How to adapt ice cream design ideas to Indian labelling laws?

How to adapt ice cream design ideas to India labelling laws? For the market of ice cream design ideas, efficient packaging implies going far beyond the effective management of graphic resources. Parallel to this criterion, precise compliance with national legal regulations translates into the safe commercialisation of your brand.


Carrying out this process for products intended for sale in the India implies a study of their recent evolution. From this point of view one of the countries with the most active legal evolutionary panorama in recent times. No less important is that the  India is located in the world’s highest ice cream production, export, and sales market.


All this reality is a direct consequence of its rapid industrialisation and its own adaptation of this range of products. It has allowed the India to overtake Spain regarding ice cream production. Thus, equalising its position to other powers of the European continent, such as France, Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy.


The BluCactus marketing agency, from its headquarters in London, offers the ice cream entrepreneur professional advisory services. They consist of the creation and legal adaptation of ice cream design ideas. Our technical and advertising team gives you the possibility for your ice cream brand to display professional and creative packaging to your buyers. Completely adapted to the competent legislation of the  India. A set of standards and denominations will be summarised and explained in detail in the following text.


How big is the ice cream market in the India?



BluCactus - How to adapt ice cream design ideas to UK labelling laws? - BrandingBetween 2019 and 2022, Ireland was the largest growth market for the ice cream industry globally. Properly the rest of the territory of the  India offers considerable statistical measures for both the import and export of such a range of products. According to the Economic Complexity Observatory, this country was, in 2020, the eighth largest ice cream exporter on the planet.


The latter with a total of 172 million dollars of profit. Within this country, ice cream design ideas are intended for export within the European continent. The countries of Germany, Italy, and France are their buyers. And Hong Kong, in China, is its only destination in the global market and the fastest growing.


On the other hand, regarding imports, the  India is the second country with the highest volume in the world. With a statistical profit margin equivalent to 425 million dollars. As in other countries, ice cream sales rise significantly during the warm months. There is a significant proliferation of brands of artisanal origin with ice cream design ideas of mainly family character and origin. This range includes notable ventures such as Snugbury’s, Milk Train, Mary’s Milk Bar, and Helado Notarianni in Blackpool.


What is the legislation for ice cream in the India? What must be on a food label under India law?


BluCactus - How to adapt ice cream design ideas to UK labelling laws? - BrandingThe well-known Brexit, or departure of the  India from the European Union, is the change that has had the greatest impact on the legislation for ice cream design ideas.


From then on, the labelling regulations of that country have evolved to their current definitive form. Previously, the Food Labeling Regulations (1996) controlled this sector.


Legislation, which had been nationally repealed in favour of the EU Food Information Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011. It stipulates the mandatory legislation for labelling distributed in ten main informative fields. Although this regulation is common to all types of food, ice cream, a dairy product, has specific labelling and naming regulations.


The most basic characteristic of such ice cream naming regulations is the categorisation carried out by the «Ice Cream Alliance.» The intention has been to convert the expression of the term “Ice cream” as a protected denomination. Thus, any “Ice Cream” product must contain 5% fat and more than 2.5% milk solids. It is concluded that from this legal body, ice cream design ideas must be legally distributed as follows:


BluCactus - How to adapt ice cream design ideas to UK labelling laws? - Branding

  • Frozen:


This term represents the “Name and Denomination of the Product” statement for food laws. The intention is to avoid misleading reading and interpretation thereof. 5% fat is required in parallel with 2.5% milk solids. Principle only applicable to emulsions of fat, milk solids, and sugar subjected to thermal processes and subsequent freezing.


  • Milk Ice Cream: How to adapt ice cream design ideas.


Here, the regulation to regulate ice cream design ideas has the same concentration level as general ice cream. The difference is that the minimum fat of 5% must be milk fat only. Not including any other type of lactose source.


BluCactus - How to adapt ice cream design ideas to UK labelling laws? - Branding

  • Milk Ice:


This denomination is established for those products with a minimum of 2.5% milk fat. The latter is in combination with a 6% dry extract of milk.


  • Ice Pole/Water Ice: How to adapt ice cream design ideas.


There is no specific concentration. Only this product should be characterised by its manufacture using sugar and water. The addition of additional components, such as colourants and flavourings, is allowed.




  • Fruit Ice Cream Popsicles:


Structure made from water, sugar and juice, extract or solid from various ranges of fruits. The maximum range of concentration of such elements is 15% in terms of non-citrus fruits and 10% by weight for citrus fruits.


  • Sorbet: How to adapt ice cream design ideas.


This latest naming of ice cream design ideas includes all the features of the general variant. As a characteristic difference, there is a permitted fat concentration of 1%, 15% for citrus fruits and 7% for adding nuts.


Mandatory Requirements: Important specifications regarding printing, adaptation and management of British ice cream packaging.


BluCactus - How to adapt ice cream design ideas to UK labelling laws? - Branding

  • List of ingredients: How to adapt ice cream design ideas.


This list should begin with “Ingredients,” followed by items such as water and additives. All of them are ordered in descending mass concentration. Their quantitative statement must accompany it.


  • Allergen information:


The occurrence of this requirement is only optional. The law Food Information Regulation, (EU) No 1169/2011) establishes 14 components to be considered as allergens. Their signage must appear if the food includes them.


  • Net quantity, in volume or weight: How to adapt ice cream design ideas.


Mandatory requirement for all products with a volume greater than 5 grams or 5 ml. The net quantity must be expressed only in grams, kilograms, millilitres or litres. This data must appear on the front face of the food very close to the product’s name.


BluCactus - How to adapt ice cream design ideas to UK labelling laws? - Branding

  • Storage conditions and expiration/best-before date:


Specifically, this phrase must indicate the expiration or previous consumption date. Specifying the day, month and year as appropriate, always preceded by the expression “best before” or “use by”.


  • FBO, Food Business Operator: How to adapt ice cream design ideas.


For the ice cream design ideas market, the FBO represents the name and fiscal address of the company or company responsible.


  • Country of origin or provenance:


Data is required only for products whose packaging may mislead their origin.


BluCactus - How to adapt ice cream design ideas to UK labelling laws? - Branding

  • Instructions for preparation: How to adapt ice cream design ideas.


For ice cream design ideas, this data should be restricted only to expressions that indicate its safe storage mode and, therefore, in a permanent state of freezing.


  • Mandatory Nutritional Information:


The parameters of the nutritional tables’ composition, elements and presentation are described in the EU regulation 1169/2011.



Considerations on using and representing fonts within British packaging for ice cream brands.


BluCactus - combine comprehensive marketing plans - BrandingAs of Brexit, any change, reform or alteration of the laws for ice cream design ideas had a full compliance date of September 30, 2022. Ice cream, in its different denominations, is included in such changes.


They all share their legislative framework regarding label format, presentation and printing.


Based on all this, it is required that, due to its importance, the printing of the obligatory characters or parameters be permanent and of significant legibility. The use of characters and numbers in different formats is allowed for all mandatory information. In essence, no stipulated informative data should be hidden and obstructed by any packaging element. The consumer should not be forced to open the package for reading and interpretation.


Typography is another significant element in presenting ice cream design ideas. At a standard level, for the  India, the printing of typefaces for food must be of a height of 1.2 mm. If the front face of the food is less than the measurement of 80 square cm, the typeface is allowed to have a measurement equivalent to 0.9 mm.


What are the top 10 ice cream brands in the India? Did England Invent Ice Cream? Why is an ice cream called a 99 in England?


BluCactus - combine comprehensive marketing plans - Branding

According to Statista, by 2021, the Magnum Brand held the largest market share in the India. With an estimated measure of 14.4 million people in sales margin. All this positions it as the best-selling ice cream brand in the nation. Behind this company are companies such as Magnum Class, Ben & Jerry’s, Cornetto, Cadbury’s and Snickers.


Products with a profit margin ranging from 2.9 to 10 billion people in terms of their level of consumption and acceptance. These brands’ popularity level is demonstrated based on the innovation capacity in aesthetics and flavour of ice cream design ideas. As well as companies’ advertising capacity to exercise a consolidated promotion.


Another reason that has allowed the  India to be a world power in the ice cream market is product adaptation. Historically, ice cream appeared for the first time in the  India in 1671 at the court of King Charles II. A food initially restricted to the bourgeoisie and the high elite.


Subsequently, between 1850 and 1900, industrialisation and the appearance of hydrogen technology allowed its access to the population. Italian immigrants in County Durham invented the expression “ice cream 99” in the 1920s. The adaptation of this cultural precedent for ice cream design ideas referred to the number of soldiers that the king’s court in Italy had in its greatest period of imperial heyday.


Does London have ice cream?


BluCactus - combine comprehensive marketing plans - BrandingBluCactus is all over the world! And the territory of the  India is no exception. Our objective is based on helping emerging ice cream brands consolidate and gain ground amid the competitive rise of ice cream brands in the country.


Our service cycle and care system are based on taking your ice cream design ideas and turning them into efficient packaging proposals.


Proposals capable of allowing your company to survive in the global market and adapt competitively to a broad demanding public.


You can contact our team and thus arrange an interview both in person and remotely from any city in the  India where you are.


Our service coverage has a significant presence in the urban centres of London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dublin in Ireland and even Birmingham. For more information about all our plans, services and products, you can contact us through all our social media profiles. On the other hand, we invite you to subscribe to our official newsletter and follow our agency on all social media profiles. The essence of BluCactus is to combine comprehensive marketing plans.


Both offline and online. All this has allowed us to have a track record of more than ten years in the world’s leading markets. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today! With the help of BluCactus, your ice cream design ideas will make a difference in the global market!

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