How to Optimise My Website for Voice Search

How to Optimize My Website for Voice Search. Today, most people have a smartphone, which implies that the era of smartphones is here to stay. For this reason, technology experts have focused their efforts on aiding our Internet searches both in writing and orally. Next, we’ll dig deeper into optimizing your website for Voice Search.


You may already know what Voice Search is. However, we’ll remind you:


It refers to the option to make queries on the Internet through search engines. It represents an alternative to writing our search queries.


Instead of typing a question, phrase, or doubt in the search bar, we use the microphone to ask with our voice, and then we’ll get the answers in the same way as when we wrote our query.


We use this feature through virtual assistants such as Google Voice Search, also known as Google’s Assistant, Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Amazon’s Alexa.


However, Voice Search wasn’t always so popular. In the beginning, many users complained about the incongruence of the answers. They mocked this initiative by asking Siri questions like: “Siri, how are you feeling today?”


We should note that when using Voice Search, the best thing to do is to speak clearly and avoid ambiguities because the intelligence system of mobile devices interprets the terms literally.


The Future of Voice Search systems


How to Optimize My Website for Voice Search | BluCactus UKSystems like Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, or Cortana don’t yet have an optimal level of semantic interpretation. This is why we rarely like their answers or understand how they work. You may need to optimize your searches for Voice Search.


Today, over 30% of young people worldwide use this search alternative, noting that they obtain the results much faster than when they type what they want to search for.


Therefore, optimizing your website for your voice search results will be a “plus” if you don’t want to fall behind in terms of SEO for your page.


Experts believe that the increase in the use of Voice Search will result in intelligent home automation devices entering the market. These are devices capable of automating your home.


Examples of them are Google Home and Amazon Echo, which allow control of other electronic devices at home through voice commands. Therefore, if you like technology and automation, these devices cannot be missing in your home. You can play music, turn on the TV, know the weather data, make a shopping list, and set alarms for the weather.


It’s easy to understand why voice searches became a new trend. In a world as dynamic as ours, these types of searches can give us speed when making a query on the Internet. For this reason, your brand cannot stay behind regarding this trend.


  • Don’t believe us?


How to Optimize My Website for Voice Search | BluCactus UKWe’ll leave you some information that will impulse you to start optimizing your website in favor of this feature: According to studies by voice laboratories, they have found over 30 million voice devices in operation.


Are you one of those 30 million?


Even the CEO of Google has pointed out that voice searches are in fifth place as part of Internet queries.


According to Thrive Analytics studies, children and teens are the first to use this feature, but there are also good percentages in various age groups. This alternative to Internet searches will continue to have sustained growth, and your brand must be at the forefront of technological changes in the world.


Stay with us. We’ll provide you with more information and answer all your questions.


How does voice search work?


How to Optimize My Website for Voice Search | BluCactus UKWe already talked a little about what this feature is and what it’s about. Now, what is the functionality of a voice search?


The primary function of this tool is based on voice recognition technology. This means that it uses sound packages that get projected when people enunciate words. For example, if someone pronounces the word “today”, the program would recognize “T”, “o”, “d”, “a”, and “y” as separate sounds.


These sounds are individual letters associated with a mental model belonging to the human language that we know as a phoneme. Likewise, phonemes are minimal units of the phonic materiality of language that by themselves have no meaning. However, when combined, they allow us to unify forms with meaning, such as words. Phonemes are made in speech as linguistic sounds that are known as phones.


Voice recognition technology combines these phonemes and interprets them as a speech and then contextualizes it.


Did you know that the human brain does this automatically?


That’s right!


And it does it in microseconds.


  • How is voice search different from our brain?


How to Optimize My Website for Voice Search | BluCactus UKThe difference is that speech recognition programs must use algorithms to perform the same understanding process. So you can tell your phone, “What is the weather forecast for Tokyo today?” And the voice search program will use speech recognition to identify the words. It will then place them in its search database to provide you with the most relevant results.


It is for this reason that this feature is becoming increasingly important for search engine optimization, as people use their voice to search much more frequently because it’s faster than typing.


Perhaps a few years ago, this technology was limited. However, it has advanced a lot, and it may continue to do so. Consequently, it has reached the point where it can identify what you’re saying and even recognize accents and uncommon speech patterns.


So in the past, there were days when you had to repeat something at least five times before a device could understand what you were saying.


Benefits of optimizing a website for voice searches


The increase in users using this feature should be reason enough to optimize your website. However, among the advantages that this will bring you are:


  • Continuous interaction with your clients, Optimize Website.


How to Optimize My Website for Voice Search | BluCactus UKStaying in direct and constant communication with your customers is one of the greatest advantages of optimizing your website for voice search.


Chatbots will soon be ready to provide immediate answers to questions your customers have.


This way, the user experience of your clients will be more satisfactory. This is because all the requests that these people have will be answered automatically. Thus, they will want to return for more and with greater confidence.


Optimizing your website for voice search will quickly gain customer loyalty. For this, you will need to implement a strategy to appear in the voice search results. This way, you will remain a step ahead of the competition. Lately, voice searches have grown so steadily that it promises to be the future for search engines.


  • Increased data volume, Optimize Website.


It’s expected that the increase in voice searches on the Internet will increase the amount of user-data. This can be used by advertisers to create more targeted advertising.


Likewise, you can take advantage of this information to boost your brand through the creation of specifically designed content for your target audience. This will result in more and better conversions and a higher number of Internet sales for your company.


  • More profitability for brands.


Due to these voice bots, you will know if the prospects that visit your website are worth it for your brand. This way, it will be a favorable strategy to nurture them until they become loyal. You will have enough information about them, and you will be able to assess whether they are part of the niche you are targeting, which will allow you to increase your profitability on the Internet.


  • Statistics of interest, Optimize Website.


How to Optimize My Website for Voice Search | BluCactus UKVoice searches have significantly changed the behavior of users on the Internet. They have even influenced the way searches are done. In the case of doing it by text and wanting to know the time in Paris, “Paris time” would be placed. If it’s done by voice, the person would say something like: “What time is it in Paris?”


Some current statistics predict that voice searches will make you think about choosing to improve your users’ experience on mobile devices:


According to Search Engine Watch, during 2016 voice searches were 35 times more frequent than in 2008, and that growth has been continuous.


  The Global Web Index, tells us at least 1 in 5 adult Internet users have used this feature in the past month.


According to Comscore studies, they estimate that by 2020, 50% of voice searches will be extended globally.


Likewise, according to Activate, by 2021, they expect that 21.4 million users will increase by 100% the number of their voice searches on their devices in the United States of America alone.


30% of searches will be done without a screen, according to the giant Google.


These statistics go hand in hand with the evolution of technology and smartphones. Users don’t just use this feature because it is fashionable anymore. Now, they use it to optimize their time, either in their work-life or outside of it.


Children already do this; the percentage of children under the age of 10 using this feature technology prefer it because it allows them to get answers quickly and efficiently.


What you need to know to optimize your website for voice search.


As mentioned earlier, Google Voice Search is a Google function that you shouldn’t overlook. We can use these tools on mobile devices and computers.


You say “O.K., Google,” and you can carry out your searches and get immediate results. Therefore, you must implement SEO on your website to not fall behind with this new technology.


  • Check the SEO of your page, Optimize Website.


For optimizing your website to work correctly for voice searches, the essential thing is that you check your Google My Business to have your local SEO in optimal conditions.


Therefore, if a person asks by voice about businesses in your geographical location. By having your information updated in Google, you can appear in a higher position each time a user makes a query.


In the same way, take into account the update of your phone and the customer service hours so that your potential buyers don’t have doubts about the availability of your business.


  • Take care of your snippets, Optimize Website.


Both Google Home and Google Assistant consider the most prominent snippets to give answers to queries made by voice. This is why you must take care of them.


There are several effective techniques to reach the best positions with voice searches:


Give answers to specific questions: it’s favorable that you put the question in H2 format and give the answer directly in the body of your article.


Give simple and accurate answers: Google will always prioritize the answers given in the form of lists in snippets. However, you must use language geared towards reaching your target audience.


Create attractive titles: you must optimize everything on your page, from your title to your meta descriptions.


Keep in mind that voice searches are more conversational than anything else. Try giving answers this way, too. You can be informal but always respect your users.


  • Use natural language, Optimize Website.


Users use short phrases to save physical effort when using the computer or cellphone to inquire. With voice searches, this changes a bit, and the queries tend to be conversational.


Artificial Intelligence has made Google learn more and more about searches with every conversation it has with its users. The way you write is one of the most important things.


Your client can give an opinion about you solely from how you write.


Voice search queries are very different in search engines. For example, if we would commonly write “restaurants in New York,” we would likely do a voice search saying, “What are the most luxurious restaurants in New York?”


For this reason, we recommend using natural language on your website, as well as, long-tail keywords so that search engines can match your content with what your target customers are looking for.


It’s good to use tools like “Answer the public” to know what questions your target audience might ask.


Before writing your content, think about your potential customers and how they would ask questions about your business, services, and products.


  • Make use of the inverted pyramid formula, Optimize Website.


BluCactus - Linn Larsson BluCactus - Ken SchrenkYou must make Google remember the number of responses your site provides in the most natural way possible. You must use the inverted pyramid formula in your content. Start with the information that directly answers the questions your users are asking.


Next, add more details to complement the answers given, and don’t forget to add images and audiovisual content.


It ends with examples and case studies.


If you want your business to reach its full potential, hire website optimization services for voice searches from an experienced Digital Marketing Agency like BluCactus


Contact us now and request your free quota!

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