How much does graphic design cost?

How much does graphic design cost? Today, marketing strategies cannot be ignored when preparing a project for your business. You shouldn’t ignore the elements for visual purposes. That’s why knowing the graphic design costs in 2022 will allow you to manage your budget better.


Graphic design, more than an additional element in your project, becomes a fundamental part, mainly if your website will focus on marketing. In this case, your products must have an appeal that makes them unique and, at the same time, attractive so that potential customers feel interested in purchasing them.


So, after knowing that graphic design will serve as a channel for visual communication with your clients, is it worth investing in this service or not?


How much does it cost to make a graphic design?


How much does graphic design costTo determine how much a graphic designer costs, you must consider some variables. For example, when it comes to hiring a professional in this area, they will indeed charge you by the hour. As a result, the value will also depend on whether you hire a junior or senior graphic designer.


On the other hand, there are marketing agencies, and most companies prefer this option. After all, besides offering a graphic design service, they also have other options to thoroughly optimize your website.


In the same way, to know the prices of graphic design, you must specify whether it is a one-off project or will it be continuous. In this sense, the volume of work required to offer this service or the updates that must be carried out to renew the graphic material will also be considered.


As you can see, graphic design prices depend on many factors, and it is you who must decide whether to hire a freelancer or a company. All of this will, of course, depends on your budget.


How much does a graphic design job cost?


How much does graphic design costNow, it’s essential to analyze the costs of graphic design to know which will be the best option to choose, especially the factors that influence the determined prices:


Types of design fees graphic


It’s common for most graphic designers to offer their services by the hour to be between $20 and $65 or so.


The reason is that this type of work may need specific changes to meet customer expectations.


Also, when referring to an ongoing project, a monthly fee is likely to be set, and in this case, the hourly rate could be cheaper.


Similarly, some projects are fully priced, calculating the expected hours and the margin of hours for alterations if creating an extra element or corrections is necessary.


  • Freelancer or company, How much does graphic design cost.


How much does graphic design costWhen opting for graphic design services, the budget will also depend on your choice since you can choose a freelance professional or a company.


In general, hiring a freelancer can be cheaper than a company, although it will also be essential to know both its advantages and disadvantages. While it is true, many freelancers have enough skills to create an innovative project.


They can be very creative and come up with attractive ideas for the visual part of your business. However, a freelance professional in this area can have specific difficulties handling large projects and asking for more time for their completion.


On the other hand, if you choose to hire the services of a company, you will have a team of professionals with different creative profiles, and they will be willing to work on a project together so that the delivery time is shorter.


  • Experience and reputation, How much does graphic design cost.


Experience and reputation are characteristics that can influence graphic design prices. Each of the companies or self-employed professionals has a newcomer within the sector, and the institution’s prestige where they have been trained will also be relevant.


In the same way, this added value is relevant to ensure that you will have a quality project in your hands since an experienced graphic designer will be able to elaborate a project from the simplest to the most complex.


Types of services


How much does graphic design costThroughout the post, we have made mention of different factors that may be related to the cost of the service of a graphic design job. Besides, it is essential to clarify that price variations will also be associated with the type of service your business needs:


  • Brand book, How much does graphic design cost.


The Brand book works as a manual where the fundamentals of the brand are expressed and the meaning of the selected design for the company.


The audience must be close to everything related to brands, adding the necessary identity. A Brand Book is often highly recommended, and its rate can range from £265 to £1140 or more, depending on the design.



  • Editorial design 


Editorial design is highly varied and generally does not include the wording, translation, or images that later appear in the material. However, graphic designers may also offer the photography service occasionally, and it will most likely be charged separately.


As for some editorial design services, these would be the approximate prices:


  • Brochure Design: £85 – £265, depending on the dimensions chosen.


  • Poster Design: £195.


  • Cover and back cover of a catalogue: £230 approximately. In this case, there may be some discounts or promotions when it comes to large catalogues, and the cost will be calculated per page.


  • Brand design, How much does graphic design cost.


Both small and large companies usually request branding or brand design, and it is important so that it can be built from their tangible and intangible assets.


Considering the prices of substantial assets, we can point out that creating a name can have an approximate value of £450.


Similarly, the corporate stationery service may cost £200 – £386, while the color study could be priced at £150 or much more. It is worth noting that signage, packaging, and digital identity are among the tangible assets.


As for intangible assets, we can say that they will also be necessary for positioning the brand.


How will the public perceive your brand? This will depend on the experience the customer has during the purchase process. Consequently, a branding project for small SMEs can cost approximately £7,600, while for larger SMEs, £16,000 – £31,000.


  • Product packaging


Product labels and packaging are in high demand. That’s why this is one of the most required services within graphic design. If you want to know the prices of the most needed services, take a look at the following list:


  • Commercial bag design: £365.


  • Graph of containers: £950.


  • Drink Label Design: £380.


  • Packaging designs: £ 380 – £ 760.



  • Other designs, How much does graphic design cost.


Aside from the types of graphic design services we have mentioned, there are other types of creative design such as:


  • Advertising poster: £230.


  • Window vinyl according to their design and complexity: £115 – £265.


  • Large poster to place at the business entrance: £150 – £230.


  • Window vinyl: £6,800.



  • Production support 


Aside from all the services graphic design can offer, some individual professionals and companies are likely to include management work with the company in charge of the design material. Although it has an additional cost, this other service can be very advantageous because it will save you hours of work.


  • Packages, How much does graphic design cost.


These are requested mainly by people who need a graphic designer for their business. After all, the service can be cheaper when multiple services are hired simultaneously. Many companies tend to create promotional packages with their most requested jobs. That’s why, if you need many of these services, it’s to look for a package offering them. Don’t forget to ask for a quote.


What are the prices of graphic design?


Now, we offer you a table to help you. This way, you will quickly know the costs of graphic design.


Graphic Design Services Prices
Junior or Senior Graphic Designer £ 30 – £ 40 / hour
Poster (70×90) £ 3,400 – £ 12,500
Information poster (70×90) £ 1,900 – £ 11,800
Diptych and triptych (letter) £ 570 – £ 1,900
Flyer card (1/2 letter or less) £ 420 – £ 1,480
Brochure (1/2 letter) £ 720 – £ 4,300
Brochure (letter size per page) £ 340 – $ 1,900
Calendar £ 1,200 – £ 11,000
Menu (letter size) £ 1,200 – £ 7,600
Tag £ 4,550 – £ 18,600
Name creation £ 8,000 – £ 15,200
Corporate stationery £ 11,400 – £ 45,500
Packaging £ 1900 – £ 11,300
Brand book £ 1,200 – £ 5,700
Box and disc (CD – DVD) £ 2,700 – £ 11,400
Interactive CD (per screen) £ 340 – £ 1,700
E-commerce site £ 11,000 – £ 22,800
Website (maximum 6 screens) £ 5,700 – £ 18,900


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