9 Types of influencer marketing campaigns

9 Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns. Times change and the way brands can reach their target audience as well. That’s why today, there is much talk about the marketing of influencers and these opinion leaders. After all, it has become the best strategy for companies to achieve greater visibility and increase their sales. Today, we’ll show you 9 types of campaigns that we can carry out through influencers on social media.


At this time, the actions of a company are being designed and directed directly to those who are influencers. All you have to do is learn how to create a campaign of this style to not fail in the attempt.


How to design an influencer marketing campaign?


Successful campaigns with influencers are implemented mostly through social media. Next are the 9 types of campaigns that you can implement to have a successful brand:


  • Affiliate Marketing and Discount Codes. 


9 Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns | BluCactus UKThis has an apparent objective, and it is to boost sales through influencer marketing. The idea is to add an incentive to your campaign that both the consumer and influencer can use.


In fact, with a call to action, you can encourage consumers to make a purchase. Besides, this call to action can be more effective than you think when accompanied by an exclusive discount code. It can even be a gift coupon that is very tentative and difficult to refuse.


Similarly, you can give the influencer an affiliate link to support your product or service. If you don’t know what an affiliate link consists of, don’t worry. This is nothing more than a specific URL with the name of the affiliate user. In this case, it would be the influencer or blogger. This way, both brands and advertisers can know what sales contribute to the campaign. After this, they can then transfer the commissions obtained according to the affiliate agreement.


For influencers, passive income is very attractive, so affiliate links can be very lucrative when used correctly. In the same way, they’re beneficial for the brand and the influencer as long as a good agreement is reached.


Affiliate marketing and discount codes are also used to track the success of each campaign and other data that will help to understand ROI better.


  • Relationship trick public, Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns.


9 Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns | BluCactus UKPay close attention to this point. After all, public relations tricks can be a very risky practice. This is because its activation doesn’t guarantee that the objectives will be achieved. Also, although it’s risky, it can result in many benefits if executed with the right equipment and at the right time.


Therefore, coverage will be paramount for a PR stunt to pay off. However, you should also research your audience and select influencers who can be an ideal fit for your brand. Finally, you should think of a good campaign message to include it in the public relations activation and thus maximize its reach.


It’s very common for public relations professionals to rely on traditional media to pull off a publicity stunt. However, if your target audience is made up of millennials, bet on influencers without fear of success.



  • Giveaways and contests. 


9 Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns | BluCactus UKIncreasing your brand’s exposure to your target audience can be achieved through giveaways and contests.


Therefore, when there is a collaboration with influencers promoting brands, you can organise a comorganisationfind for your potential customers.


They, in turn, can participate and commit to the brand or a specific product.


Regardless of whether or not people win the contest, most of the time, they will buy out of fear of losing. Similarly, before conducting a contest with influencers, verifying the laws is essential.


However, pay more attention to the local regulations to comply with the norms or guidelines established by each platform.


  • Mention on social media, Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns.


Social media has become the best place for influencers. They, in turn, have taken advantage of their intelligence by mentioning products, brands, and even their favourite places or with which they have a working relationship.


First of all, to appear on influencers’ social media, you must first be involved by email to present their brand. You can also talk about what your collaboration might look like.


Along with your proposal, don’t close yourself to the possibility of giving away products or experiences of courtesy in exchange for a mention.


In other words, contribute everything necessary so that the influencer wants and can fall in love with your brand.


Although it may not seem like it, for influencers, the issue of content creation is critical. Because of this, you must provide the necessary resources to produce a quality image that is in tune with your brand’s profile.


As a result, a mention on social media, including blog posts, cross-platform campaigns, and blog posts, will be much more effective in the long run.


  • Long-term ambassadors.


9 Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns | BluCactus UKLong-term brand ambassadors have the uniqueness of having the potential to make a drab brand known as prestigious quickly.


That is why if you have made the decision to venture into influencer marketing and have noticed the existence of an influencer who resonates with both your brand and your target audience, you should consider the idea of ​​getting involved in a long-term campaign and then see how the commitment you originally made unfolds.


You must be aware that the role of the long-term ambassador will always be one of excellence because this guarantees that the influencer will not promote another brand that is a competition during their collaboration period.


Also, a campaign looks much more genuine when an influencer supports a brand with which they feel identified for a long period, as opposed to when the collaboration is only for a few days.


  • Triggering events, Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns. 


9 Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns | BluCactus UKActivating a specific event is the best way to involve a group of influencers and media for greater exposure to your brand. To do this, you must have a list of guests who can spread your brand not only during the hours of the event but not during the next few weeks.


Similarly, to gather a group of relevant influencers at your event, you need to design an invitation and send it to your guest list weeks in advance. You must include the date, place, time, dress code, and RSVP details in this invitation. Also, you should include a general description of the event and what your expectations are (What do you expect?).


A great idea is to extend the invitation of influencers so that they have the opportunity to include a guest. The influencer is likely to be more encouraged to attend your event if they can do so in the company of an influential friend, associate, or colleague.


To distribute invitations for activities with influencers, you can communicate directly with the influencers or their talent managers, preferably by email, for more professional action.


The place you choose for your event must have good lighting and fun decoration so that influencers can take quality photographs and share their experience.


  • Sponsored blog post, Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns. 


9 Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns | BluCactus UKWhen influencer marketing moves to blog posts, there are many benefits, especially the technical ones. If you didn’t know, blog posts are indexed in search engines. Unlike what happens in social media, users who make life on the web can search for these publications for months or years after their original publication.


Similarly, blog posts serve as a backup for your SEO strategy and backlink profile. In most cases, influencers include a link that points directly to your website to generate traffic, improve your search engine ranking, and increase sales.


Right now, influencers have the power to turn their brand into a business, and sponsored fees are often involved in the form of compensation for their effort and time.


Therefore, if you want to collaborate in the company of top or mid-level influencers, you should be prepared to expect a fee.


  • Guest blogging on the site. 


If you have a limited budget, this won’t prevent you from working on an influencer marketing campaign. A good tactic is to start a guest blog for influencers in your niche.


In this type of collaboration, everyone wins, as they can generate new and fun content for their blog and increase the opportunity to work with influencers to appear on their platforms.


Through this type of campaign, the influencer can receive exposure to their audience and an excellent backlink on their website.



  • Obtaining influencers, Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns.


It is crucial to create a meaningful connection with the key influencer in your industry and that he is the one who runs your social media platforms for some time. It can be 24 hours, a couple of days, and even a whole week if you see that it will be a beneficial action for your brand, the audience, and the influencer.


This connection is also very positive for the generation of content and your brand to be linked to a public figure that is very similar to a celebrity.


What are the 3 different types of influencer marketing campaign activations?


Influencer marketing campaign activations occur the moment your brand and influencers begin collaborating. Also, within the activation process are elements such as negotiation, hiring, content summary, and campaign launch.


These would be 3 important keys for activating influencer marketing campaigns:


  • Define your brand’s target audience, Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns.


Whether the campaign is successful or a failure will depend on the alignment between your brand and the influencer. That is why when you begin to observe different influencers, you must detail who your followers are, what their lifestyle is, and their location.


This also allows you to define your desired social channels, as each communication channel works best with specific market niches.


  • Discover what type of influencers are suitable for your brand.


Once you identify your brand alignment, the next step will be to meet an influencer who is in tune with your content.


You must consider that even celebrity-level influencers may or may not fit your brand according to the established objectives.


To find out which influencer will best represent your brand, you can use social listening tools or search for “influential customers” who constantly spend on your brand since most of them will have a very social following significant.


There are also credibility scoring tools for influencers, and they are on many social channels that allow access to different engagement metrics.



  • The reach of influencers, Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns.


When interacting with an influencer for the first time, you will generally want to be brief in explaining who you are and what you are looking for. So, to introduce yourself to them, you must take into account the following points when preparing the template:


  • Head over to the influencer by name.
  • Introduce yourself to them and your brand in the first lines.
  • Express your pleasure and respect for the content you have found on that person’s social media.
  • Be clear about what you will ask the influencer.
  • Explain that you are waiting for an answer or to be able to schedule a phone call.


Try to keep your email at no more than 550 characters, as the more concise it is, the greater your chance of getting a response.


What are the types of influencers in marketing?


An influencer is known as an expert on a specific topic. This is one of the reasons why they have so much credibility among their followers. Besides, they have become critical people because their image can give brands a reputation. Besides, their followers can become loyal customers, and working with them can be cheaper than using other means.


At present, you can see 7 types of influencers that have become the most important for brands:


  • Celebrity, Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns.


These types of influencers have existed all their lives. A clear example of them is Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian. They tend to show their luxurious lifestyle. Besides, it’s content that most people love, so they have millions of followers.


  • Fashionist.


Gianluca Vacchi and Dulceida belong to the category of fashionista influencers. This is because they’re personalities with a unique style. So, being fashion followers, they become ambassadors for different brands and then provide the best styling recommendations.


  • Tourist, Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns.


Some people exclusively travel around the world and become influencers by sharing their experiences and many travel tips. Such is the case of Alanxelmundo and Luisito Comunica.


  • Fitness. 


Its main objective is to raise awareness about the importance of having a healthy eating plan. Sascha Fitness and Pau Zurita are clear examples of this type of influencer.


  • Foodies, Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns.


In this category are those influencers who only publish food photographs or prepare exquisite dishes to show their followers. Miquel Antoja and Raquel Carmona have become some of the most widely recognized foodie influencers on social media.


  • Gamer.


This type of influencer shares their playing experience and makes known the characteristics of the different video games. Guillermo Diaz and Samuel de Luque are some of these most popular influencers.



  • Entertainment, Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns.


If you have had the opportunity to see Pewdiepie, these kinds of influencers create entertainment content. However, their messages aim at a particular topic. In fact, they can even add comedy to their videos for greater amusement for their audience.


What are the 4 types of influencers?


Instagram is the platform most used by influencers. Today, we can identify various types of influencers according to their characteristics and number of followers:


  • Nano-influencers (between 2k – 5k).


This type of influencer has several followers above the average, and they move different opinions on the platform. There are many nano-influencers, and they spread a lot of content to achieve greater influence.


They also turn out to be very collaborative and will be more open to accepting win-win agreements.



  • Micro-influencers (between 5k – 100k), Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns.


Even if they aren’t celebrities, they have more authority than many famous influencers.


This is when it comes to providing professional advice in their niche. Their opinions are usually highly valued, and they have contributed so that being an influencer becomes a profession.


These are the favorite influencers for brands, both for their authority and their naturalness. That’s why their followers trust each of their recommendations.



  • Macro-influencers (between 100k – 500k), Types of Influencer Marketing Campaigns.


These influencers knew how to use the open algorithm that worked on Instagram until 2016. This made them able to position themselves as specialists in specific topics. This is a group of vloggers, bloggers, and specialists in fashion, nutrition, and much more.


  • Fame-influencers (between 500k – 1 million followers).


In general, these types of influencers already have some visibility in other media. This has allowed them to have a good diffusion, and before entering Instagram, they were already famous or well-known. Fame influencers are artists, journalists, politicians, or other prominent people.


All of them use this platform as an extension quota for their fame. As a result, this gives them the ability to add value to their followers.


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