How does influencer marketing work?

How does influencer marketing work? Influencers have become very relevant in the digital world. In fact, influencer marketing is the talk of the town today. For many people and organizations, influencers have become opinion leaders. That is why you should at least understand what is influencer marketing and how it works. After all, it can help you reach your target audience.


Until recently, celebrities such as athletes and people dedicated to politics and culture were the only ones considered as influencers. They were the ones who achieved high impact when talking about a certain brand. But now, with the advances in technology, there is another group of people who have managed to build an audience that is theirs, thanks to social media.


In turn, this audience is aware of all the information the influencer they follow may share. This is where influencer marketing comes into play.


What is influencer marketing called?


Social media is very relevant at the moment, especially Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. After all, through influencer marketing, we can use them to establish relationships. First between brands and influencers, and in turn, between these influencers and consumers.


Of course, brands must work together with influencers who have a common audience. This is the only way a brand can have a high reach and influence the decisions of the target audience.


How does influencer marketing work?


How does influencer marketing work? | BluCactus UKThe first thing you must understand about influencer marketing is that it consists of actions that companies must take and be directed to people who have similarities with influencers.


In other words, since influencers use social media, you should create a good marketing campaign for it. 


Ideally, when a company hires an influencer, it must also use the platform where it built its audience. In short, if you hire an influencer from Instagram, you should focus your campaign on that channel.


As a result, the way influencer marketing works is through the following steps:


  • Defining the objectives, How does influencer marketing work. 


How does influencer marketing work? | BluCactus UKA marketing campaign without goals will not be successful, and all it will do is waste your time and investment.


For any marketing campaign, you must be clear about what you want to achieve and then give value to the results, and for this, it will be necessary to establish your objectives and stay focused on the actions of the campaign.


Influencer marketing takes centre stage here. After all, you can use it for branding, and in turn, obtain other benefits:


  • Generate traffic to your website.
  • Achieve better positioning.
  • Increase sales of a certain product.



  • Identifying valuable accounts, How does influencer marketing work.


How does influencer marketing work? | BluCactus UKThis would be the second point, and it is just as important as the first if you want your brand to be popular and ahead of the competition.


Before choosing your brand representative, you should know the characteristics of influencer marketing and what is its reach on social media. Similarly, you have to make sure that your audience has common characteristics with your business.


The idea is that you do not focus specifically on finding influencers with a large following, as it will also be essential that you take a look at your type of audience. That is, if your brand works in the fashion sector, the most logical thing is to look for influencers who keep up with trends related to clothing or accessories.


So, when looking for really valuable accounts, the first thing to look for is that they are closer to the target audience that your company needs, in this way you will not be wasting your time or money.


  • Carrying out marketing strategies directed towards influencers. 


Today, there is a great variety of marketing actions. In this case, you must choose those directed toward the identified accounts.


In general, the most functional strategy is to promote social media interaction, either through comments or by sharing posts.


Likewise, making mentions is also a good marketing action and sending personalized content by email.


Among other typical strategies, we can find inviting influencers for important company events. In them, you can offer samples of the products or demos of the available services.



  • Choosing a compensation model, How does influencer marketing work.


While it is true, influencer marketing generally requires remuneration for the service, especially when an agreement is reached with the account owner for the publication of their brand content. Similarly, it is important to note that in certain countries, making public the commercial relationship between both parties has become a legal obligation.


Here are some of the types of compensation models:


  • Cost per click


This payment is based on the number of clicks generated towards a landing page.


  • Cost per engagement 


Through this model, influencers are compensated according to the interactions generated by their content.


  • Exchange model 


The exchange model consists of offering products or services in exchange for generating content.





  • Cost per post 


Through the cost per post, you can pay a fixed rate for each part of the content generated.


  • Cost per acquisition, How does influencer marketing work.


This model compensates influencers for the conversions generated, either through the newsletter subscription, by filling out a form, or by making a purchase. These would be the compensation models that must be evaluated for the proper functioning of influencer marketing.


Also, it is important to add that agreeing to publish your brand content with the influencer is not mandatory. However, for many businesses, this step is more than necessary so that marketing actions can be consolidated.


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