How to carry out an email marketing proposal?

How to carry out an email marketing proposal? Email marketing has become one of the most used tools in digital marketing. That’s why, by using it properly, you can create a clear and concise strategy. This will allow you to define the company’s objectives for its development.


Therefore, today, we’ll explain all the critical factors around making an email marketing proposal.


How to do email marketing?


How to carry out an email marketing proposal?How to carry out an email marketing proposal?Regardless of whether you have a boss or own your business, we’ll start with these points to effectively use email marketing:


  • Start by building trust.


Trust is one of the main tools that must prevail within a work team. It will be easier to respond to any of the objections around your proposal through trust.


It would help if you also conveyed to your manager how committed you’re to achieving the company’s goals. By maintaining a very fluid relationship with them, you’ll enjoy continuous feedback.


This, in turn, will let you oversee the progress of any assignment and its results.


  • Make the proposal on time, How to carry out an email marketing proposal.


How to carry out an email marketing proposal?Respecting the timing is a point that you should not forget. For example, you should avoid moments with complex situations to presenting your proposal.


Indeed, people feel more predisposed to make innovative decisions as long as they are in a context that allows it.


Therefore, we recommend waiting to show your proposal when joy prevails and when there is enough time for you to be heard.


  • When having your proposal, it should be obvious.


You must do it clearly and demonstrate that you have an organized plan to make your proposal.


Therefore, your words must go alongside an email where you can add why an email marketing proposal should be added to the company’s marketing strategy.


However, it should also mention the economic benefits that can be achieved thanks to incorporating this tool. Finally, it is not superfluous to add the deadlines to analyze the obtaining of the results.


  • Convene the parties involved in the proposal, How to carry out an email marketing proposal.


Each of the companies has its structure and organizational style. Consequently, the final decision regarding your proposal will often not only depend on your own boss but also on the rest of the work team. And so, there might be a slight delay in approval.


So, respecting the boss, the other team members must be aware of the proposal from day one to give their correct opinion.


The advantages of email marketing


This last point is the most important because if the work team is unaware of marketing benefits, why should they approve your proposal?


Therefore, if you want your boss to accept the proposal, it is essential to mention each one and present arguments demonstrating that this tool is worthwhile.


So, besides knowing how to make an email marketing proposal, these are the benefits of email marketing that should be listed in your proposal:


  • High return on investment (ROI), How to carry out an email marketing proposal.


Many email marketing applications allow good management of sending campaigns to many people. This task can be done at a low cost and with a high return on investment (ROI).


  • Detailed reports.


How to carry out an email marketing proposal?Through the applications for email marketing, we can count on detailed reports of the KPIs of each of our campaigns. Some statistics would be Click-through rate, open rate, ROI, conversion rate and virilization.


Through this benefit, campaigns can also be measured in more depth by establishing metrics in each area.


In the same way, the integration that we can do between email marketing and Google Analytics allows us to have a more excellent vision of the impact of a campaign on your website.


This allows us to make the best decisions regarding the company.



  • Personalization of messages, How to carry out an email marketing proposal.


Thanks to incorporating personalized messages, we can create a personalized message through email marketing that allows us to generate a bond of trust to retain our target and, in turn, achieve a stimulus in conversions.


  • Help your message go viral.


This is a great benefit of email marketing since you can integrate it into social media for a better reach with messages.


For example, Doppler is an email marketing application. Through it, your emails can be integrated with your social media accounts. This way, the messages can be given virality to increase the level of the potentiality of the campaigns.



  • It is a vital part of inbound marketing, How to carry out an email marketing proposal.


If your company wishes to carry out an inbound marketing strategy, email marketing is the best way to go.


  • Help segment the offer.


Once you gain insight into your target’s interests and demographic information, you can tailor your offer.


Then, you can implement a better communication strategy to reach your audience with a message that meets their needs.


How to design an email marketing strategy?


Now, since you paid attention to the previous point, there are other elements that we must also take into account:


  • The objectives, How to carry out an email marketing proposal.


You can achieve your company’s objectives through a good email marketing campaign, regardless of whether they are commercial or communicational.


Therefore, if the objective is to increase sales, general promotional campaigns or those launched on specific dates will be the best option. While if the aim is related to customer loyalty, a newsletter will be enough to keep your audience informed about your company.



  • Monetary resources, How to carry out an email marketing proposal.


Before investing in an email marketing campaign, you should know how much money you can spend on it. To do this, you must be clear about the goals you want to achieve and the capital you have to select the right plan.


Depending on the email marketing application, many of them are suitable for any budget, or you can choose a monthly plan.


  • Human resources.


You probably think you will need to hire more staff to carry out an email marketing campaign, which is not the case. On the internet, you can find pre-designed templates and other elements. These can allow you to save time when creating a campaign. Besides, you can also personalize it to your company’s needs.


Thus, you will work a lot faster without needing a larger workgroup.


  • The constant help, How to carry out an email marketing proposal.


There are a lot of email marketing tools you can use to send mass emails. Thanks to them, you can learn to create effective campaigns that allow the fulfilment of your company’s objectives.


Of course, together with this type of tool, the help of marketing professionals will never be too much for the consolidation of a successful campaign.


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To know how to make an effective email marketing proposal:


  • Think of an issue that catches your attention.
  • Find a simple design but one that captures the attention of the public.
  • Never forget to include your brand logo in the header.
  • Include your social media buttons.


With the advice we have given you, you can now be ready to carry out an email marketing proposal.


Similarly, you aren’t alone on the road. BluCactus can help you create the email marketing campaign that your company needs. With us, you’ll share valuable content with your subscribers. Thus, achieving a closer relationship with all of your prospects. All you have to do is contact us, and we will gladly assist you.


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