third parties. Musk is the only one who can make decisions from now on.


Perhaps there is much more to know and see that Elon hasn´t worked out yet. We can only wait. And appreciate each of the changes that will occur sooner rather than later in the little bird’s social media.


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