7 White Hat Link Building Techniques to Boost Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking

7 White Hat Link Building Techniques to Boost Your Website’s Search Engine Ranking. Back in the day, all backlinks were treated identically. As a result, link farms and other black-hat connecting operations have sprung up. Google and other search engines responded by cracking down on such manipulation and working feverishly to upgrade their algorithms to identify it.


Today, attempting to use black-hat techniques to improve rankings in search engines’ performance would result in your site being penalized. 


However, there are still several effective white-hat – or lawful, relevant – backlink-building approaches. While they do necessitate a significant amount of effort, time, and attention to detail, the result is enormous.


What is White-Hat Link-Building, and how does it work?


7 White Hat Link Building Techniques to Boost Your Website | BluCactus UKThrough helping companies in Singapore increase their SEO rankings, we learned seven white-hat link-building strategies that can help your website get to the top of search engine results pages.


White-hat link-building tactics are those that encourage other authoritative websites to connect to yours. They rely on natural linkage rather than on any type of sponsored advertising. 


Search engines do not penalize white-hat link-building tactics because the links they produce provide value to the content they appear in.


John Muller, Google’s Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst, has verified that reaching out to websites and informing them that you have a nice post published on your site is acceptable and that if they like it, they can link to it or tell their audience about it.


Link Building: White-Hat vs. Black-Hat


7 White Hat Link Building Techniques to Boost Your Website | BluCactus UKWhereas white-hat link development focuses on developing helpful, high-quality connections, black-hat link-building focuses on obtaining backlinks by any means possible. 


They are diametrically opposite in terms of SEO methods. For that reason, the search engines value their users’ search experiences above everything else. Sites that try to increase importance through trickery and inorganic links are frowned upon.


Typical white-hat backlinks in guest articles on other sites, inside a relevant author profile, or through connection building with other site owners are all examples of SEO link-building tactics. Those connections can then be used to make niche edit requests, in which one site owner suggests relevant content on another’s site or proposes a barter arrangement.


Black-hat approaches, on the other hand, aim to avoid all of that hard labor. 


One popular method is the usage of private blog networks (PBNs), which are collections of blogs that operate solely for the goal of generating backlinks. Another example is the use of automated link insertion systems that priorities quantity above quality. They all have one thing in common: they’re all dangerous attempts to deceive search engines that can backfire dramatically.


7 Techniques for Link-Building That Are Not Black-Hat


Knowing the difference between white-hat and black-hat link-building strategies should make it clear that the former is the only approach to attain SEO success. It should also be self-evident why this is so. Here are 7 white-hat link-building approaches you can use to push your website to the top of the search rankings. 


Our agency provides white-hat SEO services in Singapore that will help you improve your website ranking and help you construct inventive link-building strategies that result in high-quality white-hat links.


  1. Content of the Highest Quality, White Hat Link Building Techniques.


7 White Hat Link Building Techniques to Boost Your Website | BluCactus UKThe creation of high-quality content must be at the heart of every link-building campaign. This accomplishes two objectives. For starters, it encourages genuine visitor interaction, which signals to search engines that sending traffic your way is beneficial. Second, it gives other websites a valid reason to connect to your content.


One of the best SEO practices that should be self-evident is the creation of high-quality content. However, writing high-quality material involves extensive research and effort. That is why it is referred to as a white-hat technique.


You must devote time to researching and analyzing the pages that rank highly for your target keywords, and then creating content that reflects the best aspects of all of them. This provides a strong incentive for authority sites to link to your material, generating a positive feedback loop that boosts your SERP performance over time.


  1. Guest Blogging.


Hat Link Building Techniques | BluCactus UKFinding opportunities to guest post on similar, high-authority websites is another effective white-hat link-building strategy. Link-building, according to 53% of marketers, aids in increasing search engine rankings.


Simply said, Google respects the views of websites that perform well in its ranking system. Getting a backlink to your content from any of those sites is beneficial to your site since it acts as a seal of approval in Google’s eyes.


You cannot, however, simply pay an authoritative site to provide outbound connections to yours. That is because, in addition to their origin, Google’s algorithm considers the quality of your backlinks. So you will need to figure out a means to earn those backlinks naturally, which is what guest posting allows you to do. It is also a simple but time-consuming strategy to perfect.


You do not have to be a well-known expert in your subject to a guest blog, and even if you do not have much writing experience, you can learn how to do it. What matters is that you do your homework and provide content that will benefit the site where you are guest posting. If you can do that, you will discover that other sites are eager to publish your work as well.


  1. The Skyscraper Method, White Hat Link Building Techniques.


Another advantage of producing high-quality content is that it allows for another type of white-hat link-building strategy. The skyscraper strategy refers to the process of developing material that is superior to that which currently ranks well and then attempting to duplicate its backlinks. It is a time-consuming strategy that, when executed correctly, can be worth its weight in gold.


The skyscraper approach is a straightforward three-step procedure. They are as follows:


  • Determine a target keyword and search for a high-ranking result for that keyword that you believe you can improve.
  • Produce great content.
  • Contact the websites that have linked to the original and request that they switch their links to your improved version.


This strategy is advantageous because it is less hazardous than developing brand-new, untested content. You already know there is plenty of demand for what you are doing because you are striving to improve something that has previously attracted excellent backlinks. While the skyscraper technique is a little shady in terms of white-hat link-building, it is a real and viable tactic to incorporate into your link-building strategy.


  1. Moving Man Method.


the original consider replacing those dead links with connections to your site | BluCactus UKBecause the internet is not a static medium, content tends to come and go on a regular basis. You can take advantage of this to carry out another white-hat link-building trick known as the Moving Man Method. It focuses on replacing connections to material that has gone offline or is otherwise inaccessible with your own, as the name suggests.


The procedure is straightforward. You start by looking for content that has a significant number of high-quality backlinks, or a small number of particularly useful ones that have been moved or taken offline. Then you duplicate that content and request that the sites that linked to the original consider replacing those dead links with connections to your site.


Finding broken links to target in the first place is the most difficult component of this strategy. However, you might start by looking for competitors who have rebranded or gone out of business in your area. Then look for websites with backlinks to those competitors. The rest is easy once you have found a missing piece of material with a lot of broken backlinks.


  1. Niche Edits, White Hat Link Building Techniques.


You must work on many aspects of your site | BluCactus UKAnother strategy to get backlinks is to develop content that is expressly meant to give value to an existing high-ranking page, then ask the owner of that website to link to it. It is a practice known as niche editing, and it is a great white-hat link-building strategy.


The explanation for this is straightforward. It is beneficial to both parties and has no significant drawbacks. To put it another way, you get a backlink, and the site that connects to you boosts the value of its material, thus safeguarding its own page rank.


The only catch is that some site owners will only make Niche Edits if you pay them. While there is nothing wrong with that in and of itself, if you are not prepared, it can drastically increase your prices. So, before developing too much-personalized material, get to know the owner of your chosen linking site partner. If they are willing to make speciality modifications, you are good to go.


  1. Reciprocal Linking.


One of the most basic white-hat link-building strategies is also the most straightforward to implement. It entails using reliable websites as content providers and then requesting that they link back to your piece. Because all you’re doing is swapping some outbound links for some inbound links to your site, reciprocal linking accounts for a significant share of earned backlinks. To avoid the risk of creating too many 2-way backlinks, only do it with a small number of websites.


However, keep in mind that not all website owners would agree to reciprocal linking. This is especially true if your website is not well known. The other site simply does not provide enough value to justify the effort. So, while a reciprocal link-building effort early in your site’s life is not impossible to succeed with, it is a method that becomes increasingly important as your site’s status grows later on.


  1. Commenting on blogs, White Hat Link Building Techniques.


You must work on many aspects of your site | BluCactus UKThere is controversy regarding how effective blog commenting is as a white-hat backlink tactic. There is reason to believe it can still be useful in your overall link-building plan. It is also quite simple to put into action:


Hunt for content that meets three major criteria on high-authority websites:


  • The information is relevant to your field or the keywords. 
  • Visitors can leave comments on the material.
  • A no-follow tag is not used in the comment section.


All you have to do is write a comment with a link to your website if you identify a high-authority site with content that meets these requirements. Of course, you’ll want your remark to contribute to the page’s topic, as apparent link insertions are frowned upon and will almost certainly get deleted. 


White-Hat Link-Building Techniques are the Backbone of a Successful SEO Campaign.


The bottom line is straightforward. To get top SERP performance, you must work on many aspects of your site and its content at the same time. It’s also like trying to hit an ever-moving target because Google and the other search engines never divulge the exact composition of their ranking algorithms.


However, focusing on obtaining as many high-quality backlinks to your site and content as possible has always been the only sure strategy to enhance search rankings. And, while the metrics used to evaluate your backlinks may change over time, their relative value will always be high. As a result, white-hat link-building, as described here, should always be at the forefront of your overall SEO strategy.

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