Learn all about QCommerce, its advantages and its differences over e-commerce

Learn all about QCommerce, its advantages and its differences over e-commerce. Purchases and sales over the internet or by digital means have been a thing for some time. And daily, they seek to improve and innovate to perfect the service.


The new times have left a hybrid system in terms of dispatching services. After having been confined for a long time, where we had to resort to digital commerce to buy and cover our needs, we have returned to the streets and physical stores. However, online purchases continue to lead to the preference of many people.


This has permeated many companies that have seen the need to adapt to this modality and include digital or online commerce and delivery in their services. Given the great demand from people inclined to the comfort and ease of ordering all from home.


All of this, of course, has been left to us by the post-pandemic world. After not having many options other than to resort to online commerce, we have been left with the pleasure of being able to do everything from home. Today, this type of commerce is no longer a novelty. Especially if the need for processes to speed up and get our orders much faster is the main focus of customers and users.


What is Q-Commerce?


Learn all about QCommerce: Advantages & differences over e-commerce | BluCactua UKQCommerce is the short way of mentioning Quick Commerce, a phrase with which some shops or businesses identify. Or they value their service of attention, purchase and delivery of the product to the client as expeditiously and efficiently.


This modality focuses on reducing delivery times significantly. Since, at present, it has been the need of those who demand this digital commerce service. People want to receive their orders the same day or within hours after making a purchase. This can be a determining factor when choosing one place over another to purchase a product.


It is identified as the third generation of commerce since it is the one that offers speedy deliveries. Emerging as solutions for food and grocery stores, among other similar ones, especially during the pandemic. But they currently have extended to other sectors and items.


Currently, some companies are exclusively dedicated to pick-up and delivery services. These companies have a series of affiliated businesses to which the client accesses through a page or application, place their orders, and receives them from part of this third party.


They are characterized by offering a delivery service in record time. Since they have a network of delivery men located near warehouses. And they use means of transport that allow them to move quickly, like bicycles, motorcycles, electric motorcycles, and skateboards. That way, they prevent traffic from being an obstacle.


Q-Commerce Features


Learn all about QCommerce: Advantages & differences over e-commerce | BluCactua UKAfter what has been explained above, we can deduce that Q-commerce is based on the speed at which a service is processed, based on the following premises:


  • Fast Deliveries


What they are looking for, both commerce, delivery services and customers is the dispatch of products in the shortest possible time. By this, we mean time-lapses of minutes or a few hours depending on what is requested.


  • Proximity, QCommerce.


To meet fast delivery, warehouses and stores need to be within easy reach, so proximity to them is key.


  • Comfort


The possibility of placing an order to consume at home without having to leave it.


  • Availability, QCommerce.


To satisfy any client’s need, some companies provide the service of looking for something for you and taking it to your home.


For example, you may want to eat Chinese food, but the restaurant where you usually eat does not have a delivery service. However, a company goes to the restaurant, picks up the order for you and brings it to your door.


This second option is much more common and frequent to see today. And it allows you to cover endless services for you and your comfort.


What kind of products are delivered?


QCommerce. What began with basic products such as food, cooking foods, groceries and medicines, today has spread to various items.


We can see the categories of companies that are dedicated to this delivery service. We can see electronics, makeup, skincare, pet products, food, and clothing among its affiliated businesses.


Driven by telecommuting or remote work, it is common to find a section or companies delivering office and stationery products.


Thus, your work will not be interrupted by going out to look for a pen or a ream of paper.



Advantages of Q-Commerce


Learn all about QCommerce: Advantages & differences over e-commerce | BluCactua UK

  • Speed


For a service whose premise is fast delivery, speed is critical. And one of the main advantages of resorting to this option. At a time when there seems to be perhaps a little more rush to obtain our products in the wink of an eye, especially when it comes to food, delivery times are critical in this type of service.


An important element regarding the immediacy with which deliveries are made is the proximity of the stores we use. This directly influences the speed of the service.


  • Product Availability, QCommerce.


Nowadays, thanks to technology and application innovations, it is possible to view not only the menus of each place but also the stock of each one, the products available and those that are not available in real-time. Therefore, we are less likely to go through the trouble of ordering products that are not available.


  • 24-hour service


Another advantage is that there are stores that work 24 hours. As a result, they will be available for orders at any time.


  • Simple Process, QCommerce.


Q-Commerce saves you the hassle of going to the supermarket, pharmacy or restaurant to place your order and stand in queues to cancel, among others.


You can place your order through your cell phone. And in the comfort of your home, just wait for it to arrive at your door.


  • Inclusion for businesses


This type of service is ideal for both large and small businesses. Since it allows them to participate in this dynamic, gives them visibility in the digital world of Q-Commerce, and gradually integrates into this business system. Therefore, it helps you to Get out of the shadow trade in case you weren’t keeping up with the big trades.


  • Sustainable Mobility, QCommerce.


Another advantage is for the environment. The short distances usually covered and the vehicles traditionally used for deliveries: bicycles, electric motorcycles, and skateboards, CO emissions are drastically reduced. So, there are fuel savings and a decrease in air pollution.


Q-Commerce versus eCommerce


The main difference between one and the other is the delivery time. In electronic commerce, there is also the sale and acquisition of goods and products through electronic means or the Internet, but delivery times may be longer. While fast commerce offers to reduce waiting times to hours or even minutes depending on the type of product or service required, the latter stands out for its speed and comfort.


What sectors can we access through quick commerce?


Q-Commerce can apply to any type of product.


Saying that it is only applicable to basic necessities is already subjective. Since basic needs for one person can mean food and medicine samples. And for others can mean confectionery items. Or even a drink if you are in the middle of a party and you’ve run out of provisions.


It is already verifiable how this service covers the dispatch of items that we find in supermarkets. And other places that include food, beverages, cosmetics, some essential/basic clothing, gifts, and electronic products, among others.


The starting point of this form of fast trade was food. However, the expansion has been such that today it is possible to access other types of items, including services.


All in a very short period of time. So, Q-Commerce aims to continue improving and covering more and more things. As well as payment facilities, including new businesses, routes, etc. Conventional or face-to-face commerce will not cease to exist, but it will coexist with electronic commerce from now on. Offering users comfort, ease and sustainable solutions.


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