How to track your fashion clothes sales?

How to track your fashion clothes sales. The fashion industry has constantly been changing. Businesses that belong to this sector continue to face challenges to stay one step ahead of the competition. Among all the functions that a fashion business must fulfil, it must know when to track its clothes.


At present, the main objective should be to streamline the design and production processes since the positive results of your business depend on it. However, a drawback happens very often. Many samples of the clothing are often lost, which causes a considerable impact on a monetary level.


When this happens, it may be for the following reasons:


  • Lack of communication between the company’s design team about the existence of each garment.
  • Public relations failures.
  • Poor marketing plan.
  • Weak e-commerce.    
  • Lack of global control of products.


As you can see, there is a diverse list of issues that can negatively affect your clothing brand. That is why these points cannot go unnoticed within your business strategy.


How to track your fashion business?


To keep track of your fashion business clothes, you can use specific software or other tools. However, if you don’t know how to keep reading! Next, we’ll explain how you can start tracking your clothes sales and improve your business.


When to Track Your Fashion Business Clothes?


  • When you need to get results from your clothing collection. 


How to track your fashion clothes salesYou may not have noticed it yet, but tracking your clothing can make a big impact. This is because production teams can show their concept more easily. Also, they can be shown to the production team and other departments.


Although these garments do not yet physically exist, through a sketch made by the designer, they can show a pattern governed by materials, predefined patterns, and colors, among others.


In this way, it is possible to analyze whether these garments can be successful in the fashion market since it becomes more demanding every day.


When you analyze your collection results, you make it easier to predict what can work in the market. This way, you can create an effective launch strategy. Right now, you need to determine what clothes have the most potential in the market.


  • When you need efficient shipping management, How to track your fashion clothes sales.


How to track your fashion clothes salesSpecific software or tool will always be essential for shipping management. Besides, the tool used must be specific for the fashion sector to achieve transversality.


In the same way, there must be a logistics team, and they, in turn, must use the same tracking system for the clothes.


They will be sent to the distribution centers, then to the warehouses, and finally to the headquarters.


As a result, this process that must be carried out between teams and departments can be streamlined. By using the indicated tool, there will be no need for intermediaries that only delay the shipment management process.



  • When you want to identify stakeholder and consumer trends.


How to track your fashion clothes salesA tracking system should always be implemented in your clothing brand. For this, you can use barcodes or what is also known as a tracking bar on each of your clothing items.


In the same way, as in the inventory sites, the labels added to your garments will be very advantageous to quickly obtain the information related to your products through a scan. Without this scan, tracking your clothes for sale would be very difficult.


Barcodes add a lot of value to your brand, and using them makes it easy to track each item of clothing. In addition to this, they are also an excellent ally for further analysis. As a result, when a collection campaign is completed, the brand will have the ability to identify the largest number of garments that have had many loan requests.


You can also track those garments used the most on the covers or those most claimed by influencers to be added to magazine bazaars. And finally, at the same time, you can stay informed of consumer trends.


  • When opportunities to appear in the media, appear, How to track your fashion clothes sales.


Imagine the following scenario: a major magazine dedicated to the fashion sector asks you to show a certain item of clothing, but it happens that it is impossible to locate it internally. This would be a disaster, right?


Clothing brands must have public relations since they are the only ones who know the importance of responding to the request of a medium immediately.


That’s why the digital and automated tracking system comes into play here. After all, it’s the most efficient tool to streamline this process. Besides, you can also consult certain information and your collections’ impact thanks to it.


If you have a fashion business, your internal management must be effective. This is because it can reinforce the opportunity to reach the media.


This way, you’ll be able to showcase your brand to a greater number of people. So, the less time you spend searching for an item of clothing, the more time you have to spend applying the best marketing strategies for your brand.


Remember that the better known your brand is, the easier it will be to get in to advertise it. It will be easier to get in touch with magazines, journalists, and even influencers.


  • When there is a need to have a global vision of all your stock.


The exact time to track starts when you want to keep track of your clothing. Once you realize the importance of doing this step, you can achieve optimization of communication between teams.


This improves the level of control of your brand, which will ensure all of your stocks.


For your brand to work strategically, you must also be able to generate reports on your samples or clothes for sale.


A historical record is vital. After all, it will allow you to compare the results of your 2018 collection with the one you have now. This way, you can easily see what it’s working on and what you need to improve on.



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