SEO for Lawyers: The 11 best SEO Practices for Law firms

SEO for Lawyers: The 11 best SEO Practices for Law firms. SEO is currently an essential tool for any website, and lawyers’ websites are not the exception. The goal of every law firm website is to be taken into account by search engines. Because of this, they need the best SEO practices for law firms. Thanks to them, they will be able to offer the best user experience. Thus, allowing them to achieve a high position on the search results page.


If you want to start a web project, you first need to study your sector. This way you can figure out which SEO strategy are you going to use. Today, there are still many law firms that prefer to go with traditional methods to grab people’s attention. However, not all of these succeed.


Thanks to SEO, you have the opportunity to improve your law firm’s visibility and even yours as a lawyer. So, this is why you should use SEO. However, there is more! Let us take a look at how important is this tool for lawyers’ websites.


Why is SEO important for law firms?


SEO for Lawyers: The 14 best SEO Practices for Law firms | BluCactus UKBefore you even start thinking of using SEO for your website, you must know what it is.


So, what is SEO? It stands for “search engine optimization” and it allows you to improve your website’s visibility. All of this to get your website in the first places of search engines. Its goal is to make this whole “SEO positioning for lawyers” process organic. This way, you can increase your website’s traffic and get many benefits.


On the other hand, when people search on Google, they usually do not go beyond the first page of results. Because of this, you must use the best SEO strategies for lawyers to stand out in your sector.


SEO does not only work for your website since you can also use it for both your blogs and social media. Thus, improving your online presence and that of your law firm. In this sense, when your website shows up in Google’s first-page results, you improve your reputation. As a result, once the user sees you, they will trust you and what you offer.


As a law firm, your goal with your website should be to attract potential clients. That is why you must pay attention to the next best 11 SEO practices for law firms.


The best 11 SEO practices for law firms


SEO for Lawyers: The 14 best SEO Practices for Law firms | BluCactus UKAs time goes by, Google’s algorithm goes through changes for its improvement. Because of this, those techniques used in 2020 will not be so effective in 2021. So, you must pay attention to the 11 best SEO practices for law firms we will show you below:


1. Use keyword strategies, SEO for Lawyers.


Keywords are a fundamental part of your SEO strategies for law firms. The way this tool works is by searching for the most relevant phrases or words in your sector. For this, it takes into account what your potential clients write when looking for information or services related to law firms.


Now, how can you choose the right keywords? For this, you need to understand how users search for a law firm online.


By doing this, you will be able to take those terms and use them to your advantage. Here are some SEO tips for law firms that you should take into account for this.


SEO for Lawyers: The 14 best SEO Practices for Law firms | BluCactus UK

2. Create a keyword tree, SEO for Lawyers.


Once you start your research, you should take those terms you find relevant to build your keyword tree.


This must be made up of different combinations, but all related to your service. If you do not know how to do this, you can start by adding the main law branches of your law firm’s services.


This is a great way to get effective keywords for your content. Besides, you can also pull out different terms to add to your keyword research.


3. Add long-tail terms, SEO for Lawyers.


The law sector has a wide range of competitive terms, however, you can use the most generic ones to find long-tail terms. As a result, once the user adds several terms to their search, they will easily find you. In this case, a good idea is to include attributes related to your services.


4. Take into account geolocated keywords, SEO for Lawyers.


When users start searching for law services, they often look for those law firms near their location. That is why it is important to use those keywords related to your location.


SEO for Lawyers: The 14 best SEO Practices for Law firms | BluCactus UK

5. Meet the competition.


For you to use the best SEO practices for law firms, you must know who your competition is. How can you do this? By taking a look at those words you got earlier. This way you can see which the most used terms in your sector are.


Besides, by knowing the competition, you will know who the ones in the top positions of search engines are. That is why, to carry out this, you must pay close attention to the first point. Only by having done your keyword research will you be able to beat them.


On the other hand, to research your competition, you should only pay attention to organic results. In this sense, take into account their page authority (PA) and domain authority (DA). For this, you can use browsers such as Google Chrome.


6. Do not overlook local SEO, SEO for Lawyers.


SEO for Lawyers: The 14 best SEO Practices for Law firms | BluCactus UKIf you want your SEO strategies for law firms to be successful, you must leave out local positioning. After all, you must always have in mind that users, when in need of a lawyer, will look for the closest one.


Because of this, you must define your radius of action when locating the places where you will focus your SEO positioning for lawyers. Now, to make this strategy fit your goals as good as possible, you need to create a business listing. In other words, you need to create a Google My Business Profile.


In this business file you can include:


  • Information about your main services, and contact information.
  • Photographs, especially from your law firm.
  • User Ratings.


Thanks to this tool, you can achieve an important local positioning. This, in turn, will allow you to show up on Google Maps. Thus, allowing near clients to easily find you and choose you.


7. Include opinions and ratings.


SEO for Lawyers: The 14 best SEO Practices for Law firms | BluCactus UKYour past and current client’s opinions are important data since new users take them into account when choosing a lawyer.


In the same way, search engines also take them into account to determine whether your site deserves relevance or not.


Through Google My Business, users can leave a brief review of your service on your website profile, to which they can add a rating of a maximum of 5 stars.


You can also include a widget on your website to include top reviews. The quality of your service will also depend on having good references from your customers. Having a good valuation will be definitive for the user to decide to hire your legal services.



8. Strive to have a good web architecture, SEO for Lawyers.


SEO for Lawyers: The 14 best SEO Practices for Law firms | BluCactus UKAs part of the best SEO practices for law firms, your website’s architecture is very important.


When a user enters your website, you must show them organized content that can meet their needs.


For this, the information must be clear and accurate so that the user experience is as great as possible.


If you want to achieve this, you must first put yourself in the shoes of your user. Take a look at your website’s architecture and find out if it can showcase your services correctly. If you see that it does not, discover those elements that may be missing in your content or website. Once you do this, you can then add or improve them.


If you want users to stay on your website, you must allow them to easily find all the information they need about your service.


9. Offer trust to users.


Even if people look on the Internet for a service, they are really looking for people to help them. Because of this, do not hesitate to show them who is behind that service. Do not leave any kind of information out of your website. For example, make sure to include information about your experience, your law firms’ members, and its partners. Only in this way will you be able to achieve a good law firm SEO.


Besides, you can also add images and whatever you need to make your website 100% human. By including these elements in your information, users will trust you more easily. And when users trust you, you get new clients.


SEO for Lawyers: The 14 best SEO Practices for Law firms | BluCactus UK10. Work on expanding your reach, SEO for Lawyers.


If you want to carry out SEO positioning for lawyers, you must showcase your speciality and do it in detail.


Besides, if you have a law firm that handles certain branches of law, you should highlight them to get a greater number of key terms.


For example, we recommend creating a specific section to showcase all of your law firm’s specialties.


This way, the information you provide on your website will be more useful to the user.


11. Do not leave out link building.


Another SEO practice for law firms also taken into account is link building. This practice can determine how relevant, or not, is your website. In this sense, external links can showcase the authority your website has within the law sector. However, if you are going to use them, you must ensure they are high quality.


Include relevant content, SEO for Lawyers.


To take advantage of the best SEO practices for law firms, you must solve the questions of users. For this, you can start by reviewing your sector’s current trends and other essential information. This way, you will be able to become a reference for those users who are looking for a lawyer.


As a very attractive SEO tip for law firms, you should fully take advantage of your website’s space. What do we mean by this? That you should create a question-and-answer space within your site. In it, you should answer the most asked questions from users. This way, you can drive traffic to your law firm’s website organically.


Have a good loading speed.


As time goes by, technology takes hold of people. For this reason, you must offer a website that users can easily access. For this, you must keep your website optimized for any kind of device. No matter if the user is using their smartphone or PC, they should not have a problem accessing your website. This is the only way to offer a good user experience.


Your site’s loading speed is more important than you might imagine. If it does not load quickly, users will simply leave and never come back. Thus, losing a potential client.


Create a Google Analytics account, SEO for Lawyers.


As part of the best SEO practices for law firms, this step is vital. This is because it is what will allow you to get data about your website’s visitors. Through Google Analytics, you can see which device they used and from where. Not only that, but you also be able to see what pages they have seen and how they found yours.


This information will be very useful to follow the best SEO strategies for law firms. So, how can you open a Google Analytics account? Easy, all you have to do is go to the official site “ ”. Once there, you must log in to your Google account and then fill in the requested data. Finally, just click the option “Get Tracking ID”.


You will get this tracking code by Analytics, and once got, you must enter it directly on your website. This, you can do either on our HTML website or manually. Or, you can also get the help of a plugin such as the Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress.


Extra practice


You can do a mix between SEO and SEM for your website.


An SEO strategy can be used at the same time as an SEM strategy. In the beginning, we explained what SEO is, but now, what is SEM?


SEM is a tool used to bring paid traffic to a website. This may bring some issues, so you need to be in tune with SEO lawyers to get positive results.


For example:


Choose the most successful ads or those with the most clicks, and view the statistics of users’ preferred pages within your website. These pages are the ones that you should use to the maximum by directing more internal links.


This will, in turn, improve your SEO positioning.


Will You Get Quick Results with Law Firm SEO?


You should take into account that by using the best 11 SEO practices for law firms, you will get leads quickly through your website.


However, for you to move up in the Google search engine position, you must improve and make constant changes. Only in this way will you have succeeded in Law Firm SEO and thus, allow your law firm to move forward.


Even if this SEO positioning for lawyers process takes time, as you make improvements to your site, Google’s algorithm will determine if you belong in the first position. Do not forget that for this, you must offer the best and most relevant content.


On the other hand, you may have to wait a few months to start seeing good results. As a result, you will need to be patient and work hard to keep improving your SEO practices for law firms.


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