LinkedIn for Business: Learn how it works 

LinkedIn for Business: Learn how it works. LinkedIn is known for being one of the most employed job-seeking networks in the world. It consists of a social network oriented towards commercial and professional relationships. Therefore, it is possible that you will meet executives of companies seeking to promote themselves, do networking and deals. 


In addition, this social network has 562 million users, of which 40% access the platform daily. They not only use their profile to find employment. They also publish news and articles about their interests and business. 


While these numbers are quite revealing, the statistics are not as important as the fact that one in three professionals has an account and 49% of key decision-makers have a LinkedIn profile for business purposes.


Thus, LinkedIn for Business is a social network essential for your company. One of LinkedIn’s greatest strengths is its ability to improve your brand’s presence through the links you manage to publish.


Moreover, LinkedIn is the best social network for generating selling opportunities.


Are you ready to know more? Let us begin!


How to create a company profile on LinkedIn for Business?


LinkedIn for Business: Learn how it works | BluCactus UKFrom the moment your firm registers a business page on LinkedIn, you are already spreading your company’s brand and career opportunities. On the other hand, LinkedIn business pages are an excellent method to improve your experience in your industry. 


For example: Did you know that Hootsuite’s business page on LinkedIn has more than 190.000 followers? This is because LinkedIn allows thousands of followers to read the content that Hootsuite publishes daily. 


It is also possible that you did not know that LinkedIn corporate pages were used as landing pages by H.R. departments. 


Even if LinkedIn is still used this way sometimes. The network is becoming the perfect place to increase business income, brand recognition and promote job opportunities. LinkedIn for business also lets your potential clients know about your products and services. 


The creation process of a company page is very simple. However, do not create it without having set a strategic plan to obtain the best benefits out of this business network.


Steps to create a company page on LinkedIn for Companies


1) Add your company, LinkedIn for Business.


LinkedIn for Business: Learn how it works | BluCactus UKFirst of all, you have to find the products section on your LinkedIn profile. There, you will see the “create a company page” option.


Add your official company name and customize the public URL so your company can be easily found.


Select the URL carefully, as you will not be able to change it later.


Once you click on “create page”, LinkedIn will automatically create the interface of your company’s page. Then you can start to fill in the details.





2) Add a background image and a logo, LinkedIn for Business.


LinkedIn for Business: Learn how it works | BluCactus UKChoose a background image that captures the true value of your brand image. The recommended dimensions for this image are of 1536 x 768 pixels. 


Concerning the logo: Remember that LinkedIn for Companies is a professional network.


It is recommended that the profile picture of your page is the logo of your company. We recommend using a 300 x 300 square logo.


It is worth noting that LinkedIn statistics show that companies with logos obtain 6 times more traffic towards their pages than those who opt for another kind of image.


3) Complete the description of your firm, LinkedIn for Business.


LinkedIn for Business: Learn how it works | BluCactus UKYou have 2000 characters to describe what your company does and the first 156 are the most important.


They will appear on the preview that Google shows on your company page.


Under the description, you will have the opportunity to add many speciality areas. Those will work as tags or keywords so LinkedIn users can find your company.


Additionally, make sure to include the products or services that your company provides.




LinkedIn for Business: Learn how it works | BluCactus UK4) Fill in your company details, LinkedIn for Business.


The first thing you should do is introduce your company’s URL website. Then use the different menus that LinkedIn provides to add information about your division, and your company’s size, among other relevant aspects.


Finally, we recommend adding the year in which your company was established. As well as the address of any of its administrative offices or one of its branches.  


5) Publish your company’s page, LinkedIn for Business.


This is the most important step, since once you click on “publish” your page will be online. In addition, on the bottom right you will see the “View as a member” option. This will allow you to have an idea on how LinkedIn users view your page.


6) Add administrators to your page, LinkedIn for Business.


LinkedIn for Business: Learn how it works | BluCactus UKWe advise that you do not manage your page on your own. LinkedIn for Business allows you to select the employees that you want to manage it. 


For this, head over to the “administrator tools” section.


There, the drop-down menu will show you the option that will let you add and manage page administrators.


In case of not knowing how to add the names of your administrators, you will need to be connected to them on your personal LinkedIn profile. Once you select them, click on “Save Changes”. 




7) Keep optimizing your page, LinkedIn for Business.


You have your page ready, now get the most of it. However, as the days keep passing, it could be possible that you would ask yourself the next question: Could it need a few touches? At this moment, do not worry yourself: you can edit your page every time you see fit.


How to develop a marketing strategy on LinkedIn for Business?


How to develop a marketing strategy | BluCactus UKMaybe the creation of your LinkedIn company page has been rather easy, but you should not relax yet. If you did not establish a business strategy, taking full advantage of the benefits that LinkedIn offers could be quite difficult.


Ideally, you should focus on a winning strategy on how you can get the most out of the marketing tools that LinkedIn offers. Instead of focusing on gaining a large following for example.


We will give you an idea: start with the development of SMART objectives (we will expand on that later). Take the time to organise your goals.


This will give you a clear idea on how to achieve them. Furthermore, LinkedIn for Business will assist you in different ways so that your company succeeds on the platform. Nonetheless, we recommend determining the benefits that you would like to gain as a result of your business efforts within this social network. 


For example: Do you want to position yourself as a leader on your sector? Do you want to find talented candidates in your industry? Even if you manage to focus on some of the aspects mentioned above. The most important thing is to establish objectives that will help you moving towards a specific goal.


Do you know what SMART goals are?


Do you know what SMART goals are? | BluCactus UKWhen it comes to LinkedIn for Business, SMART objectives are of great importance. These are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and temporary objectives, this means, with an estimated time to achieve them.


If for some reason you are having trouble making a list of goals: We recommend that you review the profiles of the people or companies with whom you are already connected on LinkedIn. This way, you will have the possibility to obtain information that will help you in your strategic planning.


Additionally, if you still do not know who your target audience is, this is the best time to find out. Once you know who your target customer is, you can start planning content with a message that allows your brand to reach higher levels of interactions and visibility.



LinkedIn for Business: tips and Ideas


First of all, keep in mind that creating a business page on LinkedIn does not ensure getting a large following. 


Encourage your employees | BluCactus UKTherefore, here are some tips that can help you increase your chances of career success on LinkedIn.


  • Encourage your employees to follow your company’s LinkedIn page.


As the saying goes “in the union there is strength”. Encourage your coworkers or employees to follow your LinkedIn page as the good leader that you are. They are the best resource to start increasing your followers. 


According to LinkedIn, employees have a number of first-degree contacts higher than the number of followers of a company page. Because of this, your employees will be your best allies and promoters. Adding them as followers will also take advantage of each of your networks, greatly expanding their reach. Finally, once they are your followers, they can easily share your company’s updates.


Publish valuable content | BluCactus UK

  • Publish valuable content, LinkedIn for Business.


The best way to increase and maintain your number of followers is offering frequent valuable content with entries or updates of your company. In fact, the platform recommends publishing at least once a week. That way your publications will appear weekly on both your company page and on the home page of your followers.


On the other hand, if you find articles from an external source that could benefit your followers. We recommend that you to share them as well. Plus, sharing content will help you build relationships with industry leaders. Lastly, do not forget to provide value and context with your posts. Do not just copy and paste the link.



  • Include audiovisual content.


People love to watch and hear something that entertains them: Even if LinkedIn for Business is purely a professional social network, it is recommended that your content stands out. It will never attract attention by publishing only text. LinkedIn statistics show that 98% of the posts that include an image get more comments.


  • Take advantage of the benefits of LinkedIn groups


Take advantage of the benefits of LinkedIn groups | BluCactus UKIf you are in a LinkedIn group. You might have noticed that by participating, you can make connections with other professionals and companies in your industry.


This will greatly help you and your company build a reputation, especially if you share valuable information for your industry.


If you want to find a group with common interests as yours. Use the search function at the top of your LinkedIn page. You could also create a new group surrounding your business or interests.


Moreover, if you are a member of an association. You can inquire about if an exclusive LinkedIn group for members already exists. In case it does, you could communicate through it. 


  • Use multilingual tools to interact with a global audience. Establish international ties.


If you have clients in countries where English is not the main language. LinkedIn for Companies offers you the opportunity to personalize your company’s description in up to 20 different languages. The appropriate language will appear automatically depending on the language that the user has selected as default. On top of it, you can configure your page to display in those languages.  


Furthermore, when you post content you will also have the option to post in different languages. You can also edit the settings so that your global followers will see the post in their default language.


  • Understand how the LinkedIn algorithm works.


Understand how the LinkedIn algorithm works. | BluCactus UKMost social networks protect their algorithms very well and it is very difficult to know how they work.


However, LinkedIn for Companies is one of the few social networks that provides information about its algorithm.


Therefore, below we will explain how the LinkedIn algorithm categorizes, positions and classifies the content generated by its users.


    • A bot evaluates your content: Maybe you already guessed it; right? Likewise, the bot verifies if it’s spam or not. Then again, the quality of the content is important. Thus, please try to fulfil this first requirement to position your content properly.


  • The algorithm measures the level of initial interaction: When you receive a “like” on your posts or when these get shared, you could generate this kind of interaction.


Consequently, the quality of the content is the key to gaining relevance among your users and customers. Make sure that your posts are engaging for your followers and give them a reason to interact with them. 


  • The algorithm re-verifies that your content is not digital junk: the credibility and quality of your publication makes your page attractive and pass this verification. Also, the level of interaction is very important during this stage, so take these details into account.


  • A team of editors review the content: The duty of the editors is to determine whether certain content should be kept published or to position and enhance it.


  • Incorporate an ad strategy on LinkedIn: As we know, LinkedIn users provide detailed information about their professional interests, union associations and skills.


What does this means? It means that LinkedIn offers you extraordinary segmentation functions that will let you reach a very specific public or your target audience.


Additionally, LinkedIn’s ads feature enables you to take more strategic business actions on your digital campaigns.


LinkedIn for Companies tools to develop ads


LinkedIn for Companies tools to develop ads | BluCactus UKLinkedIn offers different options for developing ads on the social network. These are some of them: 


  • Advertised Content: It lets you extend the content that you have already published on your company page. As well as reach a wider audience to gain new followers.


  • Text Ads: This format gives you the option to advertise your company without the need to have a company page. These are usually found in different areas of the platform such as at the top of the page or in the right column.


  • Sponsored InMail Messages: This feature allows you to send messages to a targeted audience.


Learn about LinkedIn statistics


LinkedIn for Business: Learn how it works | BluCactus UKDid you know that according to LinkedIn, the posts made in the morning tend to get more engagement?


On the other hand, other content published during the working day is not well received. Meaning that they get less engagement (degree of interaction that an account gets with its followers on different social networks). Therefore, this data should be taken into account when we are planning our content programming. However, remember that what works for most companies sometimes does not work for you.


Additionally, LinkedIn offers a fairly detailed statistics feature to help you understand what type of content your target audience receives, what audience interacts with your content, and the type of traffic it gets.


If you want to access the statistics on your LinkedIn company page, click on your “avatar” and then select your page. Then click “Manage page” to access the Analysis tab. Here you can choose between different options: visitors, updates and followers.


If you constantly track the type of audience visiting your company page and how they engage with your content. You will gain a lot of insight to make more strategic decisions. That way you will be able to make changes that would enhance the effectiveness of your page.


Finally, remember that LinkedIn is a professional network that helps us develop our credibility, establish important contacts and obtain knowledge from experts in different sectors. Although it is hard to believe, this social network is one of the most important weapons of digital marketing. Therefore, be sure to use each of the opportunities it offers.


If you have any doubts or questions about this or any other article on our blog, express them in the comments.


We are BluCactus, a company capable of solving all your concerns about your business. Count on us and contact us.


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