What will be the trends in content marketing for the second half of 2023?

What will be the trends in content marketing for the second half of 2022 in the UK? The world of digital marketing, in the UK, is in constant movement and innovation in favour of strategies that work for brands and companies.

What has been implemented in January, may not have the same results in August. Therefore, it is stated that it is dynamic and cyclical. Since it is possible that a strategy is applied for a specific cycle or to meet a certain objective.


Sometimes, the functionality of the applied digital marketing strategies is determined by the public and its receptivity. And consequently, the demand that they continue to make of them.


On the other hand, when talking about trends, reference is made to aspects, and elements that are in vogue at a given time or, as it is also known, fashionable. So, we want to know what digital marketing strategies will enter the scene in this second half of the year and will be put into practice by brands and companies.


Trends in content marketing for the second half of 2022


  • Return of events in hybrid mode, Trends in content marketing.


BluCactus - What will be the trends in content marketing for the second - Woman with cellphoneDue to the pandemic, everything went online. From a simple purchase of groceries to events that normally took place in person. Given the return to normality, meetings and other activities have been resumed on site.


And with the presence of the public, however, digital transmission continues.


Thanks to this opening of the online modality 2 years ago, a large number of people who previously, due to distance, could not participate in certain events or activities were allowed to participate.


Therefore, one way to continue maintaining this audience and reach is to hold the events in a hybrid mode. In which, being in person, the online mode or live broadcast is also available, applying strategies for each of them.


  • Content Curation.


BluCactus - What will be the trends in content marketing for the second - EmojisFirst of all, we must clarify what a content curator does. Perhaps we associate the term curator more with art and work in museums.


But in digital media, there is a content curator, who is the person in charge of keeping up to date with what is happening abroad and having information first-hand about a specific event or topic.


Once the information is collected, it is responsible for transmitting it understandably and attractively to the reading public. So, it has a close relationship with valuable content.


Since it deviates from what the trends are and that content we see everywhere repeatedly.



  • Creation of entertainment content on Instagram, Trends in content marketing.


BluCactus - What will be the trends in content marketing for the second - LikesDespite the commotion of recent weeks around Instagram regarding the fact that the platform has given more visibility and relevance to the video format lately, thus distorting the original meaning of the application, which was created to share photos, this is a social media that we can access to entertain ourselves.


Both formats (photo, and video) are still active. So, the content can be both in images and reels and offer options for all tastes.


Thus, cover different types of audiences, but always bearing in mind the need for prior planning. And that each publication uploaded is studied and directed to achieve a goal.



  • CDP Implementation.


There has been talk of CRM and its importance for brands and companies when managing their customers and being able to have a better marketing strategy. However, this software has evolved giving way to CDP, Customer Data Platform. Which is a program that unifies customer data more precisely.


This software serves those who are in charge of managing the digital marketing of a company. Since it gathers basic data, such as demographics, and interests, among others. With them, selecting the appropriate strategy for a specific group of people is much easier and cash.


  • OTT Platforms, Trends in content marketing.


BluCactus - What will be the trends in content marketing for the second - LaptopStreaming services are becoming more and more powerful, and traditional television programming has been undermined by the growing options. As well as the exclusive content that OTT (over the top) platforms offer to viewers.


A great advantage of this type of entertainment is that it is available for most devices (PCs, tablets, phones, streaming devices…).


So, programming can be accessed at any time and place. This is an excellent option for digital advertising, because the public is varied, being the majority young and adults. And access to these platforms is by subscription, which gives exclusivity to the campaigns that are broadcast.




  • Tiktok Entrenchment.


BluCactus - What will be the trends in content marketing for the second - CellphoneTikTok since its launch was a true revolution that managed to captivate a young audience. Its beginnings focused on entertainment content, as well as challenging trends, and dances, among others.


Currently, the strong point is still hanging out and having fun. However, we can find educational and informative content of interest that can be shown in an entertaining and even amusing way.


All to attract attention and be able to entertain at the same time you consume valuable content.


TikTok became a platform for everyone with diverse content capable of satisfying all tastes and for all types of audiences.


  • Marketing hand in hand with sales, Trends in content marketing.


Marketing strategies should no longer focus solely on generating more social media interactions, increasing followers, and having more visibility, but also on generating sales.


It is necessary for marketing to stop focusing so much on leads without having a clear strategy that leads to making sales and closing agreements with the help of the database and other information that is managed from each client already captured and potential.


  • Promote Social Selling.


BluCactus - References as an important digital marketing tool - Sending a messageSales through social media are not a novelty.


Having a profile on social media for a company or business, no matter how small, has become mandatory to have visibility and be known. But activating the Instagram store or placing products on Market Place is not enough. Especially since the cost of ads has increased and their digital reach has decreased.


For this reason, to promote social selling, it is necessary to introduce strategies with influencers. Who are in charge of talking about the product to be promoted along with its benefits and can issue valuable information about the brand or company that encourages interested parties and followers to purchase. So, this point is closely related to the previous one regarding a marketing strategy that drives sales effectively.



  • Slow down the content on socials, Trends in content marketing.


BluCactus - References as an important digital marketing tool - Using a cellphoneIt is important not to take this as a contradiction to the content generation approach. However, in this digital age, where the need to publish every day and several times a day grows, the Internet user can be overwhelmed with the amount of material they find when entering a platform.


This also has to do with the speed at which the videos are being generated. Especially the reels or TikTok’s that, due to their short duration, can be faster than normal.


Perhaps causing disinterest by not appreciating the content properly.


For this reason, a trend for these coming months of the year for this topic is to create videos at a slower speed and with a longer duration that can be appreciated effectively by the recipient of the information.


  • Content Personalization.


BluCactus - References as an important digital marketing tool - Woman using her cellphoneCurrently, with all the options and benefits offered by automation in digital marketing, it is unnecessary to continue investing time and resources in launching messages or campaigns that are not going to reach those who are really interested.


By having precise data on your contacts, their interests, and preferences, it´s possible to be able to issue personalized campaigns. And thus, achieve the desired objectives.


A combination of segmentation, automated marketing, and the inclusion of inbound marketing can achieve an effective relationship with customers.


In addition to being able to create content that achieves a closer engagement and at a lower cost.


  • Sales Links, Trends in content marketing.


BluCactus - References as an important digital marketing tool - StatisticsMuch has been said about the benefits that WhatsApp Business offers as a sales and customer service channel.


It´s a really valuable tool that helps to manage through a catalogue the products or services available from a company. To set prices, issue quick attention messages through bots, and organize chats and contacts by labels.


As well as create ads on Facebook that direct to WhatsApp and be able to link the contact number in the Instagram profile.


None of this is new. However, in the second half of the year, the use of the tools offered by this instant messaging platform will become relevant. All to establish faster with customers and provide personalized attention, and at the moment to achieve successful sales.


  • Google Web Stories.


This tool has not yet reached popularity. However, it has already been mentioned in references as an important digital marketing tool for companies and brands.


Through the Google app, you can view the history of pages visited. And when you click to open a new browser window, we will be shown the option to see blogs, news, or videos in the Discover option. This is fed by the interests that the application registers with each visit and page that you enter.


Therefore, if we have reviewed a page for the sale of children’s clothing, this section will offer content related to this recent search. This is why it represents an option to distribute the content that is generated and displayed on a platform or website. It is an interactive way that manages to capture the public.


  • Interactive Content, Trends in content marketing.


BluCactus - Ken SchrenkThere is a diversity of digital platforms where different content is shared. For example, YouTube is for long videos, Spotify is ideal for podcasts, TikTok with its short, funny, and educational videos, and Instagram now offers both photos and videos. And all of them as different as they may seem to us, have something in common: interaction.


The comments that are generated through messages, either through words or emojis, are the north for these months. That the content that is shared generates reactions to have a more participatory public on platforms and increase traffic.


To apply this and many other digital marketing strategies to your brand or company, do not hesitate to contact us.


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