Learn how many types of websites exist and how to use them to improve your business

Learn how many types of websites exist and how to use them to improve your business. When talking about a website, it is very common to confuse it with a web page. But both are different from each other. So, let’s start by distinguishing between them.


A website is a space where content is gathered, organized, and segmented into different pages. A company or brand will disseminate the information that users will see when entering through those pages.


The website has a URL that does not vary. It is usually made up of the site’s name accompanied by: .com, .org, .net, .co, etc. In contrast, the web page shares the domain. Its own URL is incorporated to differentiate it from the rest of the pages found on the site.


To be more specific and better determine the difference between page and website, the first can be understood as a virtual repository in which files, images, videos, and texts, among others, coexist and are housed in hostings.


Once differentiated, let’s talk about the benefits of a website. And the main is that if your business doesn´t have an internet presence, the rest of the world won´t know you exist. Therefore, it is not a trend or whim but a necessity to make yourself known effectively.


Today, there are more than 2 billion websites globally, so yours must stand out among this sea of places. No matter how small you consider, your company or business to be.


Now, the creation of a website is not something standardized as such. Since these are going to originate according to the very particular needs of the client and their objectives. So, a company or sales site will need to insert a catalogue and access to contact sales advisors. Along with customer service, perhaps a space for blogs or articles of interest, frequently asked questions, etc.


Therefore, let’s learn about the types of websites and how to take advantage of each one for your business.


9 types of websites


1. Institutional, corporate, or business-like


Learn how many types of websites exist & how to use them | BluCactus UKThese types of sites are incredibly complete. Because they focus on providing a large amount of information about the company or business in question. From its history, founders, evolution, mission, vision, and contact, such as address, telephone numbers, and emails.  Also, products they offer, info on a store, creation, or manufacturing process, if applicable.


They are very up-to-date places that offer extensive explanations about what they do well. All through images, videos, or even testimonials from users or clients.


It is essential that the design conveys the company’s essence and that visitors immediately associate it with the brand for these sites.


  • Advantages for your company


Using this type of site for your business will give you an advantage. You will have an excellent cover letter by providing relevant and valuable information to your audience. While also giving confidence to those new users interested in your product and who want to know you.


Likewise, a website of this type that is excellently optimized will be a good point for interaction and sales.


2. Personal


Learn how many types of websites exist & how to use them | BluCactus UKPeople also call them portfolio sites. They are similar to institutional ones, but they´re not focused on a company but on a person and their work.


These sites are created for professionals who carry out their careers or specific work alone.


Through the platform, they are in charge of showing their work and providing personal information. So that those who visit know more about them.


It serves to display a large-scale curriculum vitae dynamically and interactively. Even if the person is not 100% independent but collaborates or works partially with a company, they can still use the creation of a site and show as much as possible the activities they carry out together.



  • Advantages for your company


It is ideal for independent people in their work, freelancers, among others. Professionals who want to make themselves known and show what they do attractively in addition to their experience. Being able to incorporate images, videos, and creative processes if possible. Or the way they work for their clients.


It is an opportunity to contact and be able to create new strategic and commercial alliances with new clients.


3. Blogs


Learn how many types of websites exist & how to use them | BluCactus UKBlogs are sections generated by companies or brands that share valuable content with customers. And that content is related to the product or service they offer, either for entertainment or information to boost sales.


This type of writing is usually informal. And its reading should take between 3-10 minutes or perhaps a little more, depending on the subject and its complexity. Currently, countless companies use this strategy, especially independent professionals (such as in the previous description). And they all share knowledge or valuable information.


  • Advantages for your company


It is an excellent strategy to hook customers and the public if the content is of quality, assertive, and engaging. Above all, it is an opportunity to provide information about the product or service. To make it better known and so whoever reads becomes familiar with it.


4. Educational


Learn how many types of websites exist & how to use them | BluCactus UKAs its name indicates, its objective or mission is to educate or teach. It is not definitive since it is not a purely academic science or rigid discipline. Instead, all content that involves a series of steps to achieve an objective is considered educational.


From a kitchen site where they share and teach how to prepare a recipe or one about crafts falls within this category.


The most popular sites are where academic courses are taught to learn a new skill.


These sites boomed with the arrival of the pandemic, and today, thanks to the demand and need to reinvent themselves, they continue to remain strong on the internet. Since more and more people demand to train with new skills.



  • Advantages for your company


You can take advantage of these sites to improve your business, incorporate a tutorial, or even a complete course in alliance with another attractive company or brand. Thus, you can attract more customers or people of interest with whom you achieve long-term engagement.


5. E-Commerce, Websites.


Learn how many types of websites exist & how to use them | BluCactus UKAlso identifiable as online stores, they´re those sites created to be able to buy through them without having to go to the store.


Because it is only for sales, it must be full of all the pertinent information. Such as product catalogue, prices, currency variations if applicable, availability, and approximate delivery time. Along with delivery options and cost, sizes, colors, inventory status of each piece, and payment methods.


Other frequent options are the subscription option to the site to be up to date with the news, new product or merchandise launches, and membership discounts, having access to the shopping cart in which we can deposit everything we want to buy either at the moment or later.


A frequent section in this type of site is the blog through which you can give tips. And information on what they sell and customer service.


  • Advantages for your company


Because they are sites where a large amount of personal information is deposited, it is necessary that they feel with good security support. If it is your case that your company offers the sale of products, you can create a parallel website to separate the institutional part and the electronic commerce part.


6. Website


They are informative sites where we find information of all kinds and in a public way. Here people who write about different topics publish what they write or research to be available for general use.


Just as there are many public ones, there are also private ones where they require a subscription. Which consists of joining the site by generating a user and agreeing to receive emails with news. Or paying a kind of membership to obtain the desired material.


  • Advantages for your company


Websites. If you want to attract more people and your company specializes in a specific branch or area, this site is for you. And you can incorporate it together with the main one.


7. News or Magazine, Websites.


It refers to sites where media (printed clothing, magazines) make life. And they have their web version and the physical and traditional ones.


With the digital evolution, many newspapers and magazines have seen the need to have an internet presence. To cover that public that is not a frequent buyer of the physical product since they´re voracious Internet users and are 100% more comfortable with this option.


This option to which these media have resorted, of having their website, even allows them to expand articles or information that perhaps in the printed version does not have enough space.


Thus, in the case of a newspaper, you can release news as it happens and while it´s still in progress. To immediately and first-hand inform the public.


When entering these sites, you will find a distribution of available sections. Just as if you were reading the newspaper or magazine. For example, sports, politics, entertainment, and among others in the case of the press. And health, fashion, and beauty if it is a magazine (from this approach, of course).


We can even find the magazine’s digital version. Where you can turn the page with your cursor and enjoy the issue as if you were holding it in your hands.


As for its physical versions, you will also find the material of professionals who write and search for news and information regularly on the website. So, what you are consuming digitally is also supported.


  • Advantages for your company


Websites. If it is your field or you dedicate yourself to this activity, what are you waiting for to jump online? It is a way to reach another audience. And through subscriptions, you can create an essential database in addition to getting extra income.


8. Community Forums, Websites.


If you are looking for specialized information on a specific topic or want to interact with something distinct from a particular branch, be it your profession, these sites are where you definitely have to go.


When faced with a specific question, the community forums have the answer. In them, we find content issued by professionals from the same profession in some instances. Or from people who are knowledgeable about the subject or who have experienced and know what they are talking about.


It allows you to connect with others who have affinities or doubts in common with you and exchange information.


You can also collaborate with what you can contribute to others, so the site will constantly have new content.


  • Advantages for your company


Websites. These sites are a nest of engagement and safe interaction. Since people usually have to subscribe to be able to access the forum and interact with the rest of the community. If they are highly active groups, you will have considerable traffic frequently.


9. Social media, Websites.


These types of sites are created for each of us to use and share what we want. Be it from our private or professional life. All through different content formats that focus on images and videos.


They give the option that your profile is public or private. And you can select who follows you or contact you and who does not.


All social media have their free version. However, some offer the option of a premium version which you access after a membership payment, then a monthly fee.


They are sites that, like virtual stores, carry a lot of personal information from users. For this reason, they must have a high-security system. And a clear policy to which subscribers can access and understand what data they would share with third parties.


Although they don’t ask for a lot of personal information to use them, social media should have good security locks and privacy policies that explain the type of data you have access to and can share with third parties.


  • Advantages for your company


BluCactus - Ken SchrenkWebsites. It’s where everyone is! So, a good option is to advertise in these media and achieve visibility. Another thing is that if your company doesn´t have a profile on social media, don´t wait any longer. Create one and connect with all those interested in your product and who want to connect more directly with you.


We hope that by knowing the different websites that exist and how to take advantage of them, your company or business will level up or continue to progress to stay at the digital top.


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