Types of PowerPoint Presentations

There’s no getting around it: PowerPoint Presentations are unavoidable in today’s world. These different types of PowerPoint presentations are used daily to attract clients. In the digital market, we can identify them according to their functionality. However, certain types of presentations are super common across different fields


BluCactus - important dataThis allows creating a family of very diverse categories from their common elements. On the other hand, this classification has been beneficial in regards to its offer as a service. Another determining element is the context and audience to which they will be addressed. 


The role that marketing agencies play in identifying these types of PowerPoint presentations is crucial. This is because they are businesses that are set to understand the needs of their clients. Based on this, marketing agencies have set trends with their innovative proposals.


In this article, we’ll break down the most popular types of presentations you’re likely to encounter in your day-to-day life, according to the BluCactus agency criteria. We have created each proposal focusing on quality and customer satisfaction. In addition, we’ll make it even easier by integrating a basic definition of its structure in a creative and entertaining way.


What presentation types in PowerPoint does the BluCactus Marketing agency team offer?


BluCactus - important dataYour presentation should have one clear goal: to leave a lasting impression on your clients, colleagues, and management. That is why we always include slide design among the wide range of services that BluCactus offers. We have more than a decade of experience providing these presentation design services at our headquarters in  India.


This is one of our most demanded products due to the trusted network that we have built with our clients. Among these are brands and companies that have increased their credibility in the market thanks to the use of our designs.


A common element that all these brands feature is their commercial and pragmatic approach. A point from which our presentation design experts can strive to create a detailed structure of slides that’ll boost the sales capabilities of your services or products. For this, we always include in the presentations the benefits your potential clients will get from hiring your services.


Based on all these elements, the team at BluCactus, a high-end Presentation Design Company, Could make a keen description of 10 different types of presentations to help you choose the best that suits you.


• Portfolio Presentation 


BluCactus - important dataYou are presenting your key ideas. There is a reason why the portfolio presentation ranks first in our list of services. Initially, it can lift the perception of your work. And it’s your best chance to show off your most high-grade work and take your panel through your design process. On the other hand, its elements describe the quality of the services of your business.


Technically, it’s a set of slides that summarize the range of products and services your brand offers. In this presentation, slides have a structure where the information is organized according to the type of services that you have. Thus, this presentation shows a sample of these services.


Although traditionally associated with promoting products and services, its particular graphic design style has expanded to other fields. For example, the labor and academic sector. In contrast, this one is highly versatile. It is easy to understand and suitable for all labor contexts. Plus, it can be included as a complement within other types of PowerPoint presentations. But let’s be honest, if you still don’t get it, or you’re having a tough time making your portfolio presentation, and you don’t know where to start, send us a message. Our team will be glad to help.


Types of PowerPoint presentations, Pitch Decks


BluCactus - Types of PowerPoint Presentations - important dataWhen there is a potential deal on the line, then the pressure is on! That’s why The Pitch Deck is the ultimate choice to cover a promising approach to allure the attention of a potential partner or investor in a specific project. How does this work? Well, It consists of a platform where you can apply the best sales techniques that you can think of.


A powerful Pitch Deck captures the attention of clients or investors in a short time. Multiple elements are part of this particular professional tool. However, its ultimate goal is to convey the message clearly so people can make informed decisions. There are many types of PowerPoint presentations, but only through this one will the content be significantly humanized. That is done through the inclusion of the mission and vision statement of the company.


There are so many essential features when it comes to Pitch Deck presentations. You even have the chance to create it on multiple platforms. It’s possible to build them in PowerPoint and alternative software such as Keynote or Google Slides. Here you can set the event’s theme while trying out these new exciting features. This is usually one of the most complex among the different types of PowerPoint presentations. Its various proposals generally have a maximum length of between 10 and 15 sheets. A distribution normally includes elements such as the presentation and body of the work project.


• Timeline Presentation


BluCactus - Types of PowerPoint Presentations - important dataAlso known as a schedule presentation. Its name is because it presents the data in a nicely designed chronological order. In other words, it’s a working model based on a time sequence.


Business media use it daily due to its ability to explain processes effectively. It assists viewers in comprehending past and ongoing trends. Plus, it’s an excellent tool to detail a company’s growth based on the sequential execution of its projects. These also will help display a professional finish that inspires confidence in the viewer.


For creating and designing these types of PowerPoint presentations, an essential set of tools and programs intervenes. Our design experts know how to ideally move the needle. Office Timeline is an example of them. Moreover, our specialists know how to correctly identify what type of presentation meets the needs of our clients. In short, the qualities of our team guarantee you a high-quality final product.


• Types of PowerPoint Presentations, Roadmap presentation


BluCactus - Types of PowerPoint Presentations - important dataIf you want is to visualize a transparent plan across your business. Then this will do the trick. In other words, this includes an information system whose objective is to organize all kinds of processes. For this, its format includes elements that facilitate its understanding. Regarding its duration, your presentation can fall into two categories short or long-term updates. This factor depends on the requirements of the company under analysis.


Unlike other types of PowerPoint presentations, the degree of innovation from this one makes it occupy an essential place among its peers. Its general constitution aims to identify, control, and project the results of a project before, during, and after the presentation.


Each design style made by BluCactus is directly associated with the Innovation Roadmap, which aims to make the most of the available capital. A fundamental aspect of this process is the so-called search fields or evaluation criteria. These are identified after implementing a SWOT analysis. Among all the types of PowerPoint presentations we offer, this is one of the most demanded by our clients to launch a product.


Ignite presentation

BluCactus - Types of PowerPoint Presentations - important dataIts duration distinguishes an Ignite presentation from all types of PowerPoint presentations. Imagine that you only had had 5 minutes and 20 slides to impress a large audience. And every 15 seconds, the slides advance automatically.


It’s a series of speedy presentations. That is why it has that particular title. Although its duration is short, it can efficiently address content by producing slides with quite a visual impact. This is done solely to capture the viewer’s attention and leave them satisfied yet hungry for more.


At BluCactus, our skilled team of designers maintains strict rigor in executing this and other types of PowerPoint presentations. The duration of each of your slides will never exceed fifteen seconds. In this way, the speed in the projection of the slides indirectly forces viewers to keep their attention on the speaker. However, this type of PowerPoint presentation has many variations. The international TED Talks event usually includes them, which is why it has become one of the favorite formats for conferences. Even though it’s a short presentation, your audience will remember it for a long time.


• Types of PowerPoint Presentations, PechaKucha Presentation


BluCactus - Types of PowerPoint Presentations - important dataYou have exactly 400 seconds to tell your story so are you up for the challenge? Unlike other types of PowerPoint presentations, the PechaKucha is relatively new. To be exact, in 2003, by the Japanese creators Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham.


The PechaKucha presentation is made up of 20 slides. The time to present the information of each one of them must not exceed 20 seconds. As a result, the total duration of this presentation is 6 minutes and 40 seconds. It’s a PowerPoint presentation technique that involves telling a story with images rather than reading text from slides. The challenge in these types of PowerPoint presentations is that the presenter synchronizes his speech with the presentation to better engage with the audience.


The name of this particular Informative presentation mode derives from the Japanese language and is translated as chit-chat. In this special presentation, you must cut to the chase quickly. Here at BluCactus, we have added this presentation to our services due to its rapid global acceptance. Our designer team develops them in an original and customized way according to the needs of our clients and prospects.


• Product Catalog Presentation

BluCactus - Types of PowerPoint Presentations - important dataIf you’re deeply and emotionally invested in your product. Then this PowerPoint presentation is tailored for you. This presentation includes the “Photo Album” option to structure different types of catalogs. This type of presentation can contain vital product information that will assist consumers in making a purchase decision. For example, product specifications, descriptions, measurements, price, weight, availability, color, customer feedback, basically whatever is needed will always be included. Our designers use this tool to create different types of PowerPoint presentations in catalog formats. Despite the simplicity of a catalog design, you need the most appropriate professional consultancy to be effective. This is exactly what BluCactus offers you.


On the other hand, our team advises you regarding your catalog distribution. According to your company’s objectives, we help you define the style of your product. This way, the different types of PowerPoint presentations we create can be projected on digital platforms such as ISSUU.


This prestigious digital publishing platform undoubtedly provides global visibility to any document. In short, to understand better what makes different products a must-have for buyers and correctly include that information in the presentation. Our team always makes a preliminary sketch. Ok, the truth is, we know that it’s a lot of information. So if you feel confused or need help deciding which PowerPoint presentation would best suit your business, don’t waste any more of your precious time, and give us a call. We can help you create a customized presentation that will meet all your needs.


• Types of PowerPoint presentations, Corporate Presentation


BluCactus - important dataAlthough it can take many forms, whether it is presenting results, pitching ideas, or selling your services, currently, it represents an important marketing tool for the presentation of any brand image. Its graphic design style must be able to capture the essence and organizational culture of the company. In this way, the corporate presentation is a unique method that enhances a company’s brand image. In other words, it represents a direct way of bringing a brand closer to the public. BluCactus designers create this type of presentation in formats adaptable to any device for better viewing.



At our presentation design agency, we know that first impressions are vital and understand that you have less than 30 seconds to make a big statement. That’s why we include innovative elements in the products we deliver to our prospects. Storytelling is an integral part of these elements.


When used wisely, you can take your audience through a journey and humanize the brand. It’s a powerful tool that will keep listeners interested in what you’re saying. Furthermore, storytelling allows the audience to remember content for a longer time. Therefore, it represents an element that distinguishes corporate presentations.


• Corporate Template


BluCactus - important dataIf yore looking for a presentation that has a sleek and professional look while maintaining an ongoing design, then this type of PowerPoint presentation is ideal for you. This template works as a means to summarize the information of a company. Also, it represents your corporate identity. Through our services, the client can communicate the elements of his corporate identity strikingly and originally.


Incorporating this template into the various types of PowerPoint presentations brings the wow factor you need. This corporate template designed by Blucactus ensures that all presentations made by everyone in your organization use the same font, design, layout, and colors.


Thus, the viewer will have greater confidence in the quality of your company’s products. These templates also show features of the company’s organizational culture so that the viewer becomes familiar with its qualities. This type of presentation saves a lot of time and gets the job done, ultimately exuding your company’s brand value.


• Elevator Pitch


BluCactus - Types of PowerPoint Presentations - important dataIt has the shortest duration: between 30 and 60 seconds. Its name derives from this feature. It originated in the mid-1980s through the academic studies of Philip B. Crosby.


A fun fact is that you should be able to give someone your whole presentation in an elevator ride. So it’s a pre-prepared speech, yet due to its level of effectiveness, its use has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. This presentation design service can spark a quick interest in what your organization does.


Our design experts working on different types of Powerpoint presentations strictly follow the 10/20/30 rule of PowerPoint Presentations. This is a presentation-building resource devised by Guy Kawasaki. This rule indicates that the number of slides on a presentation must be ten. Subsequently, the data on these slides should be exposed within twenty minutes and contain no font smaller than 30 points.


Whichever presentation type you choose, we can help you deliver next-level presentations.


BluCactus - important dataNow that you know which presentation style is best for your project, it’s time to create a beautiful and powerful presentation. You don’t need to devote hours to developing your presentation anymore. With BluCactus as your partner, you can use one of our many presentation models, which can be easily personalized to meet your needs.


We have over 14 years of experience with PowerPoint. That is why at BluCactus, we create high-impact and efficient presentations to facilitate the process of capturing leads. This is why our PowerPoint presentation design services confidently cover every aspect of your company to make it stand out.


Thanks to this, the BluCactus agency turns the different types of PowerPoint presentations into excellent allies for your company with innovative design slides. This process will start when you put your trust in a professional, competent, and efficient team. Contact Us! BluCactus will exceed your expectations!

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