15 Free & Surefire Ways to Get on the First Page of Google

15 Free & Surefire Ways to Get on the First Page of Google. Maybe you have a website or blog that does not seem to grow. Or, if we are being honest, you might not be working hard towards getting on top of Google. 


If you are going through this problem, then worry no more.


We have been there, and we can feel your pain. We know that feeling of excitement when you publish new content and wait for a visitor to land on it. That hardly happens until and unless you use social media as the primary source for your traffic. 


But if you want to improve your organic traffic, then you have no option but to level up your SEO game.


The majority of marketers think SEO is a difficult task, but it is not. Ranking a keyword on Google is a repeatable process; anyone in this world can do it.


However, you need to understand that you won’t get 100% results for the new website. But if you follow these 15 unique and surefire tips, you’ll surely see a spike in your rankings.


So, without further ado, let’s begin.


15 Free & Surefire Ways to Get on the First Page of Google


1. Focus on foundations, Get on the First Page of Google.


15 Free & Surefire Ways to Get on the First Page of Google | BluCactusIf you want to improve your website ranking on Google, you must focus on building solid foundations first, then take other advanced steps. A strong foundation is a key to the success of your entire SEO campaign. 


Just like we create solid foundations for our home, we also need to create strong foundations for our SEO campaign.


Here are the two most important things that you need to look into.


2. Website.


A robust website is the first thing you need to have to improve your website ranking on Google. You must create your website by the best SEO practice. 


You must pay attention to website navigation, architecture, design, and UX and UI part.


3. A good network, Get on the First Page of Google.


Once you are done with your website, you need to create a network to improve the website’s ranking on Google. A blog section followed by social media accounts would work like a charm.


4. Keyword research is the key.


15 Free & Surefire Ways to Get on the First Page of Google | BluCactusWhen it comes to improving website ranking on Google, there is no secret formula but to target keywords wisely. Keywords are considered to be the backbone of the entire SEO campaign. They can either make or break your SEO campaign


So, make sure that you do keyword research wisely. 


Use several keyword research tools and make the best use out of them. You can also consider using free tools like Google keywords planner, Answer the public, and Uber suggest for a few searches. 


While doing keyword research, please keep the following things in mind:



  1. Target more long-tail keywords as they are easy to rank for and also have decent search volume. 
  2. Don’t target keywords with a high search volume and high competition.
  3. Don’t stuff the keywords in the content.
  4. Make natural use of keywords.
  5. Use keywords that are relevant to your business and website. You are more likely to improve website rankings if you target keywords that relate to your niche. 


For example,


If you are into the digital marketing niche, then you can target keywords in SEO, SEM, PPC, blogging, and other related stuff.


5. Check for competition, Get on the First Page of Google.


15 Free & Surefire Ways to Get on the First Page of Google | BluCactusOnce you have decided which keywords you are going to target. It is now essential for you to analyze the SERP page for that particular keyword. In short, you need to do competition analysis for that keyword. 


Here’s what that you need to follow:


  1. Check how many exact match domain name appears on the top 10 results.
  2. Check for the content type and quality of the content of each result for your targeted keywords.
  3. Check for the domain authority and backlinks the content has. If the average domain authority is less than 50 and backlinks are around 25-30, you have targeted the right keywords.
  4. You can also check for title and meta tags.


By checking all these factors, you’ll quickly come to know whether to go with a particular keyword or not.


6. Check the searcher’s intent.


15 Free & Surefire Ways to Get on the First Page of Google | BluCactusThe following vital tip to improve website ranking on Google is to check the searcher’s intent. Generally, the more specific your keywords, the easier it will be to gauge the searcher’s intent. And it will also be easier for you to satisfy the user. 


In search marketing, intent refers to identifying what a searcher is looking for by typing a particular keyword. Go through the keywords mentioned below and check whether you could locate the searcher’s intent or not.


  1. Glasses
  2. Pancakes
  3. Phone
  4. Mobile phones.
  5. Clothes.
  6. Sunglasses.


Could you identify what can be the searcher’s intent for the keywords mentioned above? No, right?


Now, watch out for these keywords and recheck the intent.


  1. Buy cheap wine glasses online
  2. How to make pancakes
  3. Best places to buy mobile phones
  4. Cheap fashionable clothes for men
  5. Cheap trendy sunglasses online.


You could quickly identify the searcher’s intent by looking at these above-mentioned keywords. 


So, target more long-tail keywords so that you can improve your website ranking on Google and satisfy the users’ intent.


7. Creating fantastic content, Get on the First Page of Google.


15 Free & Surefire Ways to Get on the First Page of Google | BluCactusCreating great content is next on this list of 15 ways to improve website ranking on Google. You already might have heard of the phrase “Content is king”. Yes, it truly is. So, you need to create epic content that satisfies the needs of users and search engines.


You should create user-friendly content first, then optimize it for the search engines. 


Apart from this, you also need to know what type of content you must create to outrank your competition


Check what type of content appears on Google for your targeted keywords. It can either be blog posts, infographics, product pages, home pages of websites or video content. 


Analyze the SERP page thoroughly and then start creating content.


8. Optimize your keywords.


15 Free & Surefire Ways to Get on the First Page of Google | BluCactusWhile you start creating content, it is also essential that you focus on optimizing your keywords. You need to put your targeted keywords in your content to optimize it for the search engines better. 


Make sure that you don’t over-optimize it and make it look natural. Try to keep your keyword density between 1-2%. For example, if you have created a 1000 words article, you could include your targeted keywords 10 times in the content. 


Apart from the content, the following are other places where you can include your keywords.


  1. Title tags.
  2. Meta tags.
  3. URLs
  4. Image alt tags
  5. Image captions
  6. Breadcrumbs


This will help you with on-page SEO.


9. Build more backlinks, Get on the First Page of Google.


15 Free & Surefire Ways to Get on the First Page of Google | BluCactusNow let us discuss the most critical part of SEO which is backlinks. Google makes around 600 changes in its algorithm, but backlinks still remain its top ranking factor.


If you are new to the term backlinks, then let us explain it to you.


A backlink is nothing but a hyperlink that points from one website to another. Search engine bots consider these links a vote of recommendation, and it helps them determine which web page or content should appear on top.


That’s why you should focus on creating backlinks as soon as possible. While creating backlinks, keep in mind that quality beats quantity. It is better to develop two-three backlinks from the high DA PA website rather than caressing 50+ links from low authority and spammy sites.


Following are some of the best link-building techniques we use at Blucactus:


  1. Guest posting.
  2. Link building and blogger outreach.
  3. Creating regular content.
  4. Article submission.
  5. Link exchange.


10. Speed.


15 Free & Surefire Ways to Get on the First Page of Google | BluCactusWe are 100% sure that optimizing website speed is not on your top-to-do list. If this is the case, then you are losing tons of opportunities. Amazon researched that a 1-second delay in website speed would cost them $1.6 billion. 


We are sure that you don’t want to lose that amount or even 1% of it, right?


Having a good website speed will help you improve your conversions and search engine rankings. 


In the year 2014, Google made it clear that website speed is a ranking factor. So, if you want to improve your website ranking on Google, you need to take your website speed to the next level.


Following are some ways by which you can optimize the speed of your site.


  1. Switch to good website hosting.
  2. Use CDN.
  3. Reduce redirects chains.
  4. Leverage browser cache.
  5. Ditch shared hosting and use cloud hosting.
  6. Compass images.
  7. Minify CSS and Javascript files.


Follow these techniques, and you’ll surely see improvements in website rankings.


11. Website security, Get on the First Page of Google.


15 Free & Surefire Ways to Get on the First Page of Google | BluCactusNext to website speed, website security is another factor that Google considers for ranking a website. In the late 2000s, only e-commerce sites used to have SSL certificates for secured payment transactions. 


Later Google made it mandatory for all the websites to have SSL certificates for better rankings.


Today, you’ll hardly find any websites without an SSL certificate that are ranking on Google.


So, make sure you have enabled your SSL certificate. You can contact your hosting provider for the same.



12. Promote your content.


This is the most important thing you need to do immediately after publishing your content. Make sure that you put every effort into bringing your content in front of as many audiences as possible.


Here are a few tips regarding content promotion:


  1. Share your content on all the social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. You can also think of running paid ads for your top-performing content.
  2. Send email newsletters.
  3. Make it easy for your website visitors to share your content by including social sharing icons on your site. If you are a WordPress user, then use the social warfare plugin.
  4. Don’t forget to build links for your content.


13. Website auditing, Get on the First Page of Google.


We feel that website auditing is one of the most critical factors in improving website ranking on Google. But the sad reality is that many bloggers and webmasters overlook this feature and regret it later.


That’s why regular website auditing is a must.


Website auditing will help you identify the errors and mistakes in your site. You can strategically overcome these issues and errors and make your website fit and sound.


You can use a website auditing tool like SEMrush or Ahrefs and audit your site. If budget is your constraint, then you can also use free tools like screaming frog and Google search console.


14. Internal links.


Internal links are those links that point out from one web page to another within one website. Such links help pass on the link juice from high DA PA web pages to low DA PA web pages.


This will help you improve your website ranking on Google for sure.


Following are the thing that you need to keep in mind while creating internal links:


  1. Use keywords in your internal links.
  2. Link from a high DA PA web page to a low DA PA web page.
  3. Keep all your internal links do-follow to pass the link juice.
  4. Use 5-10 internal links on every web page.


15. Post content frequently, Get on the First Page of Google.


Hubspot did a study and found that companies that publish more blog posts tend to get more organic traffic from Google.


So, if you want to improve your website ranking on Google, publish content frequently. 


Although regular content publishing is essential, ensure you never compromise with the quality of content. 


One quality content is better than 5 low-quality content.





Create a mobile responsive website.


Due to the increase in mobile phone and internet users, Google is focusing more on satisfying the needs of mobile internet users. That’s why it is giving more preference to the websites that are mobile optimized.


So, make sure that you create a responsive website.


Get rid of toxic links.


BluCactus - Linn Larsson BluCactus - Ken SchrenkToxic links are a big no. 


Instead of increasing your website’s rankings, such links would de-rank your website. So, make sure you avoid creating such links.


These links may be created from porn websites or websites with a high spam score. 


So, keep analyzing your backlink profile and removing all the toxic links. Such links may also impact your domain authority negatively.


You can also use your Google search console to keep an eye on toxic links.




SEO is a long-term process and won’t give you results from day 1. It is an earned form of media where you’ll get results by consistently putting in efforts regularly. 


But if you want quick results from SEO, follow these 15 free and surefire ways to get on the first page of Google.


Also, share the content with other newbie bloggers and SEO experts in your network.

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