What is Clinique’s marketing strategy?

What is Clinique’s marketing strategy? Clinique was founded in New York City in 1968 by Evelyn Lauder. They are the pioneer company in developing dermatologist-tested skin care products. Its mission has always been evident, and it is to offer safe formulas to its clients so that, through simple routines, they see satisfactory results. Therefore, their products are paraben-free and fragrance-free.


Today, the company, although it is still one of the most important in the world, has competition. Therefore, Clinique’s marketing strategy has been based on a mixed model we will explain in this post.


Who is Clinique’s target audience?


Clinique’s target market has always been female. However, there is also a line of products for the male public. Clinique has wanted to maintain the signs of beauty in women. Therefore, its production focuses on maintaining youth, attractiveness, and slimness in today’s women. Who is seeking to highlight the new feminine sensuality and their independence?


Clinique’s marketing strategy


Clinique is governed by a marketing mix model, which we will explain below:


  • Product Strategy


What is Cliniques marketing strategy? | BluCactus UKClinique has become one of the leading skin care companies. Likewise, it also offers cosmetics and other products that are made in the laboratory. In this way, they offer the market three basic steps: cleansing, exfoliation, and hydration. It is worth noting that all of their products are dermatologically tested and manufactured to allergy-tested standards. Likewise, they are products suitable for all skin types and 100% fragrance-free.


As a curious fact, the company’s vision was to offer products for female beautification. However, by 1976 the brand launched a line of products exclusively for men. In this way, it became the first women’s products company to offer products for men. This is because Clinique knows how to adapt to the needs of its clients. In addition, it is guided by trends to remain one of the preferred brands in the market.


Clinique has a line of products for different categories. It offers cleansers, masks, and bath gels, among others, for skincare. The makeup category comprises products such as eyeliner, blush, and lip gloss. While in the category of fragrances, you can find perfumes and deos for both men and women.


  • Price strategy of Clinique’s marketing strategy.


Advertising and promotion strategy | BluCactus UKClinique marketing has paid attention to the needs of the upper class. That is, in people who want to believe in quality products regardless of price.


For this reason, because Clinique products are of the highest quality, their prices are high.


In their marketing mix, this strategy is known as prestige pricing since customers make a relationship between quality – price.


They consider that cheap products cannot offer the same result as high-cost products. Therefore, these prestige prices add value to the brand. And in turn, they help convince customers that their products add value, unlike the products of the competition.



  • Distribution Strategy


Did you know that Clinique was one of the first beauty brands to provide an online store? That’s right. The brand anticipated the power of e-commerce, which has helped increase its sales. Similarly, it has continued to bet on creating physical stores to bring out customers’ feelings of belonging. However, unlike other brands, their physical stores have a small number of trained consultants. However, they are always up to date to attend to the queries of their clients regarding skin care.


The brand’s distribution channel used to focus on luxury stores. Today, their products can also be found in retail stores to increase sales.


  • Advertising and promotion strategy of the Clinique’s marketing strategy.


Advertising and promotion strategy | BluCactus UKUsually, the brand holds sweepstakes and contests. Since the objective is to promote the brand by attracting more customers and to explain its promotion strategy, we will take as an example one of its contests in 2017. At that time, it launched “Beauty Boot Camp” and a product called “Acne Solutions by Clinique” to care for acne-prone skin.


As a result, it was a contest where more than 1,000 people were awarded two months with complimentary supplies of this line of products. Also, the contestants had to share their before and after photos after using these products. Thus, they could win $5000 a day with the celebrity Emmy Rossum and a tour of Teen Vogue. Of course, a bag with lots of Clinique products.


In addition, there are occasions when the brand offers gifts to its customers. They can be coupons or gift bags. Also, for its promotion, it uses social media to create a database of its most loyal customers. The company is on different communication channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.


Clinique’s Makeover


Clinique's Makeover | BluCactus UKAlthough Clinique has defined its target audience, it must know the needs of those who could be its future clients.


That is why at the end of 2021, the brand reviewed the TikTok social media to understand what today’s consumer wants. They discovered that Gen Z wants to feel empowered, not belittled for their flaws.


The company has rejected those campaigns that focus on normal skins. So, it has encouraged consumers to post sensitive details, such as acne. The brand has three steps to solve this problem and explains it in the best style of this social media.


As a result, video Clinique has amassed over 2 billion views on the platform. And the increase in their sales is indisputable.



What do you think of Clinique’s marketing strategy?


BluCactus - Linn LarssonThanks to the Clinique mix marketing strategy, the brand has achieved the expected success in the market.


It has a team of professionals managing each strategy and advertising campaign to continue increasing its sales.


If you think your company needs the marketing mix, at BluCactus, we can help you. Our experts will guide you and create strategies that add value to your brand and attract potential customers. The goal is to increase sales, and we will take care of it. You have to contact us, and we will gladly assist you.


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