9 emails for E-commerce that cannot be missing from your strategy

9 emails for E-commerce that cannot be missing from your strategy in the UK. Online stores are in fashion because they are the perfect option to buy, sell and distribute. But not only this, because through them you can make a successful promotion and provide quality customer service. E-commerce allows you to channel the entire purchase process from start to finish. By doing it virtually and remotely, it is not necessary to depend on the traditional point of sale.


In all countries, including the UK, there are many online stores. However, we recommend including emails in your marketing strategy for recruitment, promotion and sales. This is usually one of the safest and most effective channels to contact your potential customers and provide any required information.


For this reason, we have put together the 9 most effective types of e-commerce emails. All to pursue your goals through consistent and meaningful campaigns.


Let’s see the 9 emails that cannot be missing in your E-commerce strategy


These are the 9 emails that will add more than you imagine to your e-commerce strategy:


  • Abandoned Cart.


BluCactus - 9 emails for E-commerce that cannot be missing from your strategy - MouseSurely, when comparing the traffic you receive daily in your e-commerce and the registered purchases, you will notice a big difference.


But this is not a matter of concern since the same thing happens to many online stores. Of course, the goal is to be able to reduce that gap to avoid the “abandoned cart” phenomenon.


The good news is that an automatic email can be configured to be sent just a few hours after the user has visited your site, loaded some products in the cart, and then has not completed the purchase. Abandoned cart emails are very effective as they reduce the abandonment rate that occurs in online stores. This is because they must be sent when the lead has been recent. And the invitation must be made through eye-catching content and visual incentives.


It is even allowed to add bonuses or discounts that encourage the user to finish their purchase process.


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  • Feedback Emails, 9 emails for E-commerce.


For your eCommerce, it is essential to know the experiences and impressions of your visitors.


To understand what is going wrong and what can be improved. You can enable a channel, in this case, the feedback emails.


It must be a short, precise and personalized email to ask them to rate your attention, products or services. This is an excellent way to obtain insights. And if you also include some benefits for those who access it, you will notice that you will be able to get wonderful information about your brand.



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  • Recovery emails for inactive customers.


In case you don’t know, in most cases, it is more expensive and complicated to reach new customers than to retain the ones you have.


So, you must investigate who is part of the public that has bought from you and focus on not neglecting them. In this way, think about what can be the type of communication that makes you feel valued and taken into account by your brand.


To do this, you can make yourself noticed on particular dates, or you can also contact them and tell them about an activity linked to their activity in your online store.


If there is a lack of activity, the goal is to get their attention again.


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  • Cross Selling and Up Selling Emails


We will explain these concepts if you have not yet heard of them. Try to take advantage of any type of communication you may have with your customers.


Thanking them for their purchase or sending promotions according to their browsing history on your site are perfect times to offer complementary products. These may be of equal or greater value to those you have already purchased.


These tactics in your E-commerce strategy are ideal for increasing your sales and billing. In addition, they can generate frequent sales among those who are already your potential customers.



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  • Promotional emails on special dates


Seasonal marketing consists of actions that work regardless of what you sell. You can take advantage of trade days, celebrations or dates that you know are significant for your audience.


Thus, the moment will become opportune to tell them about you and your products or services.


These special dates make your target more interested in your commercial communications. Therefore, sending email marketing with benefits or discounts on your products is a good option.


For example, Valentine’s Day is perfect to offer discounts on the occasion of that date because they get great acceptance by the audience.


  • Emails with products that get visits in your store, 9 emails for E-commerce.


When your e-commerce visitors see a category of your products but have not purchased it, you can send an automatic email. Why? Because they are interested and just need a push to finalize their purchase. Your email may be the reason that ends up convincing them.


In this sense, you should take advantage of the opportunity and send the emails shortly after the visits. This way, they will not lose impact and quickly remember that they have visited your site.


Another central point is that the automation of emails like these is necessary to implement an e-commerce strategy. Thus, this strategy will be adjusted to the needs of each visitor and their shopping experience. You can use many platforms for this action, although you can also seek the help of marketing professionals.


  • Welcome Email, 9 emails for E-commerce.


An email for companies of thanks or introduction to a user who has visited your site and who has also subscribed to your Newsletter to obtain more information about your business will be a good start for your online business. In fact, nowadays, most companies do it, and you cannot be left behind.


Make yourself available to them. And remember who you are or what you do to generate a greater impact for your brand.


  • Emails as a birthday greeting.


Once you have information in your contact base, ideally, you can make the most of it. It will be gratifying for your clients to receive your greeting on one of the most significant dates, such as their birthday or anniversary. The reality is that these emails work very well in terms of branding and customer loyalty.


Depending on how well you use them, you can even generate new sales or make them more frequent.


  • Emails confirming orders, shipments or tracking, 9 emails for E-commerce.


BluCactus - Providing any type of information - Email messageIn a well-thought-out email campaign for e-commerce, this strategy cannot be missing. It is essential to have fluid communication between you and the user from the first moment they make a purchase.


In this way, you can convey peace of mind and confidence so that the customer is sure that their purchase and dispatch request will be processed successfully.


This channel is the most suitable for providing any type of information that will be useful in a purchase process. You can add when it arrives, where it is picked up if the shipment has any cost, refund or return policies, and much more.


These emails are very useful for many users because they work as proof of payment. That is why emails like these must be sent without delay, guaranteeing their delivery and confidentiality.


What emails would you like to include in the strategy for your e-commerce?


Regular and special content newsletters and user support emails should also be part of an e-commerce email strategy.


If you don’t have time to make this type of content at BluCactus, we can help you.


Our marketing, design and content creation specialists can create your strategy and brand it through emails. Contact us right now to help you retain your customers. There are many companies that use e-commerce, and you can too.


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