New technologies as a solution to cookies

New technologies as a solution to cookies in the UK. By the complexity that the digital world has been taking, Internet users in the UK have become more cautious. Regarding protecting their data, what they share on the Internet, the information requested by a page, etc.


There is a more open awareness about this. Today, those who browse want to have their data protected at all costs. Cookies are an obstacle in that desire to defend the privacy of information.


Currently, and what is coming in the months to come, there is a limitation to cookies and their performance concerning the data collected. In addition, the largest base for executing personalized advertising strategies rests on these, which has generated greater pressure for its regulation.


What is certain is that the internet giant, Google, has already announced that by 2023 it will proceed to block third-party cookies. Therefore, given this, what alternatives are presented as responses to navigation without cookies remains to be seen. But let’s take a look at the basics first.


What are cookies?


Cookies are devices where data we provide on a website or page is stored and retrieved. And that can be read by browsers and sent to a specific page that requires it. Or browsers can also enter information in these devices when a page requests it, requiring consent for its execution.


Obligation to accept cookies in navigation


BluCactus - New technologies as a solution to cookies - Typing with a laptopWhen entering a web page, it is very common that an information box immediately appears in which we are asked to accept or reject the use of cookies by the place where we are.


Now, how obliged are we to accept and authorize them?


To clarify this recurring doubt in users, it is necessary to inform them that there are exceptions to this topic in the following cases:


When they are used to transmit electronic communications.


When whoever provides an information service offers a service expressly for the user.


Given the inconvenience and danger that users perceive, which may represent that their data is available to others, a way has been seeking to block cookies through the options that serve to eliminate advertising that is considered intrusive during navigation.


Changes by Google for 2023 regarding cookies


BluCactus - New technologies as a solution to cookies - Different toolsGoogle has already established a position announcing that by the end of this year, 2022.


It will disable the use of its third-party cookie model as a step forward for the protection and respect of the privacy of Internet users.


But this announcement has brought concern. Since cookies represent an accumulation of important information that serves as a database for advertising and digital marketing work.


So, in the face of this imminent measure, new alternatives have had to be devised to do the job and obtain the information in another way.



How do cookies work, and what does this measure imply?


BluCactus - New technologies as a solution to cookies - Using new toolsCookies are information storage devices through which the recorded information is collected every time we browse a website. When talking about third-party cookies, it should be understood that they are the collectors of information that send this information to various companies. So that they can use it and personalize the advertising content displayed when browsing.


And be able to launch ads correctly to people who need to consume or see the same.


Given this situation and the slowdown by Google, new ways must be found to have this information, which for years has been key to digital marketing. Google has proposed the incorporation of Federated Learning Cohorts (FLoC for its acronym in English). Through this, send segmented data of users in a group or mass, who have similar habits, tastes, or preferences and thus not do it individually and therefore be able to maintain growth in advertising.


And also, the return on investment but already with evident respect for customers’ privacy.


Alternatives as a solution to cookies


As a solution to blocking cookies, certain techniques can be used to achieve the same objective, namely:


BluCactus - New technologies as a solution to cookies - Young girl

  • Flash Cookies


Because many user terminals have the Adobe Flash video playback plug-in, if a website uses this technology, it would be able to store and make available information in the same way that cookies do, even if the latter is disabled.


  • Etags, Technologies as a solution to cookies.


Etags (entity tags) are used by HTTP to validate the web cache, and consequently, the information of the moment is stored. It is not necessary to download or upload it again at a later visit.



BluCactus - Experience with a company more personal - New technologies

  • Source Detection


Customizations made on computers can be used to identify a browser uniquely.


  • Browser Cache, Technologies as a solution to cookies.


It saves the information and data from the same browser cache.


  • First-party Cookies


This option will not be mounted or blocked by Google because it belongs to it. That is, it is not a third-party application. So, the objective here will be to generate attractive leads by improving the web and the SEO strategy. As well as the content that attracts users and can inform them of their tastes and preferences.


BluCactus - Experience with a company more personal - Man with a tablet

  • Customer Centric Strategy, Technologies as a solution to cookies.


It is not a novelty; it is always the north in the digital marketing field, which focuses on the client, their preferences, and tastes, among others. And make their interaction and experience with a company more personal and satisfactory while also getting the desired information.


  • Custom Audiences.


You can create custom or personalized lists on Facebook through interaction, recent purchases, origins, etc. All to segment your ideal group to whom you will direct your campaigns.


  • SEO Targeting, Technologies as a solution to cookies.


BluCactus - Linn LarssonIt is a type of segmentation that works with keywords related or directly connected to your site. And when they are analyzed with the ads based on themes, language, and location. So that in this way, a more personalized campaign can be launched to a specific product and audience.


Privacy in browsing is elementary, and companies and sites must ensure it to their users at all costs. Although it is a long way to go regarding the use of cookies, this first step is relevant and essential for improving this aspect significantly.


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