The Influence of advertising on fashion consumption

The Influence of advertising on fashion consumption. The fashion industry is extremely broad and full of changes that over time can affect consumption. In fact, almost everything in life influences us and the way we live. For example, our favourite TV shows, what we read, our music taste all influence us, and so does fashion.


We often see celebrities, singers, and influencers in magazines. Not only that, but we now live in an era where the internet and social media are part of our lives. As a result, all of this can affect the way we show ourselves to the world.


By this point, it’s logical to think that brands may want to take advantage of this. And for this, there’s no better tool than advertisements. These brands go the extra mile to find what we like and what they can get us to buy. However, they can’t do this on their own. After all, they need to know us and our data to offer their products to the right public. So, as you can imagine, this is where platforms like Facebook and Instagram come in. Just say a word and you will see the perfect ad for you.


Advertising has the power to make a product fashionable, enter the consumer’s mind, and create that “need” that leads to a search for or simply a product renewal.


It’s for this reason that you must know how to segment it. Only then will your business be prosperous. Do you want to know more? Keep reading! BluCactus brings some interesting reasons.


What is the influence of advertising?


Influence of advertising on fashion consumptionOur lives aren’t only bombarded with billboards or entire pages in the newspaper or fashion magazine.


Now they also bombard us digitally. Advertising is the massive dissemination and promotion of products and services that lack their own content since it is limited to serving as a vehicle.


Today’s youth is the target of those brands wanting to promote their products. They create the best campaigns to influence the consumer. Like everything in life, it brings negative and positive effects if you don’t use it properly. In other words, you can attract and retain customers, but you can also scare them away.


Ultimately, advertising is part of our world and culture, promoting cultural consumption. In what way? Through psychological effects.


How does advertising influence consumer habits?


Influence of advertising on fashion consumptionSeveral statistics say that people receive between three and five thousand advertising hits a day. The different marketing strategies manage to determine the what, why, how, where, when, and to whom these advertisements should reach.


The trick is to reach the heart based on empathy. This way, we can make the user carry out the action we want, in this case, buy our products. All through emotional ties. And yes, it sounds a bit ugly, but basically, the publicity gets into your unconscious to the point of creating a long-term relationship.


We can bet right now that you’re loyal to a specific brand and you don’t even know it. Think about it, what brand is your phone? Your laptop? Even your digital clock? If you’re part of the average British population, we bet they’re all from Apple.


However, this doesn’t only apply to electronics. Fashion also uses these tactics to gain the loyalty of its consumers. Think of Nike and its sneakers, for example.


In reality, it’s a matter of marketing and professionals to know how the consumer’s psyche works. After all, they manage the buyer persona, which is basically who your client is.


What is the influence of advertising on people?


Influence of advertising on fashion consumptionIt’s no secret to anyone that advertising is synonymous with modernized capitalism. It helps stimulate the economy by motivating supportive buyers and sellers. Using it in combination with other promotional tools will make that defined strategy the best.


Ultimately, a marketing strategy influences people through education, persuasion, and assurance. So does the shopping experience, since keeping it simple is a sure profit. What does this mean?


  • Education, Influence of advertising on fashion consumption.


Being an effective medium, it keeps you informed about products and services. Educate about brands, functions, and features. This also includes how you tell them how much it costs and where they can buy it. It’s reliable and verifiable, which helps the buyer to make decisions and satisfy their need.



  • Persuasion, Influence of advertising on fashion consumption.


Through creative techniques such as comparison, advertising helps users understand why this product is better than others, how it helps improve their lives and solve problems.  These benefits motivate your clients to try a new brand or ask for more information.


  • Assurance, Influence of advertising on fashion consumption.


Just before the buyer completes their purchase, advertising helps certify that what they are buying is what they want and need. Even after buying it. The insurance effect is important as it helps to get rid of the psychological discomfort called “buyer’s remorse.”


At BluCactus we can help you get a good handle on it. This way, you can get your fashion store or business to enter the main search engines through certain content strategies. All these will help you position yourself on the first page of Google’s first results page.


How does advertising influence fashion?


When it comes to emotions, effects, and emotionality, it helps to offer rational arguments that justify buying behaviors. That’s why it’s full of stimulating images, positive messages, beauty, satisfaction, happiness, and good vibes.


Now, if the person identifies with these concepts, they will always want to try and enjoy that specific brand. Thus, building loyalty in the long term. Do you want to get this?


We’ll show you how!


With the rise of the internet, digital advertising became massive. This in turn managed to reduce the effectiveness of, for example, billboards. The result? A need to attract the attention of users through strategies that aren’t just one click, but seek to build lasting relationships.


How does advertising influence the consumption of products and services?


Today, especially after the pandemic, consumption has taken 180 degrees turn. People have constantly changed through advertising and we see this in generation Z, where few of them choose to leave their homes to buy.


Like everything in life, the negative and positive impact is obvious. That’s why we must remember that it isn’t only about creating a need, but also discovering, guiding, and satisfying those needs.


In conclusion, with this popularization and constant changes, some platforms are of great help to help give views to your fashion business.


So, we invite you to begin to positively influence your audience with content marketing.



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