Corporate Presentation Vs Commercial Presentation

Differences between a corporate presentation and a commercial presentation. We know that a business presentation has a goal, whether it’s to impress or win clients. Therefore, we will explain what these two types of presentations comprise and what differentiates them.


Defining a corporate presentation


A corporate and commercial presentationA corporate presentation aims to make our company known within our sector. Likewise, it also helps us find new partners or suppliers for a project.


We can call it the backbone of the commercial system of presentations since it presents organization, structure, and objectives.


It also discloses what services or products it offers, how it uses its resources, what benefits it generates, and how its differential values ​​make it more desirable than other companies in its sector.


There are some ways to carry out a corporate presentation. We can do it through a web page, a brochure, or a PowerPoint presentation.


What content does a corporate presentation present?


  • Main elements


The aim of this presentation is to build the image of your company. Because of this, its content follows specific rules. This image will impact the way the general public sees your company. Thus, your employees, customers, and competitors will also be affected by this. However, we must be clear: The corporate image isn’t the same as the corporate identity, which shows what your company really is. Besides, the corporate graphic identity, the brand itself, isn’t the same as the previous two terms.


The corporate presentation presents the following structure:




  1. Base template: This template allows you to comply with the corporate graphic identity manual and helps you order the presentation contents.
  2. The cover: This is the main element, as it’s the first thing the audience will see. Remember that a good impression always helps. For this, you can use a reference image. This image must reflect the company’s values, such as a specialization in a sector, teamwork, or even a partner. Besides, the logo and phase that best represents your company’s values must also be present.
  3. Index: It helps the audience, either through a physical or digital document, know the presentation’s content and thus know ​​what it could be about.
  4. Who we are“: The company’s name heads a summary in this section. Besides, it could show who is the organizer in the market, their billing figures, their offices, or distribution networks.
  5. What we do“: this section defines the organization’s activity. It highlights the benefits that come from the products or services.
  6. Our advantages“: The differences between your organization and its competitors. The benefits that your offer to your audience are exposed here.



Differences between a corporate presentation and a commercial presentation: Other practical elements


A corporate and commercial presentation

  • “Human team”:


This allows the public to see who works at your company. To show this, you can use a service organization chart. It can be a functional or hierarchical one. It could show this by service areas or using an individualized CV.


  •  “Service network”:


This is where the service offices, the points of sale, or distribution channels for your products are located.


Remember that every organization is a world, and you should explain the advantages of your company structure.


A corporate and commercial presentation

  • “Clients”:


In this section, you can request the authorization of your clients to show their names in their commercial presentations.


  •  “Awards or recognitions”:


Showing your recognition within your sector is valuable since it adds credibility to your service offer.


  • Corporate social responsibility:


This shows how your company returns to society part of the benefits it profits from. Here, they will want to know how your company does this. Likewise, they may ask you the names of the institutions that your company collaborates with. Even if this is taken as a passing trend, it’s still a fundamental behaviour of good corporate governance.


  • Back cover:


Here, you can add the contact details of your company. This information will allow the world to easily find you. Thus, it’s crucial.


Differences between a corporate presentation and a commercial presentation: How to use PowerPoint for a corporate presentation


On the other hand, if you are creating your presentation with PowerPoint, consider the following:


  • Make it a supporting document for your face-to-face or non-face-to-face presentation.



  • The font size is at least 24-28 dots since smaller sizes don’t display well on a projected screen or PC.


  • Don’t present many concepts on the same page. Use the Word format if you need to detail a service, an advantage, or something related to that.


Differences between a corporate presentation and a commercial presentation: Characteristics of the corporate presentation


You must remember that a presentation aims to let the client know they can trust you.


To do this, you must showcase the most outstanding features of your company. Don’t forget to mention the company’s main advantages over the competition.


Besides, keep in mind that a lot of information can be boring for most people. Thus, they may be only interested in some aspects of the company.


The presentation must be brief and concrete, highlighting the most relevant aspects of the company for the recipient.


In short, the presentation must project a positive and friendly image of a company with values ​​and commitment to society.


Differences between a corporate presentation and a commercial presentation: Corporate presentation design


  • The support


You shouldn’t worry too much about this. A simple program like PowerPoint will be enough to get an acceptable result. However, to get the best quality in slide designs, you can choose one of these two options.


  1. Entrust your design to a designer. In this way, you will display an exclusive format perfectly adapted to your company.
  2. Use templates drawn from some design web portals. You can choose free support such as free PowerPoint Templates. Likewise, you can also choose paid ones from specialized pages like Canva or Creative Market. Remember that this can help you showcase your presentation professionally in this last case. Select the template that best suits your company image, even if most of them are fully customizable.


  • The style


To make your presentation enjoyable to your interlocutors, keep these tips in mind:


  • Minimize the amount of text on the slides and give maximum prominence to the images: photographs diagrams are the first thing that will attract the viewer’s attention.


  • Use different font sizes depending on the importance of the message. Other fonts can also be combined on the same slide to highlight the most important entries.



  • Likewise, you can also get free images from platforms like Unsplash, Pixabay. Remember that you can also get them from paid sites like DepositPhotos or Istockphoto. If you do this, you will present an image of professionalism in your presentations.


  • Use backgrounds with soft colors, or don’t use any background colour to highlight the messages.


Differences between a corporate presentation and a commercial presentation: What’s a commercial presentation


This presentation is a persuasion tool that the sales team uses to achieve a sale. It shows products, services, or a digital brand that has had importance for a few years.


Besides, it can be intended for suppliers or clients. This can be done through various supports such as Prezi, PowerPoint, writings, and catalogues.


The presentation must gain the interest of the audience. For this, you must convey the brand’s competitive advantages and respect its strategies and objectives.


Besides, your presentation must showcase your company’s values to empathize with potential clients.


If you do all this, we guarantee that you will reach all your objectives.


Differences between a corporate presentation and a commercial presentation: characteristics of a commercial presentation


A corporate and commercial presentationNext, we will explain some characteristics that make this presentation stand out.


  • Format


Two fundamental elements are format and structure since we wouldn’t achieve an excellent visual image without them. We remind you that the titles must head the content to make the presentation clearer. Then, the most prominent information should follow the title. Don’t forget to use clear, basic fonts like Times New Roman or Arial. If you want to change it, you can do it in the titles or phrases you highlight.


  • It Causes interest


Use good quality, attractive images. Use creative phrases or words that spark interest. For this, you can get inspired with the help of Google. Also, communicate what sales strategies set you apart from the competition to your audience. All of this can bring you direct positive results in your business presentation.


  • Creativity, brevity, and concreteness


Presentations that talk about the history of the product or the company are in disuse. This is because they can be tedious and extensive.


Because of this, it’s time that you take advantage of the new trends in your sector. Apply your creativity to create a speech that will impact your target audience.


For this, use unexpected phrases or questions to make the client curious. This will draw attention and the need to know more about your product.


Also, don’t forget to be brief and very specific in communication. This is because if there is something that customers don’t want, it’s listening or reading for too long.


  • It lets you empathize with the audience.


It’s essential to apply emotional marketing to connect with your potential customers. For this, you should tell a brief tale about your product. In this tale, you must build some relation between the product and an experience the audience could relate to. This is because these stories significantly impact speeches to attract traffic. In fact, what moves or produces some feeling is what currently sells.


Differences between a corporate presentation and a commercial presentation: two key aspects to consider for a commercial presentation


  • Irrelevant information for the client


You must remember that the client only cares about your product. They don’t care about the history of your company.


Thus, sharing a lot of information about it can be detrimental to your product. Things like your company’s milestones and its market shares can be boring and irrelevant to them.


In some specific cases, this data may be helpful, but, in general, it’s useless because they focus solely on you, not customers.


Therefore, before making introductions or presenting comprehensive reports on the state of the market or the important role your company plays, ask yourself:


How does this relate to the customer’s needs and interests?


  • Focus on service


The customer is only interested in hearing the advantages of their product or service. They don’t care if the product is made from a new type of polymer. If it doesn’t fix their problem, you might lose that future customer or follower.


For example, suppose you sell razor blades. It doesn’t matter if they’re made of stainless steel. What’s important is that the blades last longer and save money with this material.


The same would happen if you sold extendable monopods (for smartphones or cameras). What’s important is that you can carry it in your pocket everywhere. Not the fact that it measures 7cm unfolded.


In a commercial presentation, it’s of utmost importance to be specific and make the most of each slide.


Differences between a corporate presentation and a commercial presentation: other aspects to consider for a commercial presentation


A corporate and commercial presentation

  • Showing graphs, figures, and data


Overwhelming them with numbers and percentages will not help the customer form a clear idea of ​​what the numbers you’re showing them mean. In these cases, it’s best to use bar charts or pie charts. Also, if you want the graphics to not only look good but also stimulate the purchase, please apply:


  • Don’t use more than necessary.


  • Highlight only the information that contributes to closing the sale.


  • Only use 2D graphics. 3D graphics are all the rage and seem more eye-catching, but it’s actually counterproductive. Besides, 2D is perfect, and it fulfils its purpose, which is that the public can understand the information.


A corporate and commercial presentation

  • Harness the full power of storytelling


Since the beginning of time, we’ve always been interested in stories. Therefore, storytelling has become one of the preferred and most effective marketing techniques. In fact, some studies show that with a story, users retain 26% more information.


So, you may wonder:


“How do I apply storytelling to my commercial presentation?”


To do this, share experiences with your clients: what problem they had, how it helped them, and how they’re now, among other aspects. Tell them with names and surnames and with a photograph, thus transmitting your personal and business credibility. Also, if possible, let your client tell the story.



  • Make the customer visualize himself with the product or service.


Today, customer demands go beyond knowing the specifics of a product or service. Thus, you must ensure that the customer can visualize your product or service.


Differences between a corporate presentation and a commercial presentation: summary


A corporate and commercial presentationWe previously mentioned the types of presentations, their characteristics, and how they work. We should note once again that each of them pursues a central aim. The corporate presentation seeks to publicize the company, its essence, values, products, or services, among other aspects.


On the other hand, the commercial presentation aims to provide support to achieve a sale. Besides, it’s a little more informal than corporate since it seeks to attract customers.


Finally, it doesn’t matter if you have an established company or an inexperienced one. We are here to help you! Our digital marketing services will be helpful to increase the quality of your products. 


Besides, we will ensure the satisfaction of your consumers. Contact us. Begin to create and innovate with BluCactus.


If you have questions about the differences between a corporate presentation and a commercial one. We invite you to write them in the comments section. You can also subscribe to our daily newsletter to receive our articles and news on digital marketing.


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