What is the Role of Marketing in Fashion?

What is the Role of Marketing in Fashion? Did you know that fashion firms rely on marketing tools to break through the thousands of impacts that a consumer receives? That’s how it is. Today, more than ever, for a brand to stand out among so many other brands is a daunting task. This effort to position a firm’s products requires the best fashion marketing strategies in the textiles, jewelry, or accessories industries. But what is the role of marketing in fashion?


However, if you need to learn more about fashion marketing but want to do a little more research on it, you are in the right place. Today at BluCactus, we talk about the role of marketing in fashion. That way, you can learn as much as you want about this important topic if you belong to the fashion industry. Are you ready? Here we go!


What is the Importance of Having a Marketing Strategy for Fashion Businesses?


BluCactus - What is the Role of Marketing in Fashion? - pretty womanThe importance of having a marketing strategy in a fashion business is excellent.


It is crucial to boost your brand and make it stand out in the market. We present the advantages of a good marketing strategy in your fashion business.




Companies will be able to achieve better brand positioning and visibility in the market will improve thanks to fashion marketing and the techniques applied to it.




The communication strategies in social networks and on the web will improve it. It will attract the attention of consumers and will also allow for notoriety, loyalty, and increases in sales. In addition, this improvement in communication, thanks to fashion marketing, brings quality web traffic. Through effective advertising and communication, we attract interested customers, that is, potential customers or the target audience.




When communication is effective, it becomes massive. Thanks to that, everyone will know the brand, regardless of their preferences. We can only achieve that with effective fashion marketing.


What is Fashion Marketing & Merchandising?


BluCactus - that marketing has with fashion marketing - pretty womanFashion marketing manages brands and products to direct them to potential customers.


They are in charge of the relationship between fashion companies and their market. Merchandising promotes the business further and makes it noticeable among the competition.


And merchandising is the commercial technique to establish corrections or new developments to a product.


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What is the Difference Between Marketing and Fashion Marketing?


BluCactus - What is the Role of Marketing in Fashion? - pretty womanIn addition to highlighting the role of marketing in fashion, we must mention the difference that marketing has with fashion marketing or fashion communication.


The first difference is in the times set to reach the goal. Advertising campaigns seek a short-term and immediate effect, especially in a sector such as fashion.


What appears in the television commercial today will be obsolete in a couple of months, mainly due to the change of season.


Fashion communication or marketing looks far beyond the current season. Look for medium and long-term results.


Why? Because it does not intend to get a direct sale of a specific product. Seek to focus on reinforcing the brand image.


Is Fashion Marketing Creative? Role of Marketing in Fashion.


BluCactus - create events - pretty womanYes! The role of marketing in fashion is also important because it brings a lot of creativity to the brand to reach the public.


Fashion marketing can be creative and can sometimes be controversial. However, fashion marketers must have creativity in their strategies. However, creativity is one of many approaches to fashion marketing. Among the most significant aspects of fashion marketing are the following:




Fashion marketing needs to be able to create events. Why? Because creating events or participating in them is an opportunity to show the articles to the public. In this way, the public can learn more about the brand.


However, when events occur, dates must be taken advantage of when displaying the collections. The notable dates to take out clothing collections are Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. You will know that the big fashion houses divide their groups this way if you are a fashion follower. The reason? Because users are more susceptible to purchase (many change their closets with the changes of the season) and could increase brand sales.


BluCactus - What is the Role of Marketing in Fashion? - pretty woman



Another aspect to consider in fashion marketing is understanding the brand. It is knowing its origins and seeing how it can focus on the customer. It is also vital to identify the brand attributes and their advantages.




Influencers are important figures because they manage a large audience on their social networks. When you talk about the role of marketing in fashion, you should immediately think of influencers.


However, when using this strategy, brands must choose influencers affiliated with the brand and related to its products. It is essential, as they could become the image of the brand. In addition, working with influencers will give the brand more visibility. In this way, it can reach market segments in which it previously did not have a presence. Here you can achieve what we mentioned earlier about impacting the masses.


BluCactus - What is the Role of Marketing in Fashion? - pretty woman

  1. STORYTELLING, Role of Marketing in Fashion.


It is also significant that the brand has something to tell people. A brand without history makes users not interested in it, and it seems irrelevant. Thanks to storytelling, users can feel identified with the story and even be moved by it, generating more significant affiliation.




Promotions are important in any business. Therefore, it is essential that fashion marketing take them into account. Using discounts and promotions, especially in the online store, will make the fashion brand more reachable. Through the internet, more people will see it. If it is with a promotion, it will stand out and be the focus of consumers’ attention.


  1. STUDY THE MARKET, Role of Marketing in Fashion.


And finally, another significant aspect of the role of marketing in fashion is studying the market. The market’s preferences must be known so that the brand can offer them and satisfy needs.


The role of marketing in fashion is essential to make your brand stand out and increase your reach. Do you apply fashion marketing to your brand? Tell us your experience in the comments, and subscribe to our newsletter!

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