3 Reasons Why Reservation Platforms Are Beneficial to Your Restaurant

3 Reasons Why Reservation Platforms Are Beneficial to Your Restaurant. As a knowledgeable and dependable restaurant owner, your business is increasingly important to you. You want the very best for it, and you want to see it prosper in every aspect. Much of your restaurant’s success, as you may already know, depends highly on how it’s marketed. Digital marketing is crucial to any restaurant’s growth, as it’s all the consumer relies on in our current decade. 


Restaurant reservation platforms are a newer yet trendier approach to marketing. Using modern and innovative strategies such as this allows you to keep up with competitors while keeping the interest of your targeted audience. Online booking systems can benefit your establishment significantly! Let’s discuss how. 


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1. Reservation Platforms Offer Convenient Services


Restaurant reservation platforms are an ingenious development within the food industry. It caters to both the restaurateur and the consumer, providing mutual benefits. Platforms such as OpenTable, Eat App, and Resy, allow users to reserve a table and wait in line virtually.


This not only makes customers happy by no longer having to wait outside or inside an eatery, but it also assists the restaurant staff with managing the rush hour crowds. Another convenient service online booking systems offer is the option to customize a reservation. Listing preferences or requesting reasonable accommodation allows customers to feel in control, leading to future or frequent visits. The more a customer can decide on details or modify plans, the more they will enjoy the experience with your business. 


2. How Long Should My Restaurant Hold Reservations? 


If a reservation arrives late at their chosen restaurant, it can be a sticky situation. As a restaurant owner, the customers encompass your thoughts and cloud your mind; the feedback and future business they could give you, as well as their immediate satisfaction with your establishment. However, it’s equally crucial to consider the parties who have already been waiting for a table. The longer a table is vacant, the more money your business could lose. It’s vital to keep table turnover consistent


Once the last guest leaves, you’ll want to fill that seat timely. Restaurants usually practice a grace period of 15 – 20 minutes. Any more time than that, and you could risk hard-earned profits. If you’re worried about the customer’s reaction, should they eventually show up, remember that on-time arrival is a common courtesy. Also important to note: the grace period should be advertised when any reservation is booked or confirmed. 


3. Reservation Platforms Increase Visibility 


In addition to offering convenient services, restaurant reservation platforms also benefit restaurants by optimising visibility. You may have already created a website for your business and social media accounts. Those are giant steps in the right direction; however, don’t be content in stopping there. You want your restaurant to reach as many people as possible, and using as much of the digital world as possible, including reservation platforms, can help with that. 


While it’s easy to assume that customers can only be reached through your social media presence, you must remember that not all consumers are the same. Some might prefer a website to social media, while others might decide to scroll through food delivery platforms and reservation apps. Either way, your strategy must keep all preferences in mind. Participating in restaurant reservation platforms will give your restaurant an extra spotlight, which can benefit your business by increasing awareness and the amount of current and new customer traffic. 


Why are Reservations Important to the Customer? 


Reservations are essential to the customer because it ensures their party will not have to wait for a table upon arrival. In a world where things are continually moving quickly, people do not usually have the time or patience to wait a half hour or up to an hour before they can be seated. It’s important to remember that these already impatient patrons are hungry! Having a reservation acts as their last lifeline of the day. It reassures them that they’re confirmed to be seated and served quickly. 


Reservation Platforms Help Prepare and Execute


Employing a reservation platform as your restaurant’s primary booking system can only add to your business’ success. A restaurant reservation platform can allow your staff to monitor the influx of customer traffic and efficiently prepare for a busy weekend night. It’s easy to plan for the dinner rush when there is already a headcount you’re anticipating. Online booking systems also benefit your eatery by informing staff of cancellations and late parties, allowing for a better understanding of current wait times and walk-in availability. You’ll have all this information in one place, easily accessible and navigable.


When walking into a restaurant, the last thing customers want to see is a long line of frustrated patrons, exhausted staff, and no open tables. Incorporating a reservation platform into your restaurant’s daily production will only strengthen your business performance. It not only keeps the customers happy from its convenient services and promotes your restaurant’s visibility, but it also assists in organised preparation and strategised execution. Online booking systems for your eatery should be your next great business decision, as it’s guaranteed to greatly benefit you and your staff. 


What is the Most Suitable Reservation System for My Restaurant? 


As an intelligent restaurateur, you will only ever want the best of the best for your business. As restaurant reservation platforms are only becoming more popular, you’ll find that there are quite a few of them to choose from. We briefly mentioned some earlier, such as OpenTable, Resy, and Eat App. However, Wisely, Tock, Table Agent, and even Yelp have incorporated online-booking services. 


OpenTable is currently one of the most popular reservation platforms, as it offers an array of beneficial services at a monthly cost. Eat App could be an extremely close second, as it includes almost all the same tools and options for a fraction of the cost. However, keep in mind that you want to use a platform that already has steady traffic


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