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Top 5 best PowerPoint templates sites. PowerPoint has been part of our lives for many years, and now it has even become vital. That’s why companies use these presentations to show a professional image. So, today, we want to show you the best 5 sites to download free modern PowerPoint templates.


There’s no doubt that this tool has been very successful. After all, it allows us to use innovative elements to capture the reader’s attention. As a result, it’s best to have different platforms and websites to download attractive and original PowerPoint templates.


What is the importance of PowerPoint presentations?


Top 5 best PowerPoint templates sitesPowerPoint presentations are very popular. They offer endless tools and templates that can help us obtain incredible results. Similarly, below we are going to list some PowerPoint presentations advantages:


  • We can customize the presentations based on our preferences by using pre-designed templates. Besides, we can use PowerPoint presentations through different platforms. This way, we can show reports and other materials to a target audience.
  • Its versatility makes it the program most used by teachers, students, and companies.
  • We can prepare detailed reports to summarize the points in more detail through PowerPoint presentations. Thus, if we need to add specific elements of a company, it will be easier to organize the ideas.
  • PowerPoint is a very versatile program that allows us to integrate ourselves into the illustrative content format to share exciting information with a specific group.
  • The visual effectiveness of PowerPoint presentations is indisputable. For this reason, even speakers use this tool to add value to their speeches and keep the attention of the present audience.


Where to download templates for PowerPoint presentations?


Top 5 best PowerPoint templates sitesTo enjoy the advantages of this powerful tool, we will mention the 5 best sites where we can download free modern PowerPoint templates:


  • BluCactus


BluCactus is an international marketing agency, and on their website, we can find the option to download PowerPoint templates.


The best of all is that there are a variety of templates free to adapt to our needs. 


Therefore, we can find free templates with exciting themes and graphic elements that will allow us to make a personalized presentation.


  • Canva


Top 5 best PowerPoint templates sitesSince 2012, this tool has been one of the most important graphic designs tools in the market. However, we can find different models on this platform, such as posts for social media, resumes, advertisements, and PowerPoint presentations.


However, Canva has been responsible for turning the design area upside down, making it more educational and accessible. This is because we don’t need to be a professional to use its available templates.


If we want to make a presentation, it is not necessary to transfer the PowerPoint templates since it can be done directly on the platform. Also, this is the perfect site for people who don’t have an Office suite subscription or aren’t familiar with Google’s format for online presentations.


In short, all the content that we can find on this platform is highly creative and helps us innovate the material we need to publicize important information about companies.


  • SlidesCarnival


Top 5 best PowerPoint templates sitesUnlike Canva, although this platform does not offer the creation of templates, it provides very interesting content, made up of a variety of themes that can be edited directly in PowerPoint.


But this is not all since, in addition to navigating through the main page, this site allows us to search for templates categorized by color and content style, which can be modern, elegant, simple, or more formal


This site offers interesting and original content for those looking for brilliant startup ideas.


It is essential to add that downloading these themes is not an easy task because we only have to select some options available on the site, such as the template for Google Slides.


We can have the presentation ready to carry out its edition with just one click.


  • Office 365


From using Microsoft templates so much, there will likely come a time when we are bored to continue editing through this package of programs. However, we have a very attractive solution on Microsoft’s website to give standard presentations a break.


Now we have the opportunity to do an external download to have the best creative PowerPoint templates. The download process will not be complicated. With just a couple of clicks, we will have the preferred template at our fingertips.


  • GraphicMama


This platform has become known for the publication of different types of content. For example, tutorials, vectors, inspirations, and trends related to design. Similarly, it offers beautiful templates to make Google Slides presentations.


This option from Google is an alternative very similar to PowerPoint. It can be more accessible, and it is not necessary to pay a subscription to use all the services.



Likewise, all the content on this site can be used online and from any compatible desktop computer or mobile device.


We can join this platform through our Gmail account. This is an excellent option because it allows us to edit empty templates for PowerPoint. For this, all we’ll need is to download a specific extension.


Besides, it’s very easy to use thanks to its instructions all over the page.


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