Top 31 influencer moms in India

BluCactus - Top 31 influencer moms in India

Top 31 influencer moms in India. It´s no secret to anyone that when accessing Instagram, you can see many accounts of women recounting their experiences. Specifically, in the best stage of their life: motherhood; becoming true influencers. This trend of influencer moms has caused a lot of sensation. And although they are spread throughout all the countries of the world, today we will show you the top 31 of the influencer moms of India.


In India, some wonderful moms share very funny content, that it´s in turn very helpful for new moms. All this movement has led to not only celebrities telling their maternity story. Because nowadays, women who until recently were unknown also have great acceptance on social media such as Instagram. Having a large number of followers and many likes on your posts.


So, many brands related to child care are interested in Indian mom influencers to be their representatives. And recommend some of their products on their profiles. What was the result? These brands have achieved greater credibility and increased sales.


Now, here are the top 31 influencers in India:


1.Ritu @riturathee  1.4 M followers


Ritu has a unique profile, she´s not only a mother but also a Captain on Airbus A320.


Moreover, she even shares vlogs about her family life on YouTube.


Where the channel Flying Beast counts with more than 6M followers.


Ritu is the example of the empowered mother and woman that everyone should follow.


2. @smriti_khanna 


BluCactus - influencer moms 1.2 M followers


A mix of fashion, fun, and family.


Trips, outfits, and a beautiful girl is what this profile is about, join her family journey online.





BluCactus - influencer moms3. @shrads Shraddha 692k followers


She´s one of the favorite mom influencers, she combines motherhood with style and sustainability, being an inspiration to others.




4. Sowmya @sowmya_sathyaraj


BluCactus - influencer moms 516k followers


Sowmya has a community that loves to see her family, she’s got two kids.


Her content is full of motherhood experiences, family moments, and good vibes.





BluCactus - influencer moms5. Chhavi @chhavihussein 439k followers 439k followers


Digital creator, YouTube vlogger, fitness enthusiast, actor, writer, and most important mom of 2, Areeza and Arham.


Her YouTube channel is about motherhood, fitness, and life hacks, where she has a community of 156k subscribers.



6. @houseofmisu Mitali & Summiyya 395k followers


Mitali & Summiyya joined as content creators to share everything they love, including lifestyle, home, fashion, and Mitali´s motherhood.





BluCactus - influencer moms7. @avantii2 Avantika 252k followers


Avantika is a digital creator focused on travel, lifestyle, fashion, and mommy content.


Her journey as a traveler, a fashion icon.


And her adventures and experiences with her kids are the content that her community loves.



8. @myhappinesz Komal 248k followers


Komal is a unique content creator, she talks about conscious living, advice, and self-care.


On YouTube and Instagram, she loves to share beauty ideas, fashion, her life vlogs and she enjoys tea talks.


She has more than 250k followers on YouTube.


9. @isha_manju Isha 201k followers


Isha is a digital creator whose content includes skincare, fashion, kids, food, travel, and more.





10. @ahanamethamehrotra Anaha 159k followers


BluCactus - influencer moms

Anaha shares lifestyle, beauty, wellness, and fashion content but she is also a mom of two and an entrepreneur.


Her outfits and family life are worth following.







BluCactus - influencer moms11. @biologicalmom Mili 151k followers


Mili is the mom of Aariv and Alyza.


She enjoys sharing her motherhood, parenting tricks, and tales, also lifestyle and fashion are part of what she loves too.


Her community is connected to her and what she brings to social media.


12. @my_soultravels Pujarini 150k followers


Top mom blogger focused on lifestyle, travel, and food content featuring her family and kids on the journey.






13. @prithinarayanan Prithi 142k followers


Prithi keeps motherhood real by sharing daily life online, 2 girls and a lovely couple with a lifestyle worth following.






14. @fabulousmomlife Lata 134k followers


Snippets of an Indian Mom of 3! Parenting, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Family Travel, and more.


Product reviews and unboxing of new stuff for kids and moms.


Besides online shopping for kids and moms in India, birthday party ideas, parenting tips, and fun ideas for learning.


15. @momwearsprada Harpreeth 118k followers


Harpreeth is the kind of public figure and content creator that has everything: lifestyle, beauty, travel, and motherhood.


She is also the most searched India Mom Blogger on Google.


She´s the mom of two kids with perfect pictures and good style.


16. @shivangigoel__ Shivangi followers


BluCactus - influencer moms

Motherhood and fitness, the perfect combination.


A yoga and pilates certified instructor and a digital creator with two kids, her profile has everything.










BluCactus - influencer moms17. @crazylilmom Anandita 111k followers


Mom of two boys who enjoy sharing all about motherhood experience online.


Her content is relatable, and her community feels connected to her life.




18. @ritcha Ritcha 104k followers


Ritcha captures moments of her life.


She is a mommy blogger, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content can also be seen on her social media.





BluCactus - influencer moms19. @babyanaisha Pooja 103k followers


Awarded, top 25 Mom Social Media Influencers, India (2021). Pooja is a digital creator, from Delhi, with a community of 855K on Facebook.


Her daughter Anaisha takes over her Instagram with cute pictures.



20. @myteenytot Deepali 101k followers


Deepali is a mom blogger from Delhi.


She has two kids and enjoys sharing content related to beauty, lifestyle, and delicious recipes that are easy to follow.


Her profile is full of tips and recommendations that are useful to any mommy out there.


21. @diamonds_and_chocolates Nisha 100k followers


Nisha is a digital creator living in Mumbai.


Ranked top 14 of the mom influencers in 2021, she shares lifestyle, beauty, and parenting content.








BluCactus - influencer moms22. @supermom_mitali Mitali 98.9k followers


Mitali is another mommy who is also a fitness and travel enthusiast.


Mom to 2 girls, she shares her family’s daily life and journey online.



23. @mumfiesta Farha 90.6k followers


Farha enjoys sharing everything about her lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and motherhood.


Her lovely little girl is the top star of her Instagram.


Her parenting life and tips are appreciated by many.



24. @mammaslifestyle Ishna 88.8k followers


Ishna is a mommy of two.


Her content is focused on motherhood, luxury, fashion, travel, and lifestyle.




25. @karishmasamat Karishma 69.7k followers


Content creator, fashion, and parenting.


Karishma is the fashionable mommy who likes to share her stylish motherhood.




26. @eshadhringra Esha 82.4k followers


Esha is passionate about sharing her family adventures online.


She shares funny reels and mom’s life hacks while breaking gender stereotypes.



27. @manya_solanki Manya 51.8k followers 


Manya is a millennial mom, she shares how life is with her little girl.


She has worked with more than 100 brands.




28. @rasinglittleexplorer Minal-Chirag 49.3k followers


This profile is focused on kids´ material, daily life content as a mom boy, and useful hacks about parenting.


A must-follow if you are searching for mom influencers in India.








BluCactus - influencer moms29. @amy_and_mommy Shweta 39.5k followers


Shweta loves to share everything from lifestyle, fashion, and food to parenting content.


Amaya is her daughter and every moment of her life is shared with the community online.




BluCactus - influencer moms30. @_mums_the_word Roopal 29.9k followers


A mom blogger who shares content about child development and useful parenting tips that make life easier.


She shares relatable reels and beautiful family pictures.



31. @mammamiatales Amruta 16.6k followers


Parenting and lifestyle influencer whose community is growing fast online.


She enjoys sharing her lovely daughter and family moments.




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BluCactus - Top 31 influencer moms in India - Linn LarssonLike other types of influencers, influencer moms in India have achieved a good position on the Instagram social network. So there´s no doubt that they´re here to stay. They could be the ideal representative if your niche is related to motherhood.


We hope that the top 31 influencer moms in India will be of great help to you. And to help you get a spokeswoman for your brand with credibility, to build a relationship with your consumers.


If you´re interested in contacting one of the influencer mothers, at BluCactus we can help you.


You just have to contact us, and we will gladly assist you!


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