The best strategies to build the loyalty of a fashion business clientele

The best strategies to build the loyalty of a fashion business clientele. Your customers’ loyalty is vital for the success of your fashion business. After all, this will determine whether they will stay or forget about you. Besides, this will also help get the word about your business around. In short, if someone likes what you offer, chances are they will talk about you to their friends or family. As a result, this makes it an interesting strategy that will give you profitability, strengthening, and value.


Generally, store owners work a lot to get customers and make a profitable business. So, when a person buys something in your fashion business, it means that what you do is good and accepted. On the other hand, it also turns a potential customer into a buyer.


For this reason, you should take advantage of the fact that you already know your fashion business. Now, you must try to make them come back. For this, you must continue to keep customers so that they always choose you. And this is where the million-dollar question comes in. How do you do it? Simple, the idea is to create a relationship through a loyalty strategy.


Finding how to retain your customers will be a key selling point. After all, you will get them to come back to you and become prescribers for new customers.


What are the loyalty strategies?


build the loyalty of a fashion business clienteleLet’s say you already know who your buyer persona is and you managed to get their attention with a purchase. Now the goal is to keep this sale and make that clients always choose you. It’s basic and a bit scary because it is based on psychology and the study of it.


  • Get to know your customers and your business.


As you already know, you must know your target audience to segment it when selling and creating strategies. In other words, you must know who your actions are directed to and how you’ll propose them. All of this with the goal is buying and creating relationships in your favour.


This is why you must analyze the strengths and weaknesses so that you can correctly apply the strategies and be smart when it comes to changing what is not working. This is how you will achieve effectiveness and results when it comes to selling in your fashion business.


build the loyalty of a fashion business clientele

  • Set clear goals.


You do this once you know what your goal is. Identify small goals that have to do with increasing traffic in sales and dynamization in social media, you can also generate more sales in your online fashion store and these decisions will help you know the results you expect or will be a reference to see if it works or not.


  • Define the values ​​of your fashion business.


It is not only about a physical or digital place that sells fashion, it is also related to values ​​that you must transmit to your customers so that they feel identified and have a sense of belonging, this is how you will create community. This is something that will differentiate you and will be an important element of attraction.


build the loyalty of a fashion business clientele

  • Offer the customer what they are looking for. 


Once you know what the customer wants, you have to give it to them, because knowing what they like and what they need, you can find something they need and leave it in stock, news and attractive things. Only then will you become a reference store.


  • Use a loyalty program.


It works to reward the customer and to create a link between your store and him. This will allow you to make your business profitable by purchasing by points, where the customer gets points on each purchase to finally exchange in gifts, the sealing card, wherein each purchase a box is sealed to the customer and when it is complete it can be done a gift or discount.


Also, the wallet program when the customer buys a percentage accumulates and so on until they can make a free purchase. Another option is the membership card, where the client when he signs up provides data that allows him to know the tastes and those of his family, he can benefit from monthly offers, discounts, and promotions.


  • The surprise factor.


Generally, many people like to be surprised with gifts, so this technique is great for a good sales strategy where you include a surprise gift in the purchase so that they feel part of it.


  • Discounts, The best strategies to build loyalty.


The important thing about this is that they reward loyalty, so you can offer discounts that make them feel happy to buy the product they needed at a good price. They will feel rewarded and it will be a positive response.




  • Email marketing, The best strategies to build loyalty.


Any promotion must fill out forms that provide the email and some other information to know what they want. With this information, you can carry out a personalized communication that customers like so much. With this strategy, you don’t need too much investment and you will really get good results. Includes newsletters, mailing, and define.


The newsletter can be through a blog to send from time to time with the posts and some articles about the brand can also be reached by email to certain recipients. At BluCactus we can help you write these articles that best suit your business and through SEO attract these new people and build loyalty.


Mailing is another advertising opportunity since promotions are sent through the mail that you can carry out to find out about promotions and news, in addition to attracting customers and increasing sales.


  • Social media, The best strategies to build loyalty.


The online presence has become a necessity for businesses because everything has changed too much, as well as the purchase and the way of consuming. So if you don’t have a company profile, start creating it, because it will give you visibility and make your potential client know you, you can show your differential value and that will give value to the image and show news that may be of interest.


In this sense, I invite you to design a digital marketing strategy so that you establish and provide valuable content, the number of hours of publications, show what interests your client, and take care of communication to improve results.


How to achieve customer loyalty?


Now you know that companies work more on attracting new clients instead of building long-term relationships.


This, of course, is a huge mistake. After all, the goal should be to provide meaningful and relevant experiences that make customers fall in love. Only in this way will they stay with you.


For this reason, loyalty and referral generation strategies are something you should pay a lot of attention to. This way, you’ll ensure that your sales cycle does not close once people buy, but is repeated and prolonged.


In BluCactus we bring you some loyalty ideas so that you become more than a client, that is family.



  • Build relationships instead of selling. 


And I know it may sound strange, but the reason why we refer to relationships is because of the interest that is very important that you must have towards your client. It is not just selling, it is beyond that.


  • Exceed Expectations. 


Nothing gives more happiness and surprise than receiving more than what you asked for, especially when it is normal that you hardly receive what you asked for. So instead of wearing something too ornate, try to keep it simple. Make the shopping experience the BEST.


  • Customer-centred culture, The best strategies to build loyalty.


Customers are not just for sales. Because of this, I recommend focusing on the customer and ensuring their satisfaction.


  • Personalized attention, The best strategies to build loyalty.


From calling clients by name, that communication is spontaneous and not with a pre-established speech, as well as being an organizational structure where they are empowered by decision-making, it will make you feel valued.


  • Suggestions and feedback, The best strategies to build loyalty.


It is important that you have a suggestion box or that you ask each customer who buys from you if they had a good experience and what they think you should improve


What can we do to build customer loyalty?


BluCactus - Linn Larsson I hope this article is useful for you. Our goal was to teach you how to retain your clients, and we hope we were successful at it. Remember that their experience, whether good or bad, will be what they remember and recognize. There are no half measures, if you treat them badly or have a bad experience it will be like a stain on your record.


So I invite you to start thinking more about your client and what he really needs from now on. I know you only want to sell and that it is in sales where you are going to eat. However, you must take into account that if you do not build loyalty or attract, you will not achieve anything.


In this sense, apply the knowledge you got today. This way, you’ll ensure the success of your fashion business. If you have questions about the marketing plan or loyalty strategies, we invite you to follow us through our website and ask us what you need. At BluCactus we are here to help you.

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