11 fashion photography tips

11 fashion photography tips. When it comes to fashion photography, there are certain things that you need to know. It’s the only way you’ll succeed in this industry. After all, the composition of fashion images is very different from regular photographs. So, if you’re really interested in this form of art, then here are 11 helpful fashion photography tips that will help you achieve your creative vision. Follow them and watch your success grow in front of your eyes.


This is everything you need to know as a fashion photographer. Whether you’re just getting started or looking for new ideas for your next shoot., you’ll need to consider certain elements.


For example, if you’re shooting in a studio and don’t regularly have access to one, renting out a reasonably priced space that fits your demands is probably the best idea.


Nevertheless, what truly matters in this industry is the outfit and accessories.


These will be your main characters, and as such, you must focus on them.


If you’re new to fashion photography, or you want to improve your skills, follow these next tips by heart.


The best 11 fashion tips for fashion photography


Do you want to take high-level professional fashion photos? If so, then this is time to improve your skills with these 11 amazing tips:


1. Make the concept of fashion stand out, Fashion photography tips.


This is one of the most important tips you must consider if you want to take fashion photos. So, to start, you must understand the differences between a fashion photographer and a regular one. For example, fashion photographers must highlight the fashion piece and make it stand out.


In other words, since a fashion photographer usually works with clothing articles, these should be the protagonists of their images. So, no matter the concept, you must always prioritize the clothing or fashion accessory you’re working with. They’re the star in this picture.


While you are creating your project, you must ensure that the outfit’s details are never out of the spotlight. And never forget, you must also ensure that whoever sees it focuses on the product for sale. As a helpful tip, avoid using items that distract the eyes and focus on what really needs to stand out.


Fashion photography tips


2. From prominence to the outfit.


It isn’t easy to showcase the texture of fashionable clothes through images. Since images are static, the outfit might look stiff, even if it isn’t. In these cases, you must showcase your professionalism and get creative.


So, what are you going to do? First, you must convey the softness of the clothes you’re working with. For this, you can ask your model to help you. The key is to achieve a feeling of movement to showcase the flow of the clothes. Ask your model to walk, run or perform other actions.


Even if every fabric has its own texture, they all tend to flow with the air. Take advantage of it and show the characteristics of the outfit.


For example, pieces of clothing such as skirts or dresses float very easily in the air forming triangles. Use that to your advantage and achieve a balanced composition. For this, angle your camera to allow the viewer to see both the outfit and the model.


However, it’s hard to showcase the fluidity of a dress in an image. Taking fashion photographs with long dresses can be used to your advantage. You can easily fill in negative spaces due to their basic flow. So, let it flow freely until you get the perfect shot.


But consider that while some fabrics flow well with the air, others have their natural flight. So, to display the garment so that it attracts attention, you must have the model make poses that will accentuate her curves. For example, the S shape that the body creates makes any type of fabric look softer.


Fashion photography tips


3. Find a balance in the composition of your photography, Fashion photography tips.


The balance of the composition is the backbone of creating high-quality fashion photographs. Of course, there are times when you’ll need to get the creative juices flowing. Try placing the model in unusual places and work the scene.


To do this, you can use a counterbalance as another component to convey harmony. And if you don’t want your image to look disproportionate, add another model. You must ensure that they fit the concept you’re going for with your images.


Many fashion photographs are well-composed when visual interest is added to what is considered dead space. Also, if you’re looking to create good symmetry in your images, you can opt for a double image.


Fashion photography tips


4. Follow the rule of thirds.


If you want your fashion photos to have the right composition, you can apply the rule of thirds. How to do it? For starters, mentally divide the photo frame into 9 frames of the same size. The effect will be similar to a grid with three stripes, and it is an excellent method for you to find a balanced composition.


Once you have your rule of thirds in your head, position the model at any point where the lines cross. Your camera is your friend, especially the most modern ones because they have a function known as the grid line. This is a helpful tool that will allow you to achieve the desired composition.


Besides, this feature is easy to install on your device. Once you do, you just need to move the camera until the intersections on the screen capture the model. The rule of thirds is very helpful for you to locate your model or mannequin if you don’t know. As a result, when applying it, you will notice how the appearance of your fashion photographs improves significantly.


Fashion photography tips


5. Maintain good communication with your model, Fashion photography tips.


Taking good photos will also depend on how attuned you are to your model, and that is why you must earn their trust. The clothing will always speak for itself, with a well-directed model. So, to get started, talk to your model about what it takes to have professional looks and poses. This also allows your model to move more freely, especially if they have experience, which changes the tone of your images.


You might not know how to approach your model at the start, especially if you don’t know them. However, don’t worry because you and the model will achieve a good flow as the hours go by. All you have to do is ensure an environment full of respect, trust, and good communication, emphasizing the human element.



6. Place the subject in the center.


The composition rules can be respected, or they can be bypassed depending on your objectives. You can place the model in the center without looking at the composition rule to get a certain shot. This style works very well in fashion photography as long as it is used correctly.


Once you place your main point in the middle, there will be no problem for the viewer to notice it at once. But this point could have some downsides if you don’t know how to take advantage of it. Placing your model in the center is likely to give the fashion photostatic and boring.


However, by following the next tips, you can get beautiful snapshots. The background is one of the elements that will play an important role in your project. Because of this, you should try to look for a space with objects to balance its composition. The idea is that the model is framed to be able to take the perfect portrait.



7. Tell a story through your fashion photography, Fashion photography tips.


Fashion photographers tend to make certain mistakes when capturing their portraits. When does the error occur? By not having a visual narrative in your photoshoot. In fact, when reviewing a fashion magazine or viewing a website related to this sector, you will notice that each photograph will follow the same theme. It’s time to stand out from the crowd.


By the way, you don’t need to use words to describe what is happening. You can just offer some clues about it. If you decide to apply this tip to your images, you will get a striking result. And whoever sees them will grow curious about the story you’re trying to tell.


For this reason, you must have a coherent notion to create an adequate concept. Thus, the viewer will be forced to observe each of the images.


Now, you don’t necessarily need to tell a 100% true story, nor does it need to have a beginning and an end. Besides, since you can’t really add captions or other elements to tell your story, try creating your images so that they can do so.


Do you need an example? If you plan to conduct a photo shoot in a certain city, capture the model walking the streets or entering different establishments such as a restaurant. This way, you can take advantage of different elements and provide clues.



8. Find the perfect location to show your ideas.


The background is one of the most important elements in your images. Thanks to it, you can easily achieve a high-quality composition. Of course, when taking your snapshots, you must also take into account where you will place the model. However, the elements in your background can unbalance your fashion photographs.


And because of this, you should tune both the background and costumes and the other elements that your model will use. For this, fashion photography professionals recommend using a background in a different color than the clothes you are trying to highlight. For example, if the garments have multiple patterns, use a neutral background. If you carry out a simple photo session, you can use it as a backdrop to get yet another ideal complement.


Considering all the above, in fashion photography, you must ensure that all attention is directed toward the model. In general, people tend to follow curves and lines. So, try to use a background with these characteristics to make your viewers focus directly on your model.


To achieve a good composition in your fashion photographs, you must know your concept. For example, you can easily find these characteristics in urban landscapes. After all, they’re made up of streets, stairs, and other elements.


Just as you can take advantage of urbanism, you can use other elements such as rectangles and squares to frame your model. You will also need to be careful with large items behind your model to create a good balance.



9. Interact with your environment, Fashion photography tips.


Your portfolio should consist of high-quality fashion photographs. That’s why you must allow your creativity to run free to learn how to take advantage of your surroundings.


After all, you can provide more dynamism to your snapshots when you interact with the environment. Many photographers choose to do photoshoots where their models remain standing, and they’re making a mistake. Try using your surroundings to create interesting compositions.


For example, if you are in an environment where there are stairs, you can ask your model to sit on them or get a good picture of them while going up or down.


Most photographers consider street elements to be useful artificial platforms due to their use of main lines. These offer a great advantage since, thanks to them, the viewer can easily focus on the central point.



10. Include accessories between elements.


For your fashion photography to look and be professional, you must create a coherent theme, which is why accessories will be very useful. In fact, they are very effective in providing clues that relate to the context of your portraits and in adding a bit of dimension to your composition.


If your background looks soft, you can add an element to help form a natural frame. This will wrap around the model’s face to create a striking piece. Besides, this is one of the best ways for the viewer to look at their specific target.


On the other hand, you can create surreal images by adding unusual elements to your model. This way, when you arrange these objects in different shapes like lines or curves, you can better focus on the center point.



11. Use different angles, Fashion photography tips.


When taking your snapshots, don’t just use eye-level angles. Explore the rest of your environment and find different places to photograph your model. Don’t be afraid and play with everything in your power to build a professional portfolio.


For example, take photos from different angles, either from above, below, or tilting your camera. However, take into account that using different types of angles can alter the photo’s composition. For this reason, before starting with a shoot, you must know what you want to convey and how.


Added to this, you must be aware that each angle can have both advantages and disadvantages. For example, if you want your model to dominate your shot, you can shoot from a low point. This effect will make the model look great, and her outfit will also become the protagonist of the photograph. However, to take these photos, you should not get too close to the model. Otherwise, you will appear threatening.



Take advantage of different angles.


If you want to give a more intimate feel to your photographs, take your shot from a high angle. You can create an emotional connection between the product and people through this type of angle.


Also, if you want to add photos to evoke freedom, try taking shots from above. However, these types of angles can make the model look smaller. Because of this, we recommend taking into account what you want to convey before using it.


But if what you’re really looking for is to capture a more vigorous image, you can use the Dutch tilt. Try tilting your camera diagonally to convey danger. If you want to give a more urban look, you can use this same technique.



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Thanks to these 11 helpful fashion photography tips, you’ll be able to offer the highest quality portfolio ever. Besides, you can also improve your skills to create compositions in line with the fashion industry.


On the other hand, you must always keep in mind that the clothes or accessories you work with must always be the protagonist of your shoots. If you still struggle, don’t worry. Here at BluCactus, we can help you. We offer the best tools to become a professional fashion photographer. Contact us!


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