How to organically increase Twitter followers?

Increasing your Twitter followers. If you are looking to increase your followers on your personal account without paying a large amount of money, you have come to the right place. Next, we will explain how to increase your Twitter followers.


How to have more followers on Twitter?


A simple guide on increasing your Twitter followers | BluCactus UKThis is a question that thousands of community managers around the world ask themselves. They ask this question to find ways to promote the social network they manage. Perhaps you are one of them, or maybe you are just interested in this subject. No matter why, the fact is that you are here, reading this blog. In any case, we will provide you with some tips for achieving those desired followers on Twitter, whether for your company or personal account.


Besides, we clarify that there is no magic formula that can help you get more followers on Twitter. However, there are several aspects to consider to have more followers on Twitter and increase the reach of your publications. One of these aspects involves knowing the best tools to manage a Twitter account. We will be happy to discuss these tools later.


On the other hand, if you want a specialized marketing agency to carry out this process for you, BluCactus is here for you! We have social media experts ready to help you increase your Twitter followers. Count with us!


Now, before we start with the tips, we will give you some basic information about this social network.


What is Twitter and what it’s for?


A simple guide on increasing your Twitter followers | BluCactus UKTwitter is a social network created by Jack Dorsey in 2006. It is inspired by sending short snippets of text to which you can add a link, images, video, surveys, or even a gift.


This platform introduces a very complete format where you can get the information displayed in the form of a title. Besides, with Twitter, you’re able to publish your content in an instant. Thus, this social network is perfect to share experiences as they happen.


This is a very diverse platform when it comes to its functions and features. In it, we can find elements like personal messages, images, infographics, and corporate information. Besides, we can also find news, events, and discounts among others. Furthermore, thanks to the instant nature of Twitter, users can quickly read or write content.


Now we can understand the reason for gaining followers on this social network.


Tips for having more followers on Twitter:


  • Optimize your profile


A simple guide on increasing your Twitter followers | BluCactus UKYour profile consists of your name, an image, the cover, 160 descriptive characters, and a link to a web page where you can present yourself to your followers.


From this data, your potential followers should know who you are, what you do, and why they should follow you. Therefore, think carefully about what you will convey to them through your profile. Besides, we recommend that you be as clear and concise as possible and that you check your spelling.


For example, if you were to use your account to promote your brand, we suggest that you place your logo on the profile picture. In this way, you would offer a more professional image to your audience.


On the other hand, if you use your account for personal purposes, it is much more advisable to use your own image so that your Twitter followers understand your identity.


  • Define your audience, Increasing your Twitter followers.


This tip is paramount as it lets you know what type of audience you’re targeting. To do this, before starting to “tweet”, clearly define your target audience, because your content and the increase in your followers on Twitter will depend on this. After making this decision, you should know what type of content you will provide and what tone you will use in your tweets.


  • Tweet relevant content.


A simple guide on increasing your Twitter followers | BluCactus UKBe sure to share tweets related to the identity, profile, and interests of your Twitter followers.


Likewise, your content must be consistent with what you wrote on your Twitter profile.


For example, if your account represents a clothing brand, you should talk about fashion or other related topics. Thus, you should stray away from issues that are unrelated to your sector. Furthermore, if you do this, your followers will be able to understand you and identify with you.


In addition to this, you could follow prominent accounts in your area of ​​activity so that you are more oriented in your content selection. Plus, you could sort them into lists for easy reference.


This way you will be up to date with your updates and can easily share them with your Twitter followers.


How to create lists on Twitter


It is a simple procedure. From your account click on the thumbnail of your profile picture and go to the “Profile and Settings” menu located on the top right. Then click on the “Lists” option. Next, you will find the button “Create new list”, press it and then you can enter the name and description of your list. Finally, add the users that will make up the list through the “Find people to add to your list” box. All done!


  • Stay active, Increasing your Twitter followers.


A simple guide on increasing your Twitter followers | BluCactus UKOne of the most outstanding characteristics of this social network is its dynamism. On Twitter, some users tweet at any time and connect from their mobile phones at different times of the day.


Because of this, you must stay active to take advantage of the different time zones of your audience. This will allow you to be in constant interaction with them and build a following. In addition, your profile must always be updated since on Twitter what matters is innovation.


Besides this, to help you tweet daily and at various times of the day, we recommend using Tweetdeck. It’s an application that allows you to schedule tweets that will be published for weeks or even months. In this way, you can ensure that your account will remain active every day and at different times.


In contrast, an outdated profile lowers interest and your chances of gaining followers.


  • Post a successful tweet on your profile.


When you check a profile on Twitter, the first thing you notice is the last two tweets posted on it. Fortunately, this social network has a function that allows you to post a representative or successful tweet at the top of your profile. This prevents the user from encountering recent news that does not represent the spirit of the brand or the account owner. Therefore, we advise you to pin a representative tweet at the top of your profile. This will benefit your image and help the audience to know what your proposal is.


  • Use hashtags appropriately, Increasing your Twitter followers.


A simple guide on increasing your Twitter followers | BluCactus UKAs you know, hashtags are the Twitter tags that group content together and help users find the conversations they are looking for. Because of this, it is important that you use them according to your goals and to not abuse their use.


For example, if you are looking to increase the reach and exposure of your brand, you can take advantage of those hashtags that are trending in a certain place. You can check them on the left side of the page. You can even configure your search if you want to know which topics are trending in a certain country or city.


On the contrary, if your objective is to redirect traffic to your website, we advise you not to include in your tweets elements that distract the user’s attention, such as hashtags and mentions.




  • Invite users from other social networks to follow your Twitter account.


To get more followers on Twitter, we advise you to include access buttons on your blogs and websites that direct the user to their account. The idea is that you promote your profile on all your platforms, allowing the audience to follow you on Twitter with the press of a button. To do this, add the “Continue” option by selecting your account, the language, and the aspect you prefer of the button. Finally, you must copy the resulting code and paste it in the desired place.


  • Include the option Share on Twitter in your blog post.


A simple guide on increasing your Twitter followers | BluCactus UKA simple and effective way to promote your account and your site is to include the option Share on Twitter on your blog or website. In this way, users who want to share their content with their own Twitter followers can do so with just one click. To do this, be sure to include your account name in the “Recommended” field that you will find at the link below.


Including this option is essential, since it will allow your account to be promoted in the tweet that will be generated when users press the button in the following format:


“Name your article through @yourtwitteraccount”.


You can add this option through the link, in which you must configure the options in a similar way to that described in the previous point. In the end, you will have to copy the code provided by the site and paste it on your blog or website.


Ask your followers questions | BluCactus UK

  • Ask your followers questions.


Keep in mind that Twitter’s slogan is “Join the conversation”.


Because of this, you should ask questions and propose topics for your audience to engage with them on Twitter.


Once you have established a relationship with your followers, you will be able to ask them for feedback about your brand or product.


In addition, you can also invite them to take specific actions.



Retweet content relevant to your audience | BluCactus UK

  • Retweet content relevant to your audience, Increasing your Twitter followers.


This action is a quick and simple way to share interesting information with your followers on Twitter. This way, you can get your users to visit that profile with the latest news and trends. In this sense, to obtain the most outstanding news and verify its veracity, we advise you to follow influential people and specialists in your sector. Thus, you will always have qualified content.


  • Interact with influential tweeters.


This is a good way to grab the attention of users. Thus, you can increase the visibility of your profile. So, you should mention influencers or organizations related to the content of your account. This could be news, an article, or comment related to your sector.


Plus, you can follow them and retweet their content when It is relevant to your audience.


Use Twitter Cards | BluCactus UK

  • Use Twitter Cards, Increasing your Twitter followers.


To improve the appearance of your tweets and make your links attractive we recommend using Twitter Cards.


This is one of the best applications for Twitter.


By using them, every time you share content, your followers will see the title, photo, and first paragraph of the shared content, not just the URL.


To use this feature, simply add a few lines of programming code to the site from which you will share the information. On the other hand, you can learn how to use this app through its guide.


  • Pay attention to statistics.


Pay attention to statistics | BluCactus UKThese do work and are used to find out which are the most successful tweets by measuring different variables.


Likewise, there are different ways to get metrics from your own account. One of them is to use tools such as Twitter Analytics, where you can know data about visits to your profile, impressions of tweets, and other aspects.


Also, another way to know your statistics is through the use of This website is mainly used to shorten URLs. However, you can also see some interesting statistical measurements.


These include the number of clicks your links received.


Finally, the simplest way to obtain data is to visit Twitter statistics, which are available next to the Favourites button.


Ask your followers for retweets | BluCactus UK

  • Ask your followers for retweets, Increasing your Twitter followers.


To achieve greater circulation, ask users what you expect of them. For example, at the end of your messages, you can add the initials “RT”.


This addition will signal to your audience that you want them to retweet your content.


In this way, you will increase the chances of reaching new readers and, sometimes, getting new followers on Twitter. However, we suggest you not to do so in all publications, but in those that really warrant it.



Be mindfu | BluCactus UK

  • Publish your most popular tweets again.


Considering that you will keep gaining new followers, we recommend you to republish some of your most popular tweets. This is because your new followers may not have seen them. Thus, reposting them could translate into new retweets, favorites, and followers. This also means more exposure for your brand.


  • Be mindful, Increasing your Twitter followers.


Try to respond to the direct messages (DM) you receive and the mentions they make to you. Plus, thank retweets, add tweets from your audience to Favorites and greet new followers whenever you can.


Be attentive and sociable as this will help you retain your followers and promote engagement with your audience.




BluCactus - Ken SchrenkTwitter is a social network that many people use for personal or business purposes. Besides, it is an excellent platform to stay up to date with world events and keep up with the current trends.


Likewise, we recommend that you follow our advice and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are here to help you! Remember that without a strategy, you will not obtain the desired result from this platform.


It does not matter how many recommendations you follow, you will not obtain the desired result.


On the other hand, consider that this process is organic. So the results will take time and require patience. However, your effort will achieve its goal in a matter of 2-3 months, generating a few hundred good quality followers.


Remember that if you want to achieve better results, BluCactus is the perfect choice. We have a team of experts in social media that can help you significantly increase your Twitter followers. Contact Us!


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