The Significance of Visual merchandising in the fashion industry

The Significance of Visual merchandising in the fashion industry. Why is visual merchandising important? Marketing today has many tools that the fashion industry can use. This way, positive encounters can be achieved with people attracted to a particular brand’s good or service. For this reason, it’s one of the most valuable tools in visual merchandising. After all, through it, your brand can have a visual aspect with more impact to improve positioning.


The visual part of any brand is more important than you can imagine and focusing on it will bring many benefits in the short and long term. Besides, the visual part must be adequately treated and follow the trends to carry out harmonious work.


What is fashion merchandising?


visual merchandisingBefore using any marketing strategy on your brand, you must know the tool selected to promote it. You must know what merchandising is in fashion to start applying it.


The visual merchandising definition consists of a tool used for strategic sales purposes for retail. Besides, it’s used to enhance the benefits of a product to persuade the public and encourage them to decide to buy. This way, it is more likely that you can secure a closing sale as a clothing brand owner while attracting new customers and increasing the loyalty of existing ones.


On the other hand, visual merchandising can be a great complement to branding because it can completely change the appearance of a brand. So, it plays a vital role due to the ability to change the audience’s feeling towards a brand while focusing on the persuasive and decorative elements that the items for sale have. In this case, they would be clothing.


What is the primary goal of merchandising?


visual merchandisingAll the actions carried out through merchandising have an obvious objective. One of these primary objectives is to achieve maximum profitability from the point of sale.


However, this is not the only objective when considering merchandising in the fashion industry:


  • Make the correct design and packaging of the products, in this case, the clothing.
  • Provide the space to sell photographs, posters, and videos that achieve a pleasant atmosphere for the public.
  • Have a suitable surface for sales.
  • Carry out an increase related to dynamic actions, such as demonstrations, to increase the movement of consumers.
  • Increase the turnover of all products.
  • Eliminate stocks that no longer produce many sales.


What are the types of merchandise?


For visual merchandising strategies to be effective, they must be carried out correctly. That’s why you must know the types of merchandising to understand how to distinguish one from the other:


  • Merchandising of presentation, visual merchandising.


To apply this type of merchandise, you must correctly organize the exterior point of sale. Besides, you must make a good design of the route that customers must follow. For this, you must determine the linear height of each product and improve the appearance of the spaces by cleaning and getting rid of any obstacles that may exist.


This type of merchandising is to improve the performance of the point of sale.


  • Merchandising management, visual merchandising.


This category includes all the actions that make up merchandising as such. To do this, you must study the profile of your target audience, optimise the sales space, properly manage the assortment and incentivize the point of sale using attractive discounts and promotions.


  • Merchandising of seduction. 


This type of action seeks to make the time to buy fun, and the animated design on the store’s exterior will depend on it. Therefore, to comply with this type of merchandise, you must take care of the details of the shop window and the façade, the sign, and the store entrance.


  • Merchandising loyalty, visual merchandising.


This type of merchandising is to achieve maximum profitability through consumer loyalty. Once you achieve this goal, there may be an increase in repeat sales and cross-sells. Ideally, the client interacts as a brand ambassador for better business positioning.


What is the importance of visual merchandising in the fashion industry?


visual merchandisingThere is no doubt that merchandising is an excellent tool for increasing competitiveness in the fashion industry. This would be the area in charge of promoting a fashion brand so that you can sell garments or clothing collections.


Besides, in the world of fashion, it is important to launch creativity when creating a brand taking into account the following elements:


  • The values.
  • What to throw in each season?
  • The trends that will serve as inspiration.
  • What you want to transmit.


Similarly, merchandising consists of a group of techniques included within a marketing strategy to promote a fashion brand:


  • Products with the highest turnover should be in the busiest area of ​​the store.
  • You should place those products at eye level with a more significant margin. For example, at the front or on mannequins.
  • As for new products, you must locate them at the entrance of your store.
  • All the items available in the store must go according to colors or styles.
  • If there is a sale of accessories, they must go preferably above of garments to achieve cross-selling.


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