How much does a website cost?

How much does a website cost? This question is usually very common among all business owners who want an internet presence. How much does a website cost in the India? The truth is, this answer will depend on many factors. First, starting with whether the goal is to build a small website or a more advanced one. It´ll also depend on whether you should include an online store or an utterly personalised website within the budget.


In the same way, in this post, we´ll talk about all the elements that you must fit into your budget. This will be to create your website to meet your business goals regarding positioning, traffic, and sales.


Who can design a web page?


It is worth noting that you understand the development modes if you are creating a website. That is, your website can be designed or developed by an agency, freelancers, or through automated platforms. Of course, the choice of development mode will depend on your business goals or other factors:


When to work with an agency?


How much does a website costMaking a website through a professional agency will be relevant if you want to build a lasting relationship.


Also, if you need a fully dedicated team to your website because you don’t have the time for it. Or, if you don’t have the tools to do it, this is an excellent option.


In addition, the costs of hiring the services of an agency depending on the modality of the page.


The cost for a web page as a landing or that doesn´t include graphic material or content will be cheaper. Comparing it to an E-commerce or a complete web page.



When to work with freelancers? 


How much does a website costFreelancers generally offer their services at a lower cost than a professional agency. But is their work of the same quality?


Choosing the services of a freelancer will largely depend on the type of business and website you want. Freelancers can do an excellent job if it´s the website for a company that´s still considered a startup. Also, you can work with a freelancer as you have the time to take care of your website yourself. Because you´ll be able to be aware of its execution.


However, if you want a personalized website, this will not be the strong suit for a freelancer. On the other hand, agencies create projects from scratch to construct web pages daily. And in this same place, you´ll find every important figure that must participate in creating your web page.


So, if you go for the freelancer option, you´ll need to hire a separate graphic designer, web developer, and copywriter. Each of these figures will charge by the hour, by packages, or according to other variables.


When to work with automated platforms?


How much does a website costYou can develop a web page through a straightforward and easy-to-use interface through automated platforms. Followed by this, it´ll be the best option given the higher budget that you´d need when hiring an agency´s services.


In fact, among the automated platforms most used for website development are:


  • Wix, How much does a website cost.


This is one of the platforms often used the most to fill the need for a web programmer.


You can create a website from home without the advanced knowledge to create a fully customized website through this option.


  • Squarespace, How much does a website cost.


This option is also usually to create a web page. And, to use it from the beginning, you must pay for a plan since it doesn´t have a free trial. Also, thanks to its variety of templates, you can make custom designs.


  • Weebly, How much does a website cost.


Unlike Wix and Squarespace, this is one of the simplest platforms, and its prices are intermediate. However, it allows personalizing each web page through digital marketing functionalities.




How do I create a website? The SEO strategy should also be in the budget


After knowing how much it costs to make a website so that it´s not ordinary, nowadays, it´s essential to build an SEO website. So, when we talk about an SEO website, we mean one made so Google can find it. Which is, of course, the leading search engine on the internet.


Thanks to SEO, Google can find a web page to read it. And according to the quality of its content, it can rank as a portal of great value.


The build-up of an SEO web page can be planned from day 1. Or it can be added to the necessary tasks before the website launches.


You should know that many other business owners are already using SEO as business owners. So that their ordinary website can climb to the top of Google. Consequently, your business cannot remain anonymous and must have a quality website to position itself in the top Google results.


The best advice we can give you is that in addition to defining your budget for the construction of your website, have an entire budget for SEO since this must be constant work.


Because of this, an SEO budget should encompass the following variables:


  • The number of pages you need to optimize.
  • The competitiveness of the industry.
  • The scope of the project.
  • Content creation.
  • The technology and resources you´ll use.
  • The years of experience of the service provider.


A project on the SEO positioning of a website can currently cost from £50 GBP to £760 GBP per month.


How much does it cost to make a website in the India?


Millions of people use the internet and access e-commerce or web pages with professional services every day. So, the cost of a web page will depend on the type of page modality you want:


  • E-commerce, How much does a website cost.


These are the traits that generally makeup e-commerce or virtual store:


  • Product manager.
  • Mobile version of the site.
  • Domain and hosting.
  • Payment options.
  • Product search by category.
  • Shipping calculator.
  • Social media links.
  • SEO or basic positioning.
  • SSL security certificate.


A virtual store with the characteristics above can have an approximate value between £270 and £450.


  • Website for professional services, How much does a website cost.


These are the things that may be missing within a web page for professional services:


  • Informative sections relating to the company.
  • Informative sections on services.
  • Mobile version.
  • Hosting and domain.
  • Social media links.
  • Form for contact or quotes.
  • SSL security certificate.
  • SEO or basic positioning.
  • Professional email accounts.


These are the must-have features for a professional services website. Therefore, a web page with these variables will cost approximately 230 GBP to 410 GBP.


How much does a web domain cost in the India?


The domain is one of the essential elements to identify your web page on the internet. The domain will be the name for which your public will know you. And for this, you must make the reservation and the registration that may be periodically renewable. Thus, the price of the web domain should also be in your budget.


Now, these are some of the reasons why you should register a domain for your business website in England:


  • Have a presence on the web.
  • Show professionalism.
  • Increase credibility.
  • Have greater reach and publicity.
  • Ease of contact for your customers.


At present, there is a great variety of extensions of territorial domains. The India is one of the countries with the highest domain number. In addition, they are sought after by people or companies from other countries to be used there. Even by some outside of Europe.


Thanks to the fact that there are different domains in the India, each of them it´s for other areas, and each of them has an additional cost:


  • .uk (£11): this is the main extension of the set of territorial domains, and it´s only dedicated to the India.


  • (£15): This is one of the most popular domains in the India nowadays. Any company can use it. And it can even be registered internationally to generate a more significant local business presence.


  • (£11): This domain was created for communications, telephony, and others companies. And its original function is still being respected.


  • (£22): This territorial domain is reserved mainly for non-profit institutions or organizations.


  • Educational institutions or everything directed to the educational field of the India can use this domain. And, its registration is free.


  • This domain extension is exclusive for government pages or government sites located in this country. And both its registration and renewal are also free.


Did you like this post?


Right now, building a website instead of being a requirement is a great opportunity for your business. So, you must know how much they charge for a website in the India in 2022. And what extra elements you should include within your budget. Also, investing in a web page should not worry you. This investment will turn into a great return and good results if you do a good job with it.


At BluCactus, we have a specialized team in website construction and SEO. If your business does not yet have a website, you still have time to contact us. And we´ll gladly help you create a custom site to meet your goals, achieve better positioning and increase sales.


Contact us whenever you´re ready to take your business to the next level!

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