Does my fashion business branding affect my consumer’s behaviour?

Does my fashion business branding affect my consumer’s behavior? You may be wondering if the branding of your fashion page influences consumer behavior. In other words, if a good web page with a good logo, colors and structure will be better or worse for your business. The answer? Yes, yes, it would.


You must know this very well. After all, branding is what speaks of you and your brand. It communicates by itself who you are and what you want to show, your values, mission, purpose, and vision.


Today, the consumer is more and more expert in terms of knowing what they want and how they want it. Because of this, marketing has to overcome the challenge of assuming that awareness. For this, it must apply new tools to reach it and be able to approach it.


So, if we focus on fashion, we can deduce that it’s no different. They are even a little more demanding. For this reason, BluCactus offers you a helpful set of tips. These will, in turn, help you influence consumer behavior. Thus, achieving a brand and product strategy to find new results with new tools.


We will start from need vs desire. This focuses on the stimulus caused by your fashion brand’s products or services to the market and consumers. Therefore, you must be very consistent and bet on one of these two. This way, you can identify your type of consumer and achieve good positioning.


These approaches provide an option to direct the strategy in two different planes where the marketing variables that you apply that are related to the product, price, distribution, and communication will change.


What is the fashion consumer-like?


Does my fashion business branding affect my consumer's behaviour? | BluCactus UKTimes have changed, leading us to see more consumers who know what they want. They know how they want it, when, and how they want that deal to be. That’s why you must know who the consumers that align with your business are.


If you want to know your client, you must apply questionnaires and classify your consumers by age and social class. Even if this sounds exclusive, the truth is that it isn’t. After all, the client is a person who lives in a system with behavior at a social level and environmental.


We also find negative impacts that can rebound in the fashion industry, such as waste, slave labor, and environmental pollution.


These cases aren’t isolated, and it’s essential to create awareness about it. This, in turn, will give you a better understanding of the customer. The fashion buyer is a social being who is subject to various pressures and constraints. Take note to learn more.


  • Fashion consumer by the user, My fashion business branding.


Does my fashion business branding affect my consumer's behaviour? | BluCactus UKSome theories say that we should no longer call them consumers but users. The fashion consumer is passive, without judgment or decision-making power.


While the user appears to conform to the strategies of the company but manipulates and adapts a good or service in his favor.


It is a new paradigm of consumption, where the passivity of the consumer is abandoned, and power is given to the user.


However, both parties do not need a toxic relationship. They can team up in a win-win. To achieve this, you need to know precisely what the user wants or needs because only in this way can you offer them products and services that bring true benefits.



What is the fashion consumer looking for? My fashion business branding.


Does my fashion business branding affect my consumer's behaviour? | BluCactus UKMy fashion business branding. The fashion consumer seeks to be different; they want to be part of something. Either of a group or comfort, with a certain status and in turn follow trends through fashion consumption.


This is related to stereotypes that are naturalized views of something or someone. It consists of assuming without falling into conflict. That a particular group of people will define how they’re going to behave. All without really having made an effort to understand the lifestyle.


If we are aware of the user’s decision-making power, we must understand that they can choose to consume certain products or services that make them feel included in a life they long for.


It would help if you kept in mind that this person can choose what to do with their money. In other cases, it may be necessary to go to the field, observe the user in their habitat and resort to the contributions of the anthropology of consumption.


How does social media influence consumer behaviour?


BluCactus - Linn Larsson Some market studies show that 78% of consumers consider the brands’ social media, and most are very predisposed to purchase products on which the network has opinions. However, none of that deciphers the mechanism by which it is most effective.


Thanks to this turn of the marketing campaigns carried out through platforms and content writing, it leaves in the background the postulates of SEO positioning in search engines: the social aspect of a publication, if it is viral, becomes just as important as the inclusion of words keys. In this sense, you must consider creating a blog within your website since they occupy the first position in the consumer.


They are a nuclear tool with slow marketing and occupy one of the first positions when it comes to the digital influence of the consumer. Blogs surpass social media by far since in them. You can generate an opinion and also drive the purchase decision.


At BluCactus, we take care of helping you with the creation of your website and also with the development of blog content that relates to what you sell and who you are. By positioning yourself in the main search engines, you will be able to reach more people and attract new buyers.


So, in short, good branding management will assertively influence consumer behavior.

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