Simple ways to drive your sales through Social Media

Simple ways to drive your sales through Social Media. The digital world has become so embedded in our daily lives that sometimes we find it difficult – and even impossible – to imagine life without it. Social media has become part of our daily lives. To the point where we spend hours with our phones checking them. In addition, we also share and observe hundreds of posts, interact with our followers, and exchange opinions.


Therefore, there are innumerable things that we can do through these platforms. They allow us to unite through a screen, even to feel very close to those who are far away. Networks can connect us through a like, a comment, or a message. 


Have you thought about whether you could use them for social and economic gain at the same time? How can you write your successful digital story for multiple gains? If you love these communities and want to introduce your brand on social media to increase your sales, but still do not know how don’t worry: at BluCactus we will answer this and other questions that surely have arisen on your way to the world of networks. Let us start.


Why networks work to boost your brand and increase sales


Simple ways to drive your sales through Social Media | BluCactus UKThere are many potential customers that we can find through these virtual platforms. Therefore, being present on social media will not only help you reach your target audience.


It will also allow you to create alliances with other organizations. This way, you can provide added value to your product or service.


Besides, it is an excellent opportunity to escape conventional advertising and create more dynamic strategies to increase sales. Today, it is very necessary to use social media for your sales strategies.


In fact, according to the annual study by We Are Social and Hootsuite at the beginning of 2020, the number of Internet users increased. This increase is equivalent to 7% more compared to the same period last year. Specifically, in social media, there was an increase of 9.2%. This is equivalent to 320 million new users, a higher number than the previous year.


  • Increase of users with mobile devices, drive your sales through Social Media.


Besides, the number of these users rose by 2.4%. This represents 124 million more of these users than in 2019.


We got interesting data from this study concerning the time we spend on these platforms consuming content. They estimated the average to be just over 6 hours a day. This means that people normally spend over 25% of their day online. Do you not think this is an excellent time for them to look at your products and buy them? This way, you will increase your sales through social media.


  • How to get started on digital platforms, drive your sales through Social Media.


Simple ways to drive your sales through Social Media | BluCactus UKAs evidenced in this study, millions of users use these platforms and more and more are joining the network boom. Therefore, they are essential to exploit your brand. Consider which social network you will use beforehand to introduce your product or service properly. This way, you can increase sales with social networks. 


Also, know that networks allow different strategies to be used to achieve your goal. Therefore, before diving fully into the platforms most used by users, we will show you some tips that will surely help you get started:


  • Choose the right social network for your audience: In most of these platforms, unique types of audiences interact. For example, on Instagram and TikTok, the younger audience predominates. These are two suitable options if you offer an exclusive product for Generation Z (young people born between 1995 and 2010).



  • The platforms preferred by millennials, drive your sales through Social Media.


However, among the favourite social networks of millennials, we can find Facebook, WhatsApp, and YouTube. Therefore, keep this information in mind when choosing your social network.


However, networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the most used by Generation X (people between 45-60 years of age). There is a coincidence between this generation and the millennials who, although they do not use these networks frequently, surely have an active profile on them.


How can you study the audience and increase sales with social networks


study the audience | BluCactus UKThe success in these communities is in listening to their public. This implies investigating in which platforms we can find the greatest number of audience. A good start to find out is starting from the age ranges. You can also use other strategies to find out on which platform your audience could follow you. Being aware of which country or location your target audience comes from is an interesting piece of information. 


Therefore, the use of networks can also be conditioned depending on each region.


How to enhance your products and position yourself to increase your sales with social media


  • Add added value to your product: it is not enough to simply offer the product, it must provide added value to the consumer, who creates a unique experience when consuming it.


  • This way, your client will buy your product again and will speak highly of their experience with it. This way, you will attract other potential customers seduced by the good comment. Likewise, this premise of added value also applies to the world of social media, so do not overlook it. You can start with some alliances with other brands that complement the user’s needs. This is an excellent opportunity to get ahead of your competition and make yourself known.


  • Stay active: the idea is not just to create an account and exist on the networks. Stay active by interacting with your audience, customers, and other potential partners. It is known that accounts with more interactions on Instagram have more value than those with more followers. So, do you want to succeed on the networks? You should be more dynamic, not only with your posts but also with interactions in comments, stories, and advertising, among other means of interaction.


  • The best social network to increase sales, drive your sales through Social Media.


The best social network | BluCactus UKAlthough there are many, many social platforms, not all are successful because they cannot innovate. Some even become extinct over time because they do not know how to cope with demand as volatile as today.


If you still do not know which one is the best platform for your company? Now we will tell you about the most influential network to sell today, Instagram:


It is the perfect bridge to use Storytelling. You can switch between audiovisual or written content. Without a doubt, telling a story about your product or service will give you the most results on this social network.


So take advantage of this technique to get a clear message across and position your product or service.



  • The bet on Instagram content, drive your sales through Social Media.


The bet on Instagram content | BluCactus UKInstagram is currently betting on less elaborate professional content, although some brands continue to bet on other trends. Most spontaneous publications are giving excellent results. Therefore, remember that consumers are people, that perfection does not exist and that informality can be useful to impact customers.


However, this does not mean that you are going to neglect the content and make unattractive posts. Take care of some important details such as spelling and especially the quality of the photos and videos. Any content should look good and represent your company, your brand on this social network will depend on it. Therefore, what is not visually acceptable, will be immediately discarded by followers and potential partners.


Using hashtags is another technique that continues to give excellent search results. Using a good hashtag that encompasses everything you want to offer your users will undoubtedly help increase the presence of your online business and increase sales.


Finally, we remind you that since Instagram is an audiovisual application, your brand logo will be crucial for the positioning of your business.


  • Successful companies on Instagram, drive your sales through Social Media.


Successful companies on Instagram | BluCactus UKSome brands have exploited their full potential on this social network, increasing their presence significantly. Some combine Instagram with other platforms. This allows you to get the most out of your digital business and increase sales with social media. 


Instagram sometimes serves as a tunnel connecting the consumer to the company’s main sales platform. Without further ado, here are some brands that have been successful in this virtual community:


  • SheIn: This incredible Chinese youth clothing brand has grown its followers in recent years, linking its Instagram account to its official website. Although they have used various marketing strategies, the most relevant has been the collaboration with influencers, followed mostly by young people. This contribution allowed them to attract more followers.


  • Nike: This great sports brand is also aware of how to interact with its followers on Instagram. Through their NikeID campaign, their fans exploit all their creativity by personalising shoes and then share the designs with other users.


  • Converse: Through its campaign, MyCanvasJourney, it provides its followers with a brand bag. Later, they share how they personalise it and what they can do with it for a few weeks.


How to increase sales with other social networks


How to increase sales | BluCactus UK

  • Facebook: it is perhaps the most famous social network because it is a platform that is used by most generations. They generally use Facebook when they have free time. Besides, the great reach it has on various audiences makes it an excellent option to increase sales. However, this does not imply that it is the most used site. Without clear goals of what you want to achieve with the Facebook audience, there will be less chance of success. Therefore, if you consider that this platform is not for your business, do not worry, you can still be on it to interact with your customers.


Many companies sell through Facebook. Developing ads correctly without cluttering the screen is the key to success.


  • LinkedIn: This is the most important and used social work platform. Here, you will get potential partners and thus boost your brand and increase sales. It is also a good option if you want to develop some recruiting campaigns.


  • YouTube: if your content is audiovisual content, you cannot leave YouTube aside. The reason is that videos are a great format in marketing. This is thanks to the preference for more visual and less written content. For this reason, high-quality audiovisual content can be a great tool to sell. This makes YouTube a great platform for it.


Strategies to increase sales with social networks


Strategies to increase sales with social networks | BluCactus UKParticularly, with social networks, you have to stand out to succeed in each one of them. You can do this by using certain specific tools. However, there are basic strategies essential in the world of digital sales. We will give you some tips to take advantage of these platforms and boost your brand:

  • Make quality posts: Whether it is a picture, a video, or a simple text, quality is important in increasing sales with social media. Therefore, you cannot post a blurry photo or upload a video that has poor audio. Why? People just will not see them. For photos and videos, it is essential that you have basic editing knowledge if you want to succeed with your brand. However, do not worry: some applications will help you simplify this process.


On these platforms you have a few seconds to impact the observer and for them to stay looking at what you are offering. Your visual content will be your cover letter for working on social media.


If this is not good enough, people will just keep sliding down and will not see it. Remember that the first impression is also important in the digital world. To create quality publications, you must take into account these two factors:


  • What goals do you want to achieve: it is not enough to just publish anything, you should know what you want to achieve with the publication (increase sales, recruit staff, create an alliance, among others).


  • What is your target audience: the correct message will depend on who those people are, who will see it and who you want to impact with it. Knowing what your audience needs will help you create the perfect content for them.


    • Serve your clients: Solve their doubts, create customer service groups in digital formats, continuously interact with them, and transmit your feedback to them. With these tools, they will feel listened to and satisfied. Always remember that a good organization watches over the well-being of its clients. So if you’re on the lookout for them, they will surely appreciate it and stay true to your brand.


  • Connect the formats: Use photos, videos, and short texts to not be boring. Also, try not to write the same thing in each format for success. There is no point in making a video with your brand presentation and publishing the same information with a text. Try to maximize creativity and use your resources wisely.


  • Create viral content: Viral content is essential in the world of networks because thanks to them you will get more people to see and interact with your publications. With this, you will increase the recognition of your brand, increase sales with social networks, and your presence on these platforms.


  • Increase your networks: Once you have gained some experience and brand recognition, you can promote your products or services through other platforms. This way you will get maximum benefits for your company.


The future of social networks, its business success, and BluCactus


BluCactus - Linn Larsson BluCactus - Ken SchrenkIn conclusion, social networks will continue to expand for all generations. With each passing day, they will be more essential for human beings. Therefore, they will become tools of great importance to marketing. At BluCactus you will get interesting articles that will help you with the growth and positioning of your brand. Our goal is to help you make your business successful. We invite you to contact us for personalized advice on digital marketing.


We remind you that although you know thousands of basic tools that will help you grow your digital business, the most important thing is that it’s authentic and impacts your audience. That way you will get your brand to increase sales with social networks.


 Tell us in the comments what your favorite social network is.


Finally, we invite you to subscribe to our daily newsletter with the latest in digital marketing.

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