The Scrub Daddy brand’s marketing strategy that has catapulted it into the spotlight

The Scrub Daddy brand’s marketing strategy that has catapulted it into the spotlight. The Scrub Daddy brand cleaning sponges have revolutionized the world of cleaning in the UK. With their efficient results and the quality of their products, they have stolen the hearts of those who take home cleaning very seriously.


But why have these sponges become so famous lately? Why do we see these sponges in social media flooding our feed? Well, when a product fulfils what it promises, people like it and begin to use it. And thanks to the rise of social media, it may go viral as long as it is shown.


But behind these particular sponges in the shape of a smiley face, there is a story of growth and entrepreneurship. As well as an engagement that has catapulted these sponges to the top of sales and popularity worldwide.


So, read on to find out what’s behind mom and dad’s famous sponges.


What is Scrub Daddy? 


BluCactus - The Scrub Daddy brands marketing strategy - Cleaning productsScrub Daddy is a cleaning products company whose main product is a sponge in the shape of a smiley face.


It is made of a polymer capable of adapting to the climate of the water and changing its texture.


It remains firm or rigid in cold water and becomes soft and moldable in contact with hot water.


Currently, they have a catalogue of more than 20 products in stock, ranging from sponges, scouring pads, organisers, soap dispensers, liquid dish soap, and their famous Power Paste that cleans surfaces by polishing and removing the dirt easily and quickly, as well as erasers, brushes, among others.


Origin and history of the brand


BluCactus - The Scrub Daddy brands marketing strategy - Cleaning with productsAaron Krause, the creator of this brand, started a car wash business in the 90s. And he required a product that would prevent the bodywork from scratching on contact with the products used to wash them.


For this reason, Krause decided to invent his own sponge to polish vehicles, in addition to the need to wash his hands thoroughly since, working with machinery, they remained dirty. He required a product with the right size to comfortably and quickly wash his entire hand. So, he set about creating a urethane foam-based material for just that purpose.


The knowledge about the different foam manufacturers in the world helped him. To the point that a German company contacted him to offer him details of a product that consisted of a foam that they planned to use as a filter, but that finally did not turn out as they wanted.


However, Krause did not have much luck. Since the market he wanted to cover with his product, whose intention was to wash hands of grease residues and other agents, was not large. So, the demand for the sponge was low or nil, coupled with its high cost.


In August 2008, his business was acquired by the 3M company. However, the latter did not include the acquisition of sponges, so these were relegated. Until five years later, when Krause set out to use the same ones for residential use, he used them to wash dishes and garden furniture. Verifying the incredible result and giving him a new twist for his creation.


The sponges changed their shape according to the temperature of the water. Being in contact with cold water, they remained hard, and with hot water, they softened and worked excellently. So, he thought there should be a way to market this type of product.




BluCactus - cleaning very useful hacks while - Cleaning houseShark Tank is a program of the reality show category, originally from the United States and with broadcasts and editions in various parts of the world, in which new entrepreneurs are ready to present their business ideas to the “sharks,” which are five giants in their industries. With their vision, they have built great companies thanks to innovative and creative ideas that they had at one time. Which helped them transform them into millionaire empires.


The dynamics of the program focus on the fact that the contestants must work to convince the sharks to invest their money in the product, idea, or company that the contestant is presenting. They can generate a kind of auction in which they can start a series of offers and alliances that increase the value of the investment.


In the end, whoever wins the idea wins the shark’s investment. With the opportunity to become a nationally and internationally recognised brand.


Scrub Daddy on Shark Tank, Daddy brand’s marketing strategy.


BluCactus - cleaning very useful hacks while - cleaning spongesDaddy brand’s marketing strategy. Aaron Krause participated in the Shark Tank program, where he raised 75 million dollars in income from the investor Lori Greiner.


With whom he established an agreement for 200,000 dollars in exchange for 20% of the capital.


This was the opportunity to expand the product line and introduce them in stores and warehouses.


The success was based on a sponge with a nice image of a smiley face, highly durable, hygienic, and that works much more effectively than an ordinary sponge. It was presented as an innovative investment model.



Scrub Daddy and their marketing strategy


BluCactus - Cleaning very useful hacks while - Man cleaningThe Scrub Daddy brand sponges are the most viral on social media, especially on TikTok. Thanks to the cleantokers, who are those users of this platform creating cleaning and organization content, these products have been catapulted to fame. All because of the preference of these cleaning influencers for both sponges and the rest of the products they offer.


Daddy brand’s marketing strategy. And it is that the sponges with the smiling face have become famous. Not only because they are put into action on socials, showing and verifying their results realistically. But also, because many generate comedy content with the presence of the products in the form of advertising.


Some famous TikTokers are the Finnish Auri Katarina, who highly recommends Scrub Daddy products. The Mexican Vanesa Amaro offers giveaways whose prizes include various sponges and soaps. And Sandra, who, along with her Baby Yodas and the friendly Sponges, is in charge of generating fun content for the platforms.


Therefore, their marketing strategy has been the virality of the product’s quality and effectiveness. As well as the variety and use of these by people with millions of followers on social media. With whom they have established commercial and sponsorship alliances, which has shown great recognition to the new world today.


Because there is no better advertising than verifying with your own eyes or in the most real and sincere way possible that a product works. And that fulfils what it promises. In these times, it is better if it is from a person’s hand on social media. Someone who teaches you tips and cleaning very useful hacks while being done on platforms where most spend their time-consuming content of this type, which is becoming more and more popular.


Do not hesitate to contact us to make your company or business as viral as you are sponges.


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