7 crucial questions to ask before hiring an SEO company

7 crucial questions to ask before hiring an SEO company. Could you imagine how many other websites are talking about the same topic you will create a post about it? Could you ask yourself before why these specific sites show up on the top of Google? Do you need to hire an SEO company?


Even in this piece that I am writing now, you could face trouble getting there. If you have just landed on my page, what a lucky for me that you could find me in all this clutter, and what a lucky for you to read it.


You may find me through Google or someone who shared my content. So, you supposed it would be cool enough to read it. I promise you that I am doing my best to keep you on this page. Or you might stumble upon this article by chance.


SEO has the facilities and capacities to make your site popular in Dallas. Even you are from Houston. Accordingly, hiring an SEO company doesn’t matter much if you hire an SEO company from Taxes or outside the United States.


But are all these cases adequate to depend on when building your site?


7 crucial questions to ask before hiring an SEO company | BluCactus UKAbsolutely not. I could tell you that I adopted an advanced approach to let you see me through the internet mess. This approach is called SEO. You certainly heard about it before.


Why is SEO so important to hire an SEO company or an SEO expert?


We all know that SEO increases your website visibility and authority regardless of your business size and industry type. SEO will help your business transit to the next level, make your potential customers trust you, generate leads, and finally, make deals.


  • Organic Search is the most potent source of site traffic.


7 crucial questions to ask before hiring an SEO company | BluCactus UKSEO is the best investment to ensure your website will have a high ranking on Google.


Anyone, who has a business, whether your company is large or just starting, cares more about the number of his website visitors. He watches the indicator that tells him if he is doing great or not. But have you ever known that what should you matter much is the quality of this traffic?


You don’t need all these uninterested traffic. Your business needs people who will turn into your customers and then your loyal customers. When you open any search engine, you have a particular tend. You skim the search engine results until you find what you want.


Indeed, you have to know that the internet user is so impatient. Once he notices you are talking about boring stuff, he will turn around to search for somewhere. Here, it comes to the importance of SEO to keep organic search traffic flooding your site.


  • Helps you understand the way how the web works.


7 crucial questions to ask before hiring an SEO company | BluCactus UKWe all know that the internet consists of a set of endless serious of complex algorithms to form websites. This coding language links websites with the most relevant search terms you enter in the search engine.  We all know that the internet consists of a set of endless serious of complex algorithms to form websites. This coding language links websites with the most relevant search terms you enter in the search engine. So, what does direct these websites to reach your search results?


The simple answer is SEO. The job of SEO is to optimize your website for applicable search terms to generate leads for specific sites and other sites leave alone.


Ultimately, when you are mindful of SEO tools, approaches, and strategies, you will perceive the environment of the internet and how the search engine reads your published content.


  • Helps you increase your brand awareness.


Any business company has an ambitious goal to build brand awareness and reach potential customers. Because they know if they do it in the right way, money will sweep. The bad news is that you can’t do it if you don’t have a successful and high-ranking website. The good news is that you can do it if you take advantage of SEO.


So, my brand awareness will go through if I utilize SEO tools?


Certainly, YES.


  • Helps you build reliability and trust.


We all tend to trust in top search results regardless it seems not to be slightly relevant for what you want to find. The ultimate goal of hiring an SEO company or SEO expert is to make your website accessibly and discoverable in search.


But the matter is not that easy as it depends on user behavior, content quality, page loading, etc.


Like in a real-life, you need some time, effort, ethics, and moral behaviors to let people trust you. Your voice of authority also requires some effort to earn the trust of your customers.


SEO plays a prominent role in boosting your position. It helps you earn credibility.


Hiring SEO Expert vs SEO Company


You might have adequate experience with SEO. But do you think your experience will enhance your online appearance among jam-packed web pages?


Do you know how much website launches every day?


  • 100, 200, maybe 2000.
  • No, dear. We get 547200 increases in the total number of websites worldwide!
  • This means that every minute the total number of the websites grew approximately by 380.
  • So, you need SEO help, whatever it is hiring an SEO company or SEO expert 
  • And here are the pros and cons of each type to help you determine what you desire.


  • SEO expert’s Pros and Cons.


We can divide SEO experts into freelance and in-house experts.  The first one is a specialist who often works for an hour, day or task. The second one is an expert. You will hire him to be part of your team regardless of whether he works for a full-time or part-time job.


Freelance SEO’s pros: they generally offer cost-effective service. As well as, you have the opportunity to choose the hourly rate according to your budget.


A freelance SEO expert is relatively free to SEO companies as they don’t have so many projects. Moreover, you will have the accessibility to control your work and feel free to pass on your feedback.  


Freelance SEO’s cons: The problem with hiring a freelance SEO expert is that you might not be able to assess his quality of work, especially if you don’t have any knowledge about search engine tools.


Another issue is that you perhaps couldn’t reach the right person if you relied on referral recommendations. Most importantly, you may struggle to communicate with him as some freelancers don’t have that commitment to replay to you all the time.


SEO In-house’s pros: Going with SEO in-house experts will make you feel more comfortable as you see what is going on with your work. You also can keep in touch with him anytime. So, there are no worries that he is going to disappear anywhere.


SEO in-house expert tends to be more committed to your task as he is already a member of all this structure, and he will be more attentive to the importance of this project to your company.


SEO In-house’s cons: Firstly, Bringing SEO in-house experts could cost you more money if you need a whole team. Besides, hiring a full-time SEO expert maybe need more time to find the perfect candidate.


Secondly, finding an SEO expert to work from your office is also a big deal. Hence, hiring freelance SEO or In-House SEO leads to the same result. They both need to work distant, except it will be more expensive in the second case.


  • SEO Company.


Another choice to impose SEO benefits is hiring an SEO company, and here are the pros and cons.


SEO Company’s pros: hiring an SEO company will be the optimal alternative if you want to go through for a skilful team with more ideas.


Also, an SEO company will be more affordable than the broader team that will work on your project. An SEO company will get you objective feedback based on SEO trends and strategies because they tend to be more experienced.


SEO Company’s cons: Here is the biggest challenge to hiring an SEO company that seems more appropriate to your business.


You also could face a problem when it comes to changing your marketing objectives. Even though you can overcome it if you have a straightforward agreement including all details in the process.


What questions should you ask before hiring an SEO company


Once you settle down about what you will hire an SEO expert or SEO company, there are some questions you should ask to win.


  • Where is their site on Google ranking?


It doesn’t matter to ask for help from someone who couldn’t help himself. You should double-check the SEO company which will help your website.


But also, take care not all high-ranking companies tend to be more beneficial to your industry. Besides, not only the years of experience are that all count. You may encounter an SEO company with many experience years, but it still gets stuck with an old version of strategies that don’t work anymore. So, it shouldn’t be the most important criteria you should consider when hiring an SEO company.


  • How will they help your site’s ranking?


Anyone knows how to use keywords and how to build internal and external links. But things can’t go on like this. Without an actionable plan to establish an influential website, you couldn’t use random keywords.


Your plan to optimize your webpage should consider backlinks. As you might know, not all backlinks pick up traffic and increase leads.


One high-quality backlink could work better than thousands of poor backlinks.



  • How will they inform you about all the entire data?


A professional SEO company is going to inform you about the constant reports. Another SEO company may provide you with quick updates per week. So, you should give an SEO company access to your website or part of it.


Ask the SEO company about their strategy to send all updates they will make before you start working together. You also should tell them about any changes your developer makes. If something goes wrong and your site stops working regularly, call for a developed report about what caused it.


  • ​ ​  What is the status of your competitive market?


Since you decided to start a new business, you must have studied your competitive market so well. Now, you know where you are and where you go ahead. But, this would not run counter to what you can ask before hiring an SEO company to provide you with the latest updates about your market. This outlining study will be not only for you. But also for the team in an SEO company to understand the whole status.


  •  Can the SEO company share with you any previous case studies?


Hiring an SEO company is like shopping for new glasses or a t-shirt. You need to spend money on decent something. Unquestionably, you will go through the internet, ask for references, listen to reviews, and read case studies.


We know that it’s impossible to ask for all details about their previous clients, but an SEO company should introduce at least 2-3 big-name clients. But if an SEO company refuses to hand over any case studies to you, it may be a sign you should worry about it.


  • Which tools do they use?


If an SEO company said it would use “tools” to optimize SEO, you should know these tools.


There is a vast diversity of tools and applications to improve your website. Putting use of tools will help you accomplish many things in a short while with high quality and with fewer errors.


Ask about which tools an SEO company will use, such as: reporting tools, link building tools, technical SEO tools, and research tools. And which tools will be good enough for your company.


  • Can they help you be number 1 on Google?


“We will guarantee you will rank number 1 on Google” if you heard this from a team before hiring an SEO company or an SEO expert, RUN AWAY now.


The simple basic that no one could guarantee you will get that. No one knows what will happen to Google’s algorithm tomorrow. But a professional SEO company can provide you with all approaches to help you do that.




The most significant thing you should consider when hiring an SEO company is to be patient. SEO is a lasting investment. The process may take weeks or months to see satisfying results. These words may be a pain, but trust me, it is worth it.

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