Linktree: What it is and how to take advantage of it in social media

Linktree: What it is and how to take advantage of it in social media. When we have a business, we will always try to have a presence on various platforms or digital sites. The recommendations to increase our visibility can be creating a page or website, creating a profile on a social media platform, and another very frequent these days, the use of WhatsApp Business for customer service.


Whichever you want, the idea is that the person interested in your product or service can contact you directly and quickly.


One of the options that are seeking to make us notice or face the world is Instagram, as it is a platform in constant growth of daily users and the variety of formats it offers to share content and the options available. For companies, it is today the most attractive for commercial purposes.


However, with Instagram, not everything is rosy. Until now, this platform didn’t allow the insertion of several links to link to your external content or sites of interest that you want your customers to visit.


There is only the option to insert a single link in the biography section. Therefore, each account must make very strategic and intelligent use of it and know how to take advantage of it. But not all is lost. There is an option to combat this limitation and facilitate navigation and connection with your products.


What is Linktree?


LinktreeLinktree is a platform that allows you to create connection links from a person to different digital sites, be it social media profiles, web pages, WhatsApp profiles, blogs, drive folder to download some content, surveys, and the one that the user consider important.


Its principal function allows users to access different sites through an Instagram profile. This way, clients can learn more about the products or communicate and obtain more information directly.




  • Among its most unique and functional points is that it allows:
  • Highlight the most relevant links.
  • View clicks and daily visits.
  • Measure link performance with click-through rates
  • Connect to all your social platforms and website with icons
  • Customize with colours, button styles, and fonts from Linktree.
  • Linktree has a free version and a paid version.


Free versión


  • With this type of plan, you can:
  • Add unlimited links.
  • View basic Analytics statistics.
  • Choose basic themes for creating your profile, both in colors and in letters.


Paid versión


  • By cancelling a monthly payment, the platform offers you the possibility of
  • Get a more detailed analysis of statistics and behavior.
  • More themes and customization options.
  • Schedule posts.


How to use


LinktreeThis part is very important and easy, believe it or not.


Creating the profile is a simple task. The first thing you have to do is enter the page: to create the account.


If you intend to pay for this service, we recommend first trying the free version and getting to know the tool beforehand. Therefore, you will click on Get Started for Free when you enter. After this, you will see the form where they will ask you for the data.


Next, you will be asked for the following information:


Email of the person who manages the account being created.


Username to be displayed in the created profile. If it is for a business, store or company, or brand account, it is recommended to use the same user as the one used for the Instagram account.


Select the plan you want to work with.


LinktreeIf you have selected the free plan, a section will automatically open where you can start working and customize your profile.


After customization, we proceed to insert the links. At this stage, you’re going to copy and paste each of the links that you want to appear available in your Linktree profile, such as the website, link to the YouTube channel, email, connection to Google drive for cases in which those that have downloadable material to offer, telephone contact that takes the person to the WhatsApp profile and any other that you consider necessary.


Once you insert the links, you can choose the order you want them to be when you enter the platform. You can organize them by dragging each line to organize them alphabetically or by the most important one to you.


As you make the changes, they will be displayed in real-time on the right-hand side of the same page. You can see how everything turns out and make changes if you don’t like how something specific is turning out.




One of the main advantages is that if you are starting your business and do not have a large budget or do not want to make a significant investment in this aspect, Linktree is an excellent option to achieve this connectivity with your sites and communicate better with your audience.


Besides, there’s a free and paid version which isn’t that expensive. Hence, it is still a perfect option if you decide on the premium version.


Advantages of the free versión


  • There’s not a limit on how many links you can add. 
  • Provides access to metrics to know the number of clicks on each link.
  • It is possible to enter payment links such as PayPal.
  • You can add video content.
  • This free version contains basic templates in neutral colors that you can easily combine with the branding of certain brands.


Advantages of the pro-version


  • You can measure metrics more precisely.
  • There are more customization options, such as templates, colors, and fonts. You can even add the brand logo.
  • You can use it to collect data such as emails and phone numbers that can help you form a database in the future.


Get the most out of Linktree.


BluCactus - Ken SchrenkOther alternatives to using and from which you can take great advantage are that you can include the link in your resume, WhatsApp description, or cover letters.


So also, to present products or your portfolio is also much easier if you only send the link with all the options, and even in the footers of your blogs if that is what you do.


And of course, his main job, and we already mentioned that it is for biographies on social profiles.


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