What do you need to make a business plan for a makeup company?

What do you need to make a business plan for a makeup company? Nowadays, all companies must have a well-organized business plan no matter their sector. Of course, making a business plan is not an easy task. More so if it´s a business model for a makeup company. Since it´ll be essential to do a thorough study in this market and then dedicate enough time to work efficiently.


A business plan for a makeup company requires specific steps. If you aim to get good results in the shortest time possible. That is why, if you have a makeup company or are just starting, you should pay attention to this post. We´ll give you the best tips to make a business game plan that includes the goals of your company and the best strategies for more accurate projections.


What does a makeup business plan include?


Make a business plan for a makeup companyThe beauty world is in high demand. Especially makeup since it has a type of clientele that remains loyal over time.


And this is one of the reasons why many people decide to start as entrepreneurs through a makeup company.


So, when having a business idea about makeup, you should be aware that having a company dedicated to the beauty sector, you must create a business plan that allows you to keep one step ahead of the competition.


Not sure how to make a business plan? You don´t have to worry.


Since we´ll tell you each point you must consider when executing a business plan in the best style of international makeup companies:


Products and services


Make a business plan for a makeup companyTo start a business plan for a makeup company, you must be aware that this market is huge.


So, there are a wide variety of products. As for services, it´s related to the distribution of your products that will be used for a specific service, such as:


  • Facial makeup, Make a business plan for a makeup company.


This would be a primary point of sale. And in its range of products, we can find eye shadow, lipsticks, concealer palettes, and other cosmetics that can also be included in this market.



  • Scrubs.


Like facial makeup, scrubs are in high demand for facial skin care. Best of all, making a product like this is inexpensive. And is created with harmless natural materials that tend to be low risk.


  • Make-up removers, Make a business plan for a makeup company.


These products are necessary to remove the facial makeup you apply. Not all makeup companies produce removers. However, it´s a product that can generate many sales as a service when added to packs of products for sale.


Technological resources


Make a business plan for a makeup companyToday, without technological resources, companies are likely to remain anonymous. And it´s that you need them to start your company with the necessary machinery. To make the products that you will offer in the market.


Also, you will need electronic points to collect your sales mobile devices to communicate with customers.


Finally, you´ll need to use laptops for the accounting record of payments and sales.


These are some of the areas of your makeup company where the use of technological resources will be essential:



  • Payment area, Make a business plan for a makeup company.


A desktop computer is handy and a stock registration system for the payment area. On top of that, it will be important to have an internet connection. Make use of marketing through communication channels that will allow you to connect with your potential customers.


  • Website, Make a business plan for a makeup company.


By having a makeup company, the addition of a website can´t be left out of your business plan. This will require an initial investment for the design and domain, hosting, and other elements that a website needs.


And, if your company doesn´t have an experienced team to build a website, the best you can do is hire specialists in this area, which will be a higher expense.


  • Photographs, Make a business plan for a makeup company.


Photographs areimportant to show any product or service. That´s why to show the makeup for sale. You must have quality photographs. So, hiring a professional photographer and creating a catalogue is likely within your budget. Though it may be optional, it is a good strategy to show your different products to your potential future customers.


Market demand


You can see a considerable offer of makeup products made by different businesses in the current market.


Which makes this a competitive market. Since there is a great demand in the supply of these types of products, as a new makeup company, you must attend to the audience’s needs that are not satisfied, offering innovative and better-quality products.


For example, if you want to produce lipsticks, you can offer them water-based at a lower price than the competition.


Even if the supply is high, there’s still an unsatisfied demand. So, dominating this part of the sector generates a direct demand from consumers for the products shown.




It’s true; the makeup sector has a significantly reduced segmentation. And that´s why we will mostly find two types of potential clients:


  • Common customers or those who don´t have enough resources to purchase many products. However, it´s a type of client who will need to acquire at least the basic beauty products.


With this kind of client, we can also find those who have medium or high resources. And could buy a considerable number of products and will buy them frequently once they reinforce their loyalty.


  • Customers who belong to companies and purchase various products by quantity to later be offered wholesale.




The potential clientele for makeup companies is between 15 and 44 years old. Considering that the highest percentage of sales is in the ages between 15 and 25 years old.


This data is fundamental within your business plan to determine which products you will offer.


That’s why we should take as reference the preferences of the clientele according to their age.


For instance, younger women prefer bold colors. While between 24 and 45 years of age, a preference is felt for using neutral colors for more natural and formal makeup.





Promoting your company is vital to gain recognition and visibility, so marketing cannot go unnoticed for your makeup business plan.


You can choose effective strategies for your campaigns by making promotions on TV or radio to show your products.


To reach the most significant number of consumers.


At the same time, social media has become the best communication channel to achieve better results.


Showing your products on socials or collaborating with influencers can quickly add value to your brand. All of this is to have a better positioning on the internet, the network that millions of people use daily.


What does it take to start a makeup business?


Each of the points we have mentioned for your business plan requires an investment. So, you must set what the initial financing amount will be. In order to cover the following expenses, which you´ll need to add to your makeup project:


  •  Machinery
  • Technological equipment.
  • Advertisement
  • Product distribution.
  • Services pay.
  • Hiring
  • Website and social media management.
  • Physical location.





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Your business plan must also take into account sales volumes. And other elements that you can adjust according to your company’s needs. Also, ideally, begin operations at your makeup business once your business plan is ready.


At BluCactus, we can take care of preparing your business plan to make sure which are the most important areas that must be controlled in your company. We can also create a marketing strategy that allows your makeup company to rank high in Google search results.


You just have to contact us, and we will gladly assist you!

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