What is fashion merchandising, and how to use it in my business?

What is fashion merchandising, and how to use it in my business? The fashion industry is very competitive. Because of this, there’s a long list of strategies that can help you improve your fashion brand’s positioning and conversions. One of those attractive elements is the showcase or images to present your store’s products. Today, we’ll explain what merchandising is, its importance, and the best strategies to implement it in your brand. After this, there’s no doubt that you will get the best out of it.


What is Visual Merchandising?


What is fashion merchandisingWhat is fashion merchandising? First, we must define what visual merchandising is. This term refers to the practice or way of presenting products in an attractive way to grab clients’ attention to make more sales and retain new consumers.


In the past, merchandising was in physical locations only. However, with the advent of the digital world, there are new ways of presenting products through attractive photographs. This is a great strategy to maximize sales, attract new people to your store, follow you through your social media, and make the shopping journey much more exciting.


Visual merchandising science is an excellent way to work on consumer behavior. You will only need your store’s shelves and display cases. You can then do it through the location of your products, your light’s placement, and showcases. This even includes the music and environment you create in your store. This way, you will ensure a pleasant and entertaining environment for many.


Some of the most important reasons why we should be working on a visual merchandising strategy:


  • Improve brand image. This lets us ensure that our customers feel comfortable once they see the place. After all, all products and pieces of your brand will be captivating for them to take them.



Strategies to implement visual merchandising in your store


Now that you know a little more about what visual merchandising is and its importance, we can move forward. Next, we’ll tackle the more practical side of this strategy. For this, we’ll show you a small guide on how to implement these tactics. Thanks to it, your fashion store will be able to grab the attention of more people and increase its sales.


  • Go little by little and test what works best.


What is fashion merchandisingWhat is fashion merchandising? Remember that these strategies don’t only have to be applied to your business or physical premises. An excellent way to implement visual merchandising is through your social media. Invest in quality photographs and gradually publish them to see which is the style that most captivates your followers.


Don’t worry about working on paid advertising strategies at once. It’s better if you start with organic posts. Once you have a few followers and posts, begin considering the metrics. These metrics or statistics are an excellent way to understand your customers’ motivations and wants without asking them. Also, thanks to them, you will know if this style of publication is successful or not.


If you need or prefer to use a support tool for this strategy, you can set up your page or platforms. For example, you can use Google Analytics to have frequent reports on how your posts are doing.


  • Social media, but only those that make sense, What is fashion merchandising.


What is fashion merchandisingYou already know how important social media is for your business. After all, this is the best way to communicate with your clients and expand your reach. Thus, allowing you to improve your online positioning.


On the other hand, this does not mean that you have to be on every social media platform that exists. A very common mistake for all businesses is that they want to be all over social media simultaneously. This may sound like an excellent idea because the more platforms, the more positioning, right? Well, not really.


Please take a second to research precisely who your customers are and which platforms they use the most. Once you handle this information, you will have a clearer idea of which platforms make the most sense for your business. For some, it is Instagram. For others, it is Pinterest, and on the other hand, some prefer to just stay active on their website.


You must remember to be constantly active and offer entertaining, relevant, and new content for your clients no matter which one you choose. Don’t just talk about your business, or it won’t be very interesting. Instead, create a community by sharing information that entertains them and teaches them. For example, you can offer fashion tips and show them how to use your clothes to be at the forefront of the newest trends.


  • Reviews, comments, feedback, and recommendations, What is fashion merchandising.


People are highly influential and persuasive. With this, we mean that your client will always be aware of the opinions and reviews of others like them who acquire a product or service regardless of the product they are looking for.


If you have a website, you must create a space or a section of it for your client’s comments and opinions.


Here, they can attest to your excellent work and maybe help you understand what you need to improve on.


Opinions and reviews are essential because they allow us to have a clear idea of ​​what we need and what others think about our business. In addition to being very well evaluated by Google SEO, it helps us position ourselves on the web.



  • Bet on the quality of the packaging, What is fashion merchandising.


If you ship locally or internationally, the packaging or bag in which you send your orders speaks a lot about your business. You must invest in quality products that have a good presentation. This is the first meeting that the client has with your brand, and it must have a good image and presence.


Your packaging must be resistant, protect your garments, and have your brand’s logo. It should at least have your contact numbers to allow your clients to follow you on social media. Besides, this way, they will be able to find more details about your business quickly.


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