SEO for Nonprofits: 7 Tactics You Need to Try Now

SEO for Nonprofits: 7 Tactics You Need to Try Now. SEO techniques and search engine positioning are vital for the success of any business. However, what happens when the company’s goals aren’t clear? This is a question that comes up a lot in the minds of those marketing teams that support nonprofits. If that’s your case, today we will talk about SEO for nonprofits and how can you apply it.


You may think that marketing can’t be applied to companies whose goal isn’t commercial. However, these strategies can help any kind of business. These kinds of actions can help them stand out in their communities. As a result, they will be able to:


  • Reach new people
  • Solve some of their problems
  • Become fundamental parts of their lives.


Today, we will teach you how to use SEO strategies for non-profit organizations. After this, you’ll be able to position yourself in the minds of others and reach more people, which is the ultimate end goal.


What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?


SEO for Nonprofits: 7 Tactics You Need to Try Now | BluCactus UKSearch Engine Optimization, or SEO, is a set of tactics used to improve web positioning. This focuses on any kind of page, website, or blog and its position on search engines. It also works as a good marketing strategy for any business’s website that wants to stand out.


Some experts even say that SEO tactics are the key to the success of any organization.


Good SEO offers a lot of benefits for those who apply it. For example, it allows you to:


  • Stand out from the competition
  • Increase your web visibility
  • Get more leads and new clients
  • Improve your business conversions.


How can you apply SEO to nonprofits?


SEO for Nonprofits: 7 Tactics You Need to Try Now | BluCactus UKFirst, you need to research and understand the different techniques that exist to improve web positioning.


When it comes to your research, it must be of a high standard to reach the first page of results.


For this, you should pay attention to every tiny detail to get to any search engine’s top 10 search results. Powerful search engines can help you get the best results, So try starting with the obvious ones like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


You should probably know that most internet users don’t go beyond the first page of results. Some studies claim that over 60% of users don’t even look further than the first 3 results. This is why you have to do your SEO work meticulously. Only this way can you take advantage of the benefits that SEO for nonprofits offers.


What is the difference between SEO and SEM?


SEO for Nonprofits: 7 Tactics You Need to Try Now | BluCactus UKIf you studied the basics of SEO tactics, you might have come across two acronyms. At first glance, these terms may seem similar, but they aren’t. You must know what sets them apart from each other since they don’t entail the same actions. As a result, if you confuse them, you may have problems with your web optimisation for nonprofits.


  • SEO equals Organic Positioning.


As you probably already know, this kind of positioning is organic because you do it in a series of no-cost tactics. All of these strategies aim to achieve a “real” position on search results. You have to boost your content and work on your keywords. When it comes to your content, you can enhance it with the help of link-building strategies.


  • SEM equals paid Positioning.


In contrast, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) uses the same tactics as SEO but from a paid strategy. With it, you can create an advertising campaign to let users know about you through ads. These will appear according to what they search on the internet.


5 advantages of implementing SEO for nonprofits


Carrying out an SEO strategy offers a lot of benefits for any business. Below is a list that’ll show you some advantages you can get from using it. Don’t wait any longer, and start using SEO for nonprofits!


  • Increase the visibility of a brand.


SEO for Nonprofits: 7 Tactics You Need to Try Now | BluCactus UKBy using different web positioning techniques on other search engines, you may see an increase in your online visibility. Remember that when we talk about this, we mean more than just your presence against your competition.


In short, good visibility means that more people will take an interest in your projects or organization. As a result, they will learn a lot more about you and what you do. An example of this could be a family looking for advice on educational recreation issues for their kids.


And who would’ve guessed! With the help of experts, your nonprofit created an article talking about this.


So, if this family finds this article among their first search results, there’s a high chance they will choose you over your competition.


As you can see, this is how visibility works, and you can increase it with SEO for nonprofits.


SEO for Nonprofits: 7 Tactics You Need to Try Now | BluCactus UK

  • Attract qualified traffic.


Not everyone who comes to your site will be the right one. Some are looking for different types of content. That’s why web optimisation strategies help people to find you only if they want to. Thanks to this, your website can avoid a high bounce rate. As you may know, a lower bounce rate allows you to position yourself better on the Internet.


  • Position an organization as an authority.


Many companies want to have people think of them when they are confronted with a problem or when they need support. If this is your case, SEO for nonprofits is your ally.


A good web optimisation strategy will allow people to turn to you on a specific topic. In other words, you will stand out as a personal ally that can help them solve their problems.


SEO for Nonprofits: 7 Tactics You Need to Try Now | BluCactus UK

  • Educate the market.


On the internet, people can find an endless amount of information. However, most of it isn’t the best or the most accurate.


So, another benefit of SEO for nonprofits is that visitors will see you as a trustworthy site. They will know that, at least from you, they will only get up-to-date and high-quality information.


As you can see, this relates a bit to the previous point. As soon as your followers start considering you as a reliable source of information, they will feel comfortable learning from you.



  • Better return on investment.


One of the essential elements to consider for SEO for nonprofits is that it’s cheaper than SEM. Because of this, you’ll get a better return on your money with this simple strategy.


Any organization can lose money with Google Ads. This does not mean that they aren’t necessary or that they’re not important. It means that they are just not that vital. You don’t achieve good web positioning with just the help of paid ads. You do it with a great job of organic optimisation.


What is social marketing?


SEO for Nonprofits: 7 Tactics You Need to Try Now | BluCactus UKThis is nothing more than the same traditional marketing actions but used for a non-profit organization.


With it, you can make your audience interested in you while changing their perspective of you. As a result, your focus won’t be on the money but on the impact you create around you.


Your goal will be to build a healthy relationship between your organization and different communities.


These marketing techniques help many people understand a better way to spread their ideas and projects. This way, they’re able to benefit society. Besides, this will also help erase negative thoughts, behaviors, and habits. Thus, giving way to positive results.


Online social marketing strategies


  • Encourage User-Generated Content, SEO for Nonprofits.


SEO for Nonprofits: 7 Tactics You Need to Try Now | BluCactus UKMost, if not all, organizations today use strategies focused on social media. After all, it works as a great way to spread your brand’s news or projects. By doing this, you will also be allowing other organizations or individuals to interact with your campaigns. They can use the images or videos you share on your chosen platform. As a result, you will be showing the world that you’re an intelligent NGO when it comes to self-promotion and advertising.


Social media also offers a great tool to get your content to the right people in the form of hashtags. Using them won’t only allow people to find you easily, quickly can even create content on your behalf. You can also use the Stories feature that many platforms today have.


An example of these kinds of campaigns was the female hygiene brand Kotex. They decided to launch a filter on International Women’s Day to help women in low-income communities.


So, every time someone used the filter, they would donate hygiene products to these women. So, as you can see, social media is more than glamour and a life of excess. With it, you can also help those in need.


Strategies like hashtags create beautiful results. Thanks to them, people can relate to your organization and be part of your projects.


  • Create contests on social media, SEO for Nonprofits.


SEO for Nonprofits: 7 Tactics You Need to Try Now | BluCactus UKAs you already know, social media are the perfect place to grow and get your name out there. This is partly because of its easy spread, low cost, simple interface, and many users. Using a social media platform will improve your chances of finding someone interested in your NGO.


If you want to attract new users and become more popular, platforms such as Instagram and Twitter are a great choice. One way to make yourself known is with a social media campaign.


In it, you can invite participants to post images and use an action hashtag. These hashtags will allow you to see their actions and even share them.


An image contest may be one of the best ways to awaken your audience’s creative side. This motivates users to join your game for a prize related to your organization or its campaign.


  • Commemorate World and International Days, SEO for Nonprofits.


You can do this through different channels such as your social media, website, or email marketing campaigns. That calendar you have on your desk may be the best place to find inspiration for your annual content.


After all, most calendars, if not all, show different celebrations and holidays. If you start to celebrate important dates and holidays, you can also begin to create new activities for your accounts.


For example, contests, quizzes, stories, or different surveys for all your followers. This way, you will get them to interact with you and even share your content.


Doing things like this helps you gain importance while promoting important campaigns or projects on significant days. For example, days like:


  • International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer,
  • Earth Day
  • International Children’s Human Rights Day.


Each of these dates is a great opportunity to increase your interactions. Besides, you could get to know new people interested in your projects thanks to them.


Even if this type of strategy works great for nonprofit organizations, brands can also use them. Using them will showcase your business’s commitment to different causes. In other words, you will humanize your brand and stand out from the competition.


  • Monitor your social media, SEO for Nonprofits.


Also, it’s essential to monitor your SEO tactics. After all, how will you know if they work if you don’t keep a record?


Looking at your social media conversion rates will allow you to get a clear idea of people’s opinions about you. Besides, it will be easier to find out the projects that get the most attention and what’s your real reputation.


Network and web platform metrics can tell a lot more about what people think of you than any other survey could say to you. Thanks to them, you will be able to know the insights or the motivations that they have concerning your NGO.


Our advice when monitoring is to constantly check the hashtags or labels you use in all your content. This is where you will be able to know the volume of the publications and the engagement they generate.


  • Interactive social marketing campaigns, SEO for Nonprofits.


Everyone on digital platforms likes interactive dynamics. These are the ones that really help us to establish a real connection with our fans. It even allows us to interact with each of our audience members on a personal level.


Although more common for companies and commercial businesses, interactive marketing campaigns are a great tool to connect your NGO with others. Here are some types of strategies you can use:


These campaigns play an important role in building relationships and interacting with your audience and partners.


  • Opinion polls.
  • Trivia and quizzes.
  • Featured stories.


  • Gamification campaigns to encourage users to take specific actions. 


An excellent idea to achieve a great marketing strategy is to be able to enhance your SEO tactics with gamification campaigns. This will allow followers to have fun with your activities and become aware of some of your actions. Another way is to help them settle down on their attitudes toward their environment. After this, you can give them the tools to solve it through games and educational activities on social media.


  • Collaborations with new partners, SEO for Nonprofits.


We talked about this in the benefits of SEO for nonprofits, but it’s worth highlighting it. So, a good way to boost your NGO and improve its web positioning is by working with others. We recommend allowing organizations related to yours to share their content on your website through links. This is also known as link building. This is a strategy where you increase your web authority as an NGO while making yourself known. Among the benefits of doing this is the improvement of SEO positioning, conversion growth, and an increase in traffic to your platforms.


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