12 Most Important Elements to Build A Highly Lucrative Fashion Website

12 Most Important Elements to Build A Highly Lucrative Fashion Website. Did you know that people only take 0.5 seconds to form an opinion about a website? Yes, this is true. So, if you have not designed a proper website, you might be losing tons of opportunities.


You already know that your website is the core element of your fashion business. Even if you bring tons of traffic to your fashion blog or website, you won’t see a sale. That’s because you might not have optimized your fashion website well enough. 


Fashion is a completely different niche.


It requires separate strategies, design elements, navigation, and to get the most out of a fashion website.


So, if you are struggling to scale your fashion website to the next level, we have you covered. This blog post will come across 12 important elements to build a highly lucrative fashion website that will take your website to the next level.


So, without further ado, let’s begin.


1. Look into your niche.


Build A Fashion WebsiteThe first on this list of 12 important elements to build a highly lucrative fashion website is to look into your niche. We often ignore the importance of looking into our niche and regret it later. 


We don’t want you to fall into this trap. So, make sure you pay attention to your niche and the topics that excite you the most. Fashion is a broad niche. Try to narrow it down by researching the topics you love the most. For example, fashion could include topics like Men’s fashion, Women’s Fashion, Kid’s Fashion, etc. 


You should go for a niche that establishes you as an expert. Also, you can talk about that topic without fear of losing content ideas. 


It is also the same when it comes to designing a website. People like Neil Patel, Brian Dean, and Pat Flynn have captured the market by creating a website related to their niche.


If you are confused about how to find your niche, then follow these steps:


  1. List down your passion and interests.
  2. What is the one topic in which you have the upper hand?
  3. Check out the competition and profitability of your niche.


2. Ensure mobile-friendliness.


Build A Fashion WebsiteWhether you agree or not, the mobile-friendliness of your fashion website is of utmost importance. 50% of the internet traffic comes from a mobile device.


So, you can predict the importance of having a mobile-friendly website.


Whether you run a fashion blog or a business website, your first priority should be to create a mobile-friendly website. 


Having a mobile-friendly website will give a better user experience and help you improve your SEO. Google has already made it clear that a mobile-friendly website is necessary for better SERP rankings.


So, make sure that you create a mobile-friendly website.


3. Core web vitals are important.


Build A Fashion WebsiteLast year Google in May, Google released the core web vitals. They announced three core parameters that every website must have to get better rankings on Google. 


Therefore, you must try to integrate these parameters into your website for better rankings and SEO value.


Let us look at those three important parameters:


  • Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) is a parameter that judges the unexpected visual shift when a user pops on your page. An ideal CLS must be less than 0.1.
  • First Input Delay (FID) is the total time taken for a page to become interactive. An ideal FID should be fewer than 100ms.
  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) is the cumulative time taken for a page to load fully. An ideal LCP must be less than 2.5 seconds. 


These are the parameters on which you must focus to get things working. 


4. Speed up your website.


We have already mentioned it many times and will mention it again. The speed of your website will determine whether you’ll be getting on the top spot of SERP or not. Search engines like Google have made it clear that website speed is now a ranking factor. 


Good website speed will help you improve your rankings and impact your sales and conversion. 


Amazon researched and found that a 1-second delay in website speed could cost them $1.6 billion. 


So, make sure that your site loads in under 2-3 seconds.


Following are the tips to speed up your site:


  • Use cloud hosting.
  • Use CDN.
  • Remove used CSS and Java files.
  • Compress images.


5. Add testimonials.


Video content marketing is booming nowadays. 80% of marketers feel that video content helps them drive more sales and conversion. In fact, 86% of marketers also say that video has become an important part of their marketing strategy. 


With that in mind, your fashion website must have some video content in it. If it is a fashion e-commerce store, you can include product review videos or customer testimonials.


If you are running a fashion blog, then how-to tutorials can work like a charm. 


When a visitor lands on your website and sees video content, it creates a positive experience for them. They feel more included in your brand, website, or business. 


You should include customer testimonials because 74% of people believe in word of mouth. Hence, it would help you win over the customer’s trust by showcasing the positive reviews of your existing customers. 


Testimonials work because most people are tired of listening to boring sales pitches. 


Here are some points to keep in mind regarding customer testimonials:


  1. Make sure that your customer testimonial talks briefly about your product or service.
  2. Make it look unbiased, genuine, and trustworthy. Please do not create fake customer testimonials.
  3. Upload a customer testimonial with high-quality visual content. 
  4. Upload customer testimonials on each of your top-performing product pages. 


Keep all these things in mind, and you’ll surely see a good spike in your sales and revenue


6. Focus on user experience, Build A Fashion Website.


A poorly designed website with a bad user experience could cost you around $205 million. Yes, $205 million. You read it right. Too much money, right? If you don’t want to lose that much, then focus on improving the user experience of your website.


In 1984, Mark and Spencer revamped their website by adding new and additional features to it. This change cost them over $105 million. However, the results were not that fruitful because of this transformation.


Their website was hard to navigate, and users found it difficult to scroll through their product. This resulted in a loss of $55 million for Mark and Spencer. 


The company then jumped to the previous format of the website, but again they had to spend $205 million. 


There are many other poor website migrations, navigation, and user experience. 


So, whenever you create your website, make sure that you pay attention to key elements like:


  1. Website navigation.
  2. User experience.
  3. Structure of your website.
  4. Product placement and so on.


7. Add quality content, Build A Fashion Website.


Whether you run a fashion website, blog, or e-commerce store. Nothing beats the power of high-quality content. There are over 1 billion websites on the internet, but only 10 of them rank on the first page of Google. 


So, if you want to stand apart from the crowd, then make sure that you create quality content. 


To write well descriptive content, you can note down the following tips:


  1. Identify your target audience and check what type of content they are looking for on the internet. You can easily do this by creating buyer personas. This will help you know the likes, dislikes, wants, and needs of your target audience.
  2. Once you know what type of content your target audience is looking for, then start researching that topic in detail. 
  3. Once your research is done, then start creating content. Your content could be a blog post, video tutorial, infographic, image content, or anything else by which you could convey your message. 


8. Keep on building links, Build A Fashion Website.


If you want your fashion website to rank up on Google and attract many quality visitors, start building links from day one. In 2021, both content and backlinks were the only way by which you could appear on top of Google’s organic listings. 


When it comes to link-building, ditch the old school methods and tricks. 


Many people still focus on building links by age-old methods, which are of no use in 2021. 


Social book marketing, forum submission, directory submission, and image submission have diluted their values. These techniques were used to work 10 years back but not in 2021.


So, the following are the latest link-building techniques you should opt for:


  1. Guest posting on high DA PA website.
  2. Blogger outreach to similar blogs.
  3. Steal your competitor’s backlinks.
  4. Broken links building methods.
  5. Guestographic method.
  6. Skyscraper technique.


9. Avoid too many sales pages, Build A Fashion Website.


People love genuine, authentic, and informative content. They crave a website that delivers them valuable content and not a boring sales pitch. So, whenever you make a website, make sure that you address the problems of your target audience. 


When running a fashion store, we can understand the importance of generating sales and profits. But don’t get too much like a sales guy. First, give value and then ask for something in return.


Also, make sure you personalize the user experience. 


You need to understand that personalization can take your fashion website to the next level. Research and studies have shown that 91% of buyers are more likely to buy from a website that offers a personalized experience. 


So, make sure that you create such an experience to make the best-ever fashion website.


10. Integrate social media, Build A Fashion Website.


Build A Fashion WebsiteDid you know that content is king and social media is gasoline? 


Until and unless you promote your content in front of the right audience, you won’t get results. It requires a lot of time, hard work, and effort to create the best piece of content, right?


And when people don’t reach out to your content, all the hardship might go in vain. This is where social media comes into the picture.


With over 3 billion users worldwide, social media can be of great benefit for promoting the content of your website. You can share links, run paid ads, create a community, and do more on social media. Today, all big companies and websites regularly publish content on social media. You can start doing the same for your fashion website.


11. Use CTAs.


If you are running an online fashion store, you cannot ignore the importance of the CTA button. Such a button helps the audience take the desired action on your website. 


With an online fashion store, an action could be to buy a product, make a payment, or put a product into the shopping cart. 


In the case of a fashion blog, the action could be to download a guide, ebook, or resource related to fashion. 


Your CTA should be loud and clear. A website visitor must be able to see it properly and take action by clicking on it.


Also, make sure that your CTA goes with the website’s color and design.


12. Secure payment gateway, Build A Fashion Website.


The last on this list of 12 Crucial Web Design Tips for a fashion website is having a secure payment gateway. Suppose you want to make money via your online fashion store. In that case, you cannot ignore the importance of a secure payment gateway.


People who want to buy from your website deserve a smooth, genuine and secure payment gateway system. 


This will help you win over the customer’s trust and will surely improve your sales and conversion rate.


So, make sure that you keep this priority and integrate a secure payment gateway on your site.




A website is the identity of your brand in the internet world. Only a few people will know about your website, and most sales and conversions will come via them. 


By following these 12 tips, you can surely take a fashion website to the next level and increase its sales, traffic, revenue, and conversion.

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